Le’Veon Bell’s advice to Antonio Brown: Try not to do too much over social media

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Former Steelers teammates Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell have seen their careers unfold in very different ways. Bell, who now plays for the Jets, told #PFTPM on Tuesday that he has not kept in touch with Brown, who has played for and been released by both the Raiders and Patriots in 2019.

Still, Bell offered some advice to his friend and former teammate: “I think my biggest advice would be maybe not try to do too much over social media. I mean everybody kind of watches him and follows him and wants to hear what he has to say. So try to keep all the positive energy if you are on social media and try not to post negative things.”

Brown, who has been frustrated by the slow pace of the NFL’s investigation of his potential violations of the Personal Conduct Policy, has lashed out from time to time on social media in recent weeks. Although he always reverses course and often apologizes (or something like it), it’s better to not lash out at all because it’s impossible to take it back.

Brown still holds out hope to return to the NFL in 2019. He’s scheduled to meet with NFL investigators on Thursday in South Florida.

14 responses to “Le’Veon Bell’s advice to Antonio Brown: Try not to do too much over social media

  1. Other ways of saying the same thing:
    “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!”
    “Have a Coke and a smile and…”
    “Antonio, just stop saying words.”

  2. Mr. Bell seems to have learned a few things over the past several months. Good for him. And excellent advice offered to AB.

  3. When you’re at the point that Leveon Bell is giving you advice, it’s time to make some serious life changes.

  4. I hope the NFL blackballs AB.
    No player has a “right” to an NFL contract.
    He can work in any industry that will hire him. If that industry is fast food then so be it.
    I’m tired of players like AB being pampered by the media then blaming the NFL when the player doesn’t get what he wants and then behaves like a petulant child.

  5. It’s pretty obvious that he’s not the one apologizing. The language used between his initial tweet and his follow-up “apology” is obviously not from the same writer.

  6. Trying to talk to Brown about changing any form of self presentation, reigning in his emotions, or learning to have any form of self control is like trying to make a two year old not to jump in puddles.

  7. If AB had kept his mouth shut when the 2018 season ended he’d be $15mm richer and be looking forward to another 15MM in 2020.

  8. Say what you want about lev bell the guy is a class act, you don’t hear him complaining about his terrible o line. The guy comes to work every day and tries his best and has been a great mentor in locker room. Glad to have him as a Jet!

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