Roger Goodell avoids Colin Kaepernick issue at public event

Nearly five years ago, Commissioner Roger Goodell infamously declared that he’s “available to the media almost every day of my job.” He most definitely wasn’t available on this day.

According to, Goodell took no questions during an appearance at the Paley Center for Media’s International Council Summit, allowing him to avoid any and all inquiries regarding the P.R. blunder that the league hatched this week via the Colin Kaepernick dog-and-pony workout to be conducted on Saturday in Atlanta.

Moderator James Brown, host of The NFL Today on CBS, tried to navigate the elephant in the room by suggesting that it was too big to discuss.

“I know there’s some pretty salient news, some important news that’s breaking in the world of the NFL,” Brown said. “Roger and I are going to stick to the topic here: ‘100 Seasons and Counting.’ It would take us all day to deal with what the breaking news is. We’ll deal with that at the appropriate time and we only have 25 minutes.”

It’s wouldn’t “take all day” to deal with the issue. Brown could have asked Goodell a few questions about the situation, questions that cry out for answers.


Why now?

Why on a Saturday?

Why this Saturday?

Here’s the reality: If there were any benefit to be derived from addressing the issue, Goodell would have addressed it. His silence fairly can be interpreted as a concession that the situation has become, as one source with direct knowledge of the machinations of the workout has told PFT, a “complete sh-t show.”