Pat Shurmur won’t stop calling offensive plays

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After the Giants lost to the Jets last Sunday, their head coach Pat Shurmur said he won’t be making any changes to the coaching staff during the team’s bye week.

Given how often teams make such changes during dismal seasons, it was a natural question to ask when a team has a 2-8 record this year and a 7-19 record since Shurmur took the job ahead of the 2018 season. It was also natural to ask if they might change any responsibilities on the staff, including the identity of the offensive playcaller.

Shurmur currently handles those duties and he was asked on Tuesday if he’d consider giving those up in order to focus on other ways to get his team a few more wins before the year is out. According to multiple reporters, Shurmur said he has not given any thought to making such a move this year.

With no changes on the coaching front and limited work to do with the roster, the Giants will be banking on the status quo yielding better fruit over the final six weeks of the year.

19 responses to “Pat Shurmur won’t stop calling offensive plays

  1. Both NY coaches (Shurmur and Gase) are not smart enough to realize that they don’t have the talent to do two jobs at the same time – call plays and be the head coach.

  2. The plays he calls are very offensive. I dont believe that constantly firing coaches every couple of years is a productive way to run an organization, but if we do only wind up winning 2-3 games this year (very likely), I think that Shurmur has to go.

    We just lost a game to a team that was a total no-show against the Dolphins.

  3. Shurmur has no clue how to use Saquon or Engram.Give those two to Sean Peyton or Andy Reid and watch them blossom.

  4. They traded away Odell Because he didn’t get along with Shurmur or Gettleman. I said at the time that was a mistake since Shurmur and Gettleman would be fired after 2019 anyways.

    Never choose non-proven coaching or management over hall of fame talent.

  5. Terrible football team+New York media+coach who always has the “who farted?” Face=the gift that keeps on giving!

  6. 19dead2 says:
    November 12, 2019 at 3:13 pm
    Bad hire, outside of Opie with the Bungles, is there any worst coach in the NFL?

    Matt Patricia

  7. The headline makes it sound like he’s at the dinner table at home yammering to himself “24-Z Hatchback 7! 55 Razor Omaha! Omaha!…” until his wife knocked him out with a baseball bat to stop him.

  8. Agree with bobby105…Shurmur needs to stop calling plays. He’s not taking advantage of Barkley’s or Engram’s given talent. Barkley should run off-tackle, or plays designed o get him into open space as quickly as possible–not up the middle–as has been the case in recent games. And, Engram should be a WR he’s got the speed, height, weight (240) to create the mismatch. At the very least be smart try it! Also, how about getting Love on the field. He had a reputation at ND of being a good cover guy with a high percentage of breaking up pass plays. At corner or safety, give him a shot let’s see what he’s got.

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