Steelers OC: Mason Rudolph coming off best game

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After Mason Rudolph‘s first start as the Steelers quarterback, offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner lamented the second-year player’s reluctance to throw the ball down the field.

Fichtner again pushed Rudolph to take more risks after a win over the Colts by saying the quarterback has to “be prepared to pull the trigger and live with that consequence” as an NFL quarterback. Fichtner didn’t have any similar criticisms of Rudolph’s performance in Week 10.

The Steelers put the ball in Rudolph’s hands often during a crucial eight-minute drive in the fourth quarter of the game and it paid off for them. He was 6-of-7 for 64 yards while converting two third downs and a fourth down from the Steelers’ 34-yard-line with the team clinging to a two-point lead.

“I think it was his best game of consistently making decisions and putting the ball in proper spots,” Fichtner said on Tuesday. “That led to opportunities down the field. And he did a nice job with it, put balls in places we could catch them.”

Rudolph remains a work in progress six starts into his NFL career, but the trajectory is a good one and the Steelers’ growing belief in the quarterback was on display late in last Sunday’s win.

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  1. MR looked solid against the Rams. Having WRs drop very catchable balls isn’t doing him any favors.

    Also, not getting what’s up Pouncey and some of these snaps. Pretty shaky in a couple games recently.

  2. Rudolf looked pretty bad on Sunday. He missed short unencumbered throws and had bad footwork. He’s also a gunslinger that will throw balls into tight coverage. A week ago announcers said that we led the league in the shortest throws of all starting quarterbacks. Something like an average air distance of less than 3 yards past the line of scrimmage.

    In his defense. he’s fearless and Steeler fans should remember that Bradshaw started off this way as well. Ina addition, his receivers let him down with a ton of dropped balls. I’m particularly disappointed in Washington who was supposed to “Mr Hands”.

  3. Been saying it since be took over at QB this year, you can’t play effectively if you’re worried about making a mistake. That doesn’t mean you just sling it for the sake of slinging it, but he has missed open guys, or made inaccurate throws downfield by hesitating. He seems to be getting more comfortable, so hopefully the confidence will also continue to build.

  4. That’s more than can be said about your performance on Sunday Randy….
    Play action pass calls, long developing plays backed up in your own end zone, resulting in safeties.

    Some drives we run three straight times then punt, others we pass three straight times then punt.
    Our formations give away if it’s a pass or run.

    Maybe you can have a better overall plan and strategy going into the Cleveland game.
    Getting tired of the predictable offensive play calling.

  5. One awesome offensive touchdown (thanks to a bogus PI call) should convince all the haters that Rudolph+REFS are the “real deal.” I mean, no other QB+Refs were able to throw for ONE WHOLE TOUCHDOWN last week, right?

  6. Rudolph has 11 touchdowns with 4 interceptions. Should be only 2 interceptions without the ball clanging off the receivers hands of stone and getting picked by the defense.

  7. Fichtner was overly cautious with the game plan early on… painfully so. Mason needs to throw a few more intermediate and deep balls to loosen the stacked box. Getting Conner back will help as the Steelers don’t have a good running game without Conner or Snell.

  8. I agree with others that Rudolph has complied with the prime directive of avoiding the kind of mistakes that get you beat. I also agree that his receivers have done him few favors over the course of the season. But that’s the best that I am going to say for him. I think his accuracy has been poor, he throws with little velocity, and his reading of the defense is virtually non-existent. I tear at my hair every time that he dumps down to the running back as his FIRST READ, when it’s third and long — and that’s been multiple times. And largely this happens in a clean pocket (sacked only nine times on the season). He has to push the ball down the field if the Steelers are to be successful down the stretch. You can’t count on the defense for four turnovers and a score every week.

  9. I know it was a long time ago but Ben struggled his 1st year much the same. It was a great defense and a really great running game (which the Steelers don’t have right now) that guided him to a huge string of win’s and a trip to the AFC Championship game. The next year Ben looked better getting to the Superbowl but when he got to the Show it was running and defense that certainly assisted him. I am not saying that M.R. will have a Ben career, I am just saying Ben had his struggles too and didn’t just wake up being a qb heading for the Hall of Fame.

  10. I’m liking what Rudolph is doing. For the moment, he strikes me as an improved version of Neil O’Donnell. His WR’s aren’t helping him as much as they need to be and if they can get running game consistently good he might actually start gutting some defenses by season’s end.

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