Teammates still confident in Adam Vinatieri

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Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri is having the worst of his 24 NFL seasons, but he hasn’t lost the confidence of his teammates.

Indianapolis safety Malik Hooker said Vinatieri’s five missed field goals and six missed extra points haven’t shaken his confidence.

“I mean, Adam, he’s my hero on my team,” Hooker told the Indianapolis Star. “I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t give a damn how many field goals he’s missed or what. That’s Adam Vinatieri, the greatest of all time. I grew up watching him. Anytime he’s out there kicking for my team, I’m always cheering for him.”

Similar comments were made by teammates Zach Pascal, Nyheim Hines, George Odum and Anthony Castonzo, all of whom believe Vinatieri’s long track record outweighs his struggles this season.

At the same time, everyone in the NFL has to be accountable, and Vinatieri is no different. If he keeps missing, it’s hard to believe the Colts could keep sticking with him. No matter how many teammates have his back.

15 responses to “Teammates still confident in Adam Vinatieri

  1. “I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t give a damn how many field goals he’s missed or what.”

    I mean, you know, so, you should care because you’re losing games because it.

  2. I bet Adam is not sulking or feeling sorry for himself. I bet he’s extremely motivated to push pass through this 2019 slump. He’s been in this league over 24 years and NEVER had a season like this…so this is ONE of the biggest challenges ever for him. He is up for it…I would never bet against him. Go Adam!!

  3. I’ve lived in a ‘what have you done for me lately’ world, outside of my home, since day 1.

    That’s the REAL world.

    Does anyone think Adam would have been cut in New England by now, even had he never left? Maybe Brady would get a season pass but that’s about it.

  4. You have to believe that the quality of the kickers that are coming in for tryouts are just that poor because they have held tryouts now twice this year and both times, have passed. You know what they say?…sometimes the evil you know is better than the one you don’t.

  5. I get that Vinatieri has had a legendary career. I’m sure he’s very well respected and loved in that locker room. The thing is, he’s costing the Colts games. How many games are they gonna lose because of his history, and not his present? I guess that’s up to the Colts.

  6. It’s not like they can just reach for the phone and have a good new guy on staff tomorrow. Kicking is a real problem in the league this year. I can’t say I’d blame the team for sticking with Vinatieri for the rest of the season.

    Don’t forget, the man was prepared to retire after the second game but the team talked him out of it. So why would they dump him now, when it would be even harder to replace him? It’s a bad situation, but I don’t think a mid-season retirement is the solution.

  7. They’re lying. If he has to line up for a game-winning field goal, how many of those guys really believe he’s going to make it?

  8. Cut him, the Pats would love to have him back.

    If you’re so marginal that a few more missed XPs than normal determine if you make the playoffs or not, you aren’t going to win the SB anyway.

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