Kyle Shanahan dismisses the notion of deliberately taking a tie

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Should the 49ers have taken a tie at the end of overtime on Monday night? It’s a fair question, given the benefit of emerging from the game with a two-game lead in the loss column over the Seahawks, Saints, and Packers.

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan dismissed the notion of intentionally killing the clock with 1:50 remaining and the ball on the San Francisco 20.

“If we would’ve thought three runs were the best plays to go with, we would’ve done that,” Shanahan told reporters. “Just running, not trying to get yards and run the clock off, I think you know that aswer. I’m pretty sure that we all know that answer. I would hope that everyone in the world would be pretty disappointed in that.”

Not everyone would have been disappointed in that, especially if the 49ers parlayed their eventual whatever-whatever-and-1 record into the No. 1 seed. Instead, if the Seahawks enter Week 17 one game in the standings behind the 49ers and if the Seahawks beat the 49ers in Seattle and capture the NFC West championship on the head-to-head tiebreaker and relegate the 49ers to a wildcard, everyone in the world who roots for the 49ers will be disappointed that they didn’t settle for a tie in Week 10.

And as to the idea that the locker room would have revolted if Shanahan had taken a tie, his players are smart enough to understand the reason for preserving a two-game lead in the loss column over the three teams that are chasing the 49ers the closest in the NFC. They may not have liked it at the time, but they may have greatly appreciated it six-and-a-half weeks from now.

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  1. Kyle Shanahan shouldn’t have deliberately taken a tie, but he should have managed the clock to ensure that either the 49ers won, or no one did. He mismanaged the clock in Super Bowl LI, and he did again on Monday. He’s a great offensive mind, but similar to Andy Reid, he needs help from a dedicated assistant for clock management.

  2. I agree 100%. Should’ve took the tie. Shanahan blew it and He cost us that game. A,two game lead is better than a one game lead. Shanahan is an idiot. That was a bigtime choke job. He turned a guaranteed tie into a loss and put the division and home field in jeopardy. What an idiot. He’s not very smart. With 7 games left, you have to be happy with a tie and two games lead for the first seed. That pretty much sealed the division crown. That was the dumbest coaching in nfl history. It was beyond stupid. We better get that first seed, or its shanahan blunder that will cost us.

  3. Like a wise man once said “This is what the greatest thing about sports is. You play to win the game. HELLO. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME”!🤷🏽‍♂️This is where you separate the athletes from the writers. Yeah it’s easy to sit here and spit out all these scenarios about a tie ball game. During the adrenaline rush of a game these coach’s and players are not thinking of anything else but to put points on the board and win the game. The last thing on their mind is breaking down ways to stay a game ahead of this team or two games ahead in the division. I’m sure if Kyle would’ve done something like that his dad would probably disown him. Maybe not disown him but not talk to him for a week or two. 🤨

  4. So true. People forget the season itself is a game. Football is a game. There is strategy in the final two minutes, in every play call, in every trade. You have to look at the big picture. “How do I best put myself in a position to win a championship?” Finishing a division winner and gaining home field is just a step towards that goal that usually leads to more success.

    I think the Bears blew it last year by playing starters in the 2nd half can the Vikings. They risked injury to every player with a comfortable lead. Their best bet was to lose and then Host a Vikings team you killed at home and were in the process of embarrassing in a must win game for them. But…Ok you want to win and then host a hot Eagles team looking to defend their super bowl as massive underdogs, a role they thrive in. Good Call Nagy. Well played Chicago. These people just can’t see the big picture sometimes.

  5. Sf Coach had about 10 seconds to actually think about what to do… Try to score and win!

    Now, your example is right up there with the comments for the past 5 years that Coach Carroll deliberately didn’t hand off to Beastmode at the end of the Super Bowl because the NFL let him know they didn’t want Beast as the MVP. Sure, Got it.

  6. So if they play for the tie, they can still lose to the Seahawks on a tie-breaker at the end of the season. They both can end with whatever-whatever-1 tie and Seahawks break the tie with their 1 point lead in head to head. This is a really silly story.

  7. No, a locker room would not understand. Only a lawyer who has never played the game could reach the conclusion it would. The locker room wants to win. It does not want to play not to lose.

  8. You’re doing the ‘Forest from the trees’ (translated: Season results) but football IS entertainment and no one wants to see that. No one wants a tie, it’s not what he teaches, preaches and certainly not people pay to see, as an outcome.

    Completely valid point but Shanahan’s decision makes him a hero to the the League and to the paying customer. Not to mention his team. You practice and bleed to win and if you lose, you lose and move on.

    Ties suck, except when they matter in the standings which is (obviously) your point.

  9. The ‘whiners picking up a tie against the big brothers from up north would have been a tremendous morale victory. It’s really the closest they can expect when so far over their heads against a team like the Seahawks.

  10. Or

    Could have completed a pass

    Could have kicked a FG

    Could have played defense and stopped Hawks from getting back into FG range

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