Gardner Minshew thinks he proved he can start

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The Jaguars’ quarterback of preference is back, which means the fun and shiny object is back on the bench.

But Gardner Minshew thinks he proved during his run replacing the injured Nick Foles that he can be a starting quarterback.

I think I proved I can be a guy in this league for a long, long time,” Minshew said, via Michael DiRocco of “I think they believe that. And there’s other things we’re going to get better at so the next time I do get this opportunity, I’ll be ready and I’ll be better and we’re all going to progress together.”

Minshew replaced Foles 11 snaps into the opener, and started the next eight games. The Jaguars went 4-4 in that span, while the sixth-round rookie completed 61.2 percent of his passes for 2,285 yards, with 13 touchdowns and four interceptions. The 92.8 passer rating is solid, but he also leads the league in fumbles with 11, losing second of them. He also charmed people with his enthusiasm and his mustache, creating a cult following in a hurry.

Minshew turned the ball over four times in his last game, a loss to the Texans in London. That made it easier to go back to Foles — such that it was really a decision — but Minshew gave them reason for hope.

“He’s done a great job,” Jaguars coach Doug Marrone said. “I feel a whole lot different about him now than I did prior to him playing, in a very positive way. We took some things and had some discussions on things that we’re going to work on going forward which will give him the ability to be a player in this league for a long time.

“We really believe that.”

Now, they get to hand it back to the guy they believed was going to help them make the push from a fringe playoff team to something greater.

Now it’s Minshew in that role, which is where he began the season.

11 responses to “Gardner Minshew thinks he proved he can start

  1. Daniel Jones has more fumbles than Minshew does with 13 and has 18 total turn overs despite starting just like 7-8 games. I think it is a mistake to go back to Nick Foles because the Jaguars aren’t true contenders in the AFC this season regardless of who is the QB and we know what Foles is already, which is a solid game manager and overall average NFL QB. Minshew has a higher ceiling than Foles does and has the opportunity to develop into an excellent NFL QB. If the Jaguars are smart they will trade Foles this off-season and move forward with Minshew as the starter. Given the fact they’re paying Minshew nothing in terms of NFL Dollars being he’s a 6th rounder paid on the rookie pay scale the Jaguars are in position to really load up on talent around him which is an advantage the majority of other teams in the AFC do not have. If the Jaguars are smart Minshew will be the starter next year and they’ll use these next few years to build around him.

  2. Of course he proved that! He almost unseated the $88 million prized free agent SB MVP. He outplayed every QB drafted in the last couple years (sans Lamar). We most definitely have not seen the last of the Stache!

  3. If you look at some other QBs starting games, he definitely proved he can be a starter. Whether he can take the next step, to be a more proven winner will remain to be seen. But, you have to believe he will get another chance at some point, whether with the Jaguars or elsewhere.

  4. He actually proved that in college. He just needed an opportunity. There are only 32 starting NFL QB’s, and many are sticking around 15 years or more. Opportunities don’t come around very often, so an injury is sometimes the only chance they get to showcase their talent. But if you go back and look at his college tape, he looks like a legit first rounder. A lot of evaluations are done with the ears and not the eyes. Like they say, the tape doesn’t lie.

  5. His day will come again in the near-future, somewhere. Still plenty of room for improvement and that’ll come up with more game reps.

    Thanks for the great Halloween costume idea, too!

  6. He’s way better than the disaster they had at QB the previous years–Bleak Bortles.

  7. He’s 10 times better than JOsh Allen and somehow he’s starting.
    I can only assume that you’re referencing Minshew being a better quarterbacks than his teammate, the stud rookie defensive end. No way it’s that big strong athletic kid in Buffalo – the one with the otherworldly hose.

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