Robert Griffin III recommended Baltimore’s “Heisman backfield”

Getty Images

At one point during Sunday’s win over the Bengals, the Ravens had three Heisman winners in the backfield at the same time: quarterback Lamar Jackson, running back Mark Ingram, and quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Jackson faked a handoff up the middle to Ingram before running an option to the right, eventualy flipping the ball to Griffin.

So where did this come from? Offensive coordinator Greg Roman told reporters on Thursday that it originated with the team’s players. He then said, “I don’t want to say who recommended it.” And then he coughed and said, “RG3.”

Griffin retweeted the quote, with this message: “We just tryna win a super bowl and I’m giving myself to the team #TheTeamTheTeamTheTeam #TheMoreYouCanDo.” (That always sounds better than, “Being on the field is better than being on the bench.”)

The Heisman backfield could return, and there are plenty of different ways the formation can be used — especially in light of the fact that Griffin has a very strong arm. Still, putting the injury-prone backup quarterback at risk could be problematic, if live reps result in Griffin being unable to play.

Griffin suffered a broken thumb in the preseason, but he has been available for all regular-season games.