Pat Shurmur won’t stop calling offensive plays

Getty Images

After the Giants lost to the Jets last Sunday, their head coach Pat Shurmur said he won’t be making any changes to the coaching staff during the team’s bye week.

Given how often teams make such changes during dismal seasons, it was a natural question to ask when a team has a 2-8 record this year and a 7-19 record since Shurmur took the job ahead of the 2018 season. It was also natural to ask if they might change any responsibilities on the staff, including the identity of the offensive playcaller.

Shurmur currently handles those duties and he was asked on Tuesday if he’d consider giving those up in order to focus on other ways to get his team a few more wins before the year is out. According to multiple reporters, Shurmur said he has not given any thought to making such a move this year.

With no changes on the coaching front and limited work to do with the roster, the Giants will be banking on the status quo yielding better fruit over the final six weeks of the year.