Kyle Shanahan realizes that his tackles were rusty

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The 49ers got their starting tackles back on Monday night. And they were rudely re-welcomed to action by Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

Clowney ran through and around left tackle Joe Staley and right tackle Mike McGlinchey. On Tuesday, coach Kyle Shanahan acknowledged that his tackles were rusty.

“I think anytime you haven’t played football in a while it’s always a challenge to get back out there no matter what you do in practice,” Shanahan told reporters on Tuesday. “It’s tough to get going. I think they had a big challenge ahead of them. I thought Clowney played very well. He’s done it before, but I thought it was definitely his best game of the year, so we’ve got to take that into account.

“They weren’t at their best. That happens when you have some time off like that. I thought they had their good plays, but definitely had some noticeable bad plays that ended up hurting us a little bit.”

Indeed it did, but chances are that no one would have slowed down Clowney on Monday night, rust or not.

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  1. I love me some Staley and McGlinchey but, in hindsight, this definitely was not the best game to roll them back out. Our backups were playing nicely in their absence. Made a big difference. With all the things that weren’t working, I still can’t believe we were one FG away from taking that game.

  2. “Rusty”? The turnstiles I saw were not rusty. In fact, the turnstiles seem to work as designed. Clowny clowned them. It should be fun in week 17. Overall, SF might have better personnel, but they don’t have Russell Wilson. What they do have is an overpaid backup, who should’ve been picked at least 4 times last night. The first one was voided by a phantom PI call, two more hit defenders in the chest and then there was one caught.

    Jimmy’s next game might spell his future.

  3. Hawk fans just won their SB. They are literally parading with the soccer team around town.

    One field goal, by a back-up kicker, was the total difference in the result. Ask any of their fans and they start clapping like it’s 2014 again…

  4. Oh, I see. So that’s why your team got man-handled and beat down? Makes perfect sense now. Also, makes sense because the ‘whiners haven’t won ANYTHING in 2+ decades And the Hawks have completely and utterly owned them for the last decade.

  5. It’s even: Seahawks had Ifedi, who is very “rusty” as a running back. He hasn’t carried a football in a very long time; since high school.

  6. Clowney wrecked the line the entire night. Even plays that did not result in sacks, he was winning the lien of scrimmage through single or double teams. That’s the thing about Clowney-he hasn’t had a double-digit sack season (he came half a sack shy last year), but if you watch him on game day, he beats his man and gets pressure on almost every play. That’s why the people who are high on him are high on him-his presence does not necessarily show up on a stat sheet. I understand that the numbers do not reflect that, and that Clowney should have more sacks in his career, and with that I will agree. But you can’t not acknowledge the effect his play has on tape.

    Mcglinchey and Staley may have been rusty, as is expected, but Clowney is not the chump that many posters on this board would make him out to be.

  7. Staley is past his prime. Skule wouldn’t have been ran over by Clowney the way Staley was rust or not. Skule and Branskills names weren’t heard much during their stint, that says volumes about how well those 2 performed.Bring them both back if Mcglinchey cant get it together.

  8. Note to shanahan: garapolo needs to learn to roll out and not stand flat footed with a target on his back that says, hit me.
    Vikes got cousins to do that and it worked wonders

  9. Amen. If Shanahan continued with Skule and Brunskill Clowney would not have had his best game since his rookie season. The Texans traded Clowney to the Hawks because his playing abilities diminished against great tackles who did their job. Staley and McGlenchey were not prepared to play in a game of this magnitude.

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