Baker Mayfield on Myles Garrett: “It’s inexcusable”

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield didn’t mince words about teammate Myles Garrett‘s actions at the end of Thursday night’s game.

Mayfield said on FOX that Garrett, who ripped Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph‘s helmet off his head and then hit Rudolph over the head with that helmet, has no excuse for what he did.

“I didn’t see why it started, but it’s inexcusable. I don’t care, rivalry or not, we can’t do that. That’s kind of the history of what’s been going on here lately, hurting yourself, and that’s just endangering the other team. It’s inexcusable, he knows that. I hope he does now. It’s tough. We’ll see,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield said he doesn’t think there was anything he could say to Garrett at that moment.

“I don’t think there’s anything in that moment that I can really say to calm him down. The reality is he’s going to get suspended, we don’t know how long, and that hurts our team. We can’t do that. We can’t continue to hurt this team. It’s inexcusable,” Mayfield said.

The Browns now have a two-game winning streak, but the story going forward is that Garrett may well be suspended for the rest of the season.

42 responses to “Baker Mayfield on Myles Garrett: “It’s inexcusable”

  1. The browns systematically injured key players all game. It was the refs fault for not starting the ejections when 2 players helmet to to helmeted JuJu. The game was just a slug fest after that. Defenders targetting everyone.

  2. Garrett is a psychopath. I like Mayfield trying to lead by example and becoming a leader, but I’m not sure spouting off about a teammate on national TV is the right place.

  3. Step one … Mayfield shut your trap about your teammate. The Browns organization in the background and the league in the foreground are big boys. They will do their jobs without your jibberjabber.

    Step two .. focus on step one

  4. Garrett should be suspended the rest of the season. The Browns are a disgraceful team, dirty and poorly coached. Kitchens is in way over his head.

  5. That brawl was a real street fight. Garrett could have hurt Rudolph from the get go, just
    by grabbing his face mask the way he did, to pull his helmet off. And then, for Garrett to use it as a weapon afterwards … oh la la …

  6. For those actions I will never root for these underdawgs again.
    May the Cleveland Clowns always continue to be nothing but the losers that they are.

  7. For those actions I will never root for these underdawgs again.
    May the Cleveland Clowns always continue to be nothing but the losers that they are.

  8. Should be Atleast 16 games. He needs to miss a while years paycheck and not be allowed to practice or have any association with a nfl team or trainer until his suspension is over and lose the year of suspension towards his best contract.

  9. Myles Garret needs to be arrested for Assault with a deadly weapon, that was savage and ridiculous!

  10. Its inexcusable to throw your teammate under the bus.

    Just keep it in house.

    I bet Baker goes up to Myles next time like ” Hey, what’s up bro!”

  11. Mayfield your role on this team is too perform much better than you have. You had a great rookie season because you were prepared. You did not prepare this last off-season and it shows. Boy wonder, your comments should be more tempered. Such as it was an unfortunate mistake. I am fearful this will hurt the team. Next question.

  12. Wow coming from Baker who was acting childish and being called Ryan Leaf 2.0 not too long ago. I also heard Garrett was doing some MMA training here and there, but then proceeds to throw helmets as a weapon. Wow.

  13. Got to give the Browns credit for stepping up and taking responsibility. As for the team that provoked the whole thing and demonstrated much more premeditated brutality, crickets as usual. Hines Ward, you taught them well.

  14. buckethead1 says:
    November 15, 2019 at 7:21 am
    That should distance himself from his teammates…

    Actually the best growth moment for the team would be for all of them, Garrett included, to understand that Mayfield was spot on and that he makes the team stronger by understanding those points. They are about to finish the year missing at least one key player. If it sinks in to team and key players that they brought this on themselves it will lead to them building a much higher level of discipline which will help them in many more ways than simply not getting in fights. This is a growth moment For them so it will be interesting to see which way they go with it.

  15. He’s right. It’s inexcusable. A guy has to be smarter than that. I think the NFL should require Garrett to undergo some anger management and conflict resolution therapy before they reinstate him. Also, let him work on a prison gang breaking up rocks. Maybe that’ll get some of the aggression out of him–and give him a glimpse of his future after football.

  16. It wouldn’t surprise me if we find out that he failed a PED test this year. He is showing a level of aggressiveness that I haven’t seen in previous years.

  17. If Mayfield played better, Garrett wouldn’t be so frustrated.

    But Garrett probably still has anger and rage problems even if he is calm based on what I saw.

  18. Smartest thing Mayfield has ever said. THAT is what a real team leader says. Maybe there is some hope for Baker, yet.

  19. Very nice job by Baker in the way he handled this. This is the time where he needs to become the lone adult in the room

  20. I love the idiots giving Mayfield a hard time for what he said “on national TV”. The dude hit a guy on the head with his own helmet ON NATIONAL TV, its not like Mayfield went on a talk show to say those things, he said them to the audience who just watched the fight and every word he said was right. He didnt rip Garret to pieces, but he spoke the truth which was absolutely warranted in that situation. There is a huge difference between having your teammates back and doing the right thing in a moment like that. Mayfield, who I have thought was a bit of a wind bag, actually spoke up and did what most of America cant do in 2019- speak the truth and have some semblance of morality, even if it hurts your bottom line.

  21. It was Mason Rudolph who started the fracas and it was Mason Rudolph who charged at Myles Garrett, but Myles Garrett is the villain? Raider fan here with no dog in this fight.

    And as far as “assault charges” being filed, what a joke. See photo of Matt Millen whacking Patrick Sullivan over the head back in the day. Now that was assault!

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