Pete Carroll on Germain Ifedi’s gaffe: “What was he thinking?”

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The Seahawks had firm control of Monday night’s game in the fourth quarter, leading 21-10 and suffocating the San Francisco offense. The 49ers would get back into the game only if Seattle let them.

And Seattle did, thanks to a screwy sequence on offense.

Quarterback Russell Wilson found himself in the grasp of defenders, and then the ball popped directly into the hands of offensive lineman Germain Ifedi. Who then tried to become Jerome Bettis.

It didn’t work.

Out came the ball (it was punched), and in went the 49ers for a touchdown that, with the two-point conversion, made the score 21-18 and dramatically altered the momentum of the game.

“What was he thinking?” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told reporters after the game, regarding Ifedi’s decision to rumble, bumble, stumble, and ultimately fumble. “He thinks he’s going to score. What was he thinking? I think he was doing this thing, the Heisman and all that, I don’t know what he was, that was terrible.”

DeForest Buckner, who recovered Ifedi’s fumble and took it to the end zone, was as incredulous as Carroll as the play unfolded.

“I mean, we were all just rushing and Russell was just wrapped up,” Buckner said. “Pretty sure the guys got to him and I saw one of the linemen take the ball from him and was just wondering, ‘What the hell is this dude doing?'”

Ifedi didn’t take the ball from Wilson. Still, what the hell was Ifedi doing?

Ultimately, what he was doing was contributing, inadvertently, to what becomes one of the most memorable outcomes in Monday night history. Without that light-strike momentum swing, Seattle may have won the game by 14 or more.

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  1. If that 9ers receiver hadn’t dropped a perfect pass, they may have won in regulation. Lots of may haves.

  2. I don’t know how you reconcile that play, where he was in the grasp of a handful of defenders and being driven backward (ie forward progress was stopped) before the fumble and the play later in the game where a guy had ahold of his jersey and the play was whistled dead as he was “in the grasp.” Officiating this year…

  3. This clown’s rookie deal can’t run out fast enough… penalty and dumb mistake waiting to happen.

  4. The first big game I remember watching was in 1955. Cleveland Browns defeated the LA Rams for the NFL Title. The officiating has gone down hill ever since.

  5. ‘What the hell is this dude doing?’”-DeForest Buckner

    Now Seahawks’ opponents are beginning to ask the same thing that Seahawks’ fans have been asking for years.

  6. we may never see anything that crazy again

    Good job the hawks won otherwise that’d be the end of Ifedi, which as most Hawks fans will tell you, cant come soon enough

  7. I didn’t see it, but from reading this, but it sounds like the ball came into his arms so he ran with it. I don’t know why that is a dumb play. Anytime somebody fumbles, in hindsight you can wish he had gone down sooner.

  8. Really think with Russell clearly wrapped up by several defenders that the play should have been called dead. Later we see a play called dead when Russell was “in the grasp” when he gained good yardage after breaking free. That “sack” was significantly different as Russell wasn’t stopped dead, being held up and moved backwards. Of the two plays, I’m guessing the NFL League Office would say the fumbled play should have been the one called dead.

    That being said; I think the answer is that Ifedi was reacting & not thinking. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well. If he had just fallen down with the ball he could’ve been the hero.

  9. Not sure why Ifedi is being singled out. This was a broken play fumbled by his own QB, which arguably should have been called dead, as mentioned above. He tried to salvage it and was reacting spontaneously.

    Should he have fallen to the ground quicker? Well, that can be said on every lost fumble. The difference is that usually it’s an offensive player who meticulously trains for these situations. Or even a defender who who has initiated a turnover, via interception or diving for the ball. In this case, the ball literally landed in his hands, hot-potato style.

    Roasting him kind of seems like like blaming a kicker for not tackling with enough aggression during a blocked punt.

  10. The SEA Offensive Line is absolute garbage and it’s only going to be worse next season due to the average age on there OL being about 45yrs old. Germain Ifedi likely won’t be in SEA Much longer and goes somewhere else to get paid, their LT Duane Brown has significantly declined/regressed and is onlt getting worse due to age. Both of their starting OG’s are absurdly injury prone and are flatout terrible, Mike Iupati likely enters retirement after this season, who knows what DJ Fluker does. Center Justin Britt tore every ligament in his knee and with a $9M cap hit has played his last snap in a Hawks uniform.

    SEA needs to rebuild basically their entire starting offensive line on the fly over the off-season which is a huge problem for the Hawks. No one is letting a LT worth their salt walk in F/A and all the good LT’s worth drafting will be gone by the time SEA picks, they need a RT as well & a Center along with at least one OG. SEA cannot spend a bunch of draft picks on linemen as they need real defensive help need at least two pass rushers, KJ Wright and Kendricks will need replaced at LB, they need help in their secondary. SEA has a lot of holes to fill this off-season. Fixing that offensive line is going to be a huge issue for SEA.

  11. Hawkkiller, every player gets worse because of age. You can’t just start naming guys and say they’ll get worse because of age. Every player on the Cardinals will get worse because of age too. And just as a side side note: he Seahawks have the 4th youngest roster in the league.

  12. Also, I don’t understand your obsession with the line. Like, ok? You don’t like it we get it from your many postings over the years. I guess we should emulate the 3-6-1 Cardinals master 18th ranked offense? We’re top 5! We’re 5-0 on the road, 8-2 overall, 3-0 in division with wins vs each, AND one game sway from the #1 seed in the NFC. And the Cardinals are…???

  13. Regarding the RW’s fumble, the crew clearly missed a facemask on Russell that should have been called.

  14. Don’t blame the kid for doing what came naturally. He trying to help his team and the real blame falls to the Refs
    Twice while clearly “In the grasp” the refs ignored it with both resulting in Wilson fumbles. On another occasion when Wilson escaped and ran for good yardage the refs called it back as “In The Grasp”.
    While I am not a Seahawks fan, and almost always root against them, it was clear to me early that the NFL was wanting the home team to win this game. Watch a replay, it’s pretty obvious throughout the game.

  15. All you fools are Blind AF, Starting with old man Pete the Cheat!!! That play happened so fast it went from Wilson to being sacked fumbling the ball into Ifedis arm while defenders were all over both Wilson and him..Ifedi wasn’t trying to Rumble with it They were all over him to he was just trying to secure the Ball….. Hawk fans Enjoy a freebee Next game we’ll have Kittle , HEALTHY Sanders!!!!

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