Which teams are attending Colin Kaepernick’s workout?

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Colin Kaepernick will workout for scouts Saturday in Atlanta.

As PFT reported earlier Thursday, the league has not provided and does not plan to provide Kaepernick’s representatives with the names of those attending. The only certainty Kaepernick has received came from General Managers who informed Kaepernick’s camp that they will not attend.

We have compiled the list of teams who have said they either are attending or are not attending the workout. We will update the list with reports from the rest of the league’s teams as they become available:

Teams expected to attend

Arizona: The Cardinals will have a representative on hand, Josh Weinfuss of ESPN reports.

Atlanta: The location of the workout makes it easy for the Falcons to attend, and coach Dan Quinn said Wednesday the team would have representative there.

Cleveland: Browns owner Dee Haslam said Thursday the Browns will send a scout.

Denver: Broncos General Manager John Elway said the team will send a scout to the workout, Mike Klis of KUSA reports.

Detroit: Lions coach Matt Patricia said the team will attend the workout, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports.

Miami: Dolphins coach Brian Flores said in his Wednesday press conference the team will attend the workout.

New England: The Patriots will send a scout to the workout, Jim McBride of the Boston Globe reports.

New York Giants: A team representative will attend the workout, Matt Lombardo of NJ Advance Media reports.

New York Jets: The NFL announced the Jets have committed to sending a representative to the workout.

San Francisco: Kaepernick’s former team will send someone to the workout, Matt Maiocco of NBCSportsBayArea.com reports.

Seattle: The Seahawks are planning to attend the workout, Brady Henderson of ESPN reports.

Tampa Bay: The NFL announced that the Buccaneers have committed to sending a representative to the workout.

Washington: The team will send a representative to the workout, JP Finlay of NBCSportsWashington.com reports.

Teams expected not to attend

Carolina: The Panthers aren’t planning to send a representative to the workout, Joe Person of TheAthletic.com reports.

Dallas: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said initial reports the team would be represented at the workout were incorrect and the team will not have anyone in Atlanta.

New Orleans: Saints coach Sean Payton said the team won’t send anyone to Atlanta for the workout.

65 responses to “Which teams are attending Colin Kaepernick’s workout?

  1. Id say that 6 of these teams already have their entrenched QB for the next 4+ years, and Im not including NE, Det, or Atl.

  2. A good PR Move by the NFL, Bad PR Move for the team that picks him up. If a team does sign him most casual viewers will be po’d for a year then move on to something else.

  3. Hoping it works out. There are many NFL players in the league with far more transgressions than Colin Kaepernick.

  4. arwiv says:
    November 14, 2019 at 4:07 pm
    Id say that 6 of these teams already have their entrenched QB for the next 4+ years, and Im not including NE, Det, or Atl.


    In all likelihood, almost any team looking at him will be doing so as a backup or even 3rd string, not starter. No team would be evaluating a guy who hasn’t played since 2016 as a potential walk-in starter.

  5. Wear pink shoelaces or something, but don’t disrespect the Flag or what it represents, dumbest protest of all time. Keep that clown out of the NFL.

  6. So Kaepernick’s people are angry that they don’t have a list of teams attending but PFT was easily able to assemble a list of at least 11 teams that will be attending. It seems like perhaps the agent…I mean your source, could either call teams themselves, of they could simply ask you for the list.

  7. Proud to see KC is not on the list of attendees. Besides the “off the field” nightmare Kap is, has everyone forgotten that he is a HORRIBLE QB? That last season he played showed how pathetic a football player he was. I’m sure his intention was to slander everything he possibly could, to divert the fact that he sucks. That’s why nobody has signed him!!

  8. He’s perfect for the Lions and they need a QB very badly as Stafford has been their for over a decade and they have zero playoff wins.

  9. So….I’m assuming a 50% completion rate with no defense and no pass rush. Who is going to be running the routes for him? I hope they can catch balls that aren’t on target.

  10. So, a third of the league will show up, watch the workout, and then declare he’s not what they need for their team.This is the same rhetoric the league and teams have used before, except now they’ll add this dog-and-pony workout to it to say, See? we really are taking this seriously.”

    It’s all a set-up to avoid and defend against collusion lawsuit number II.

  11. Do we really need a play by play on this? The dude got what he deserved!! America is the ultimate place to provide opportunity……………he had his and now its gone because of one reason and one reason only which was fully his choice. Get your tryout and then go away!!!

  12. The Bears need this guy. Heck if they had Luke Falk they would have had a Superbowl last year. Mitchy isn’t so good.

  13. The length of this list is a clear indication that the NFL has forwarded to the teams some kind request that teams attend. If any of these listed teams had an actual interest they could have scheduled something with the player’s agent at any time. The fact that they haven’t done so and yet now are going out of their way to send someone tells us that there is something extra going on here.
    Who is he going to throw to, his agent? Why didn’t they schedule this in conjunction with receivers who are out of the league and want back in such as Dez Bryant?
    Why not make this a larger event that gives every presently out of the league NFL player who says they are capable a chance to show up and demonstrate what they can do?

  14. I still don’t believe Kaepernick truly wants to play. His entire brand is predicated on being a martyr. Playing removes that moniker. If you’ve watched his actions over the past 3 years, they point to appearing like he wants to play…..but finding a way to scuttle the opportunity before having to actually sign.

  15. If Mike Glennon is still in the league, why not Kap?

    Simple. Glennon will accept a backup role and pay. And…Glennon actually wants to play.

  16. I’m not a fan of protesting during The National Anthem but also not a fan of blacklisting people. Hope he gets a legitimate chance to show his skills not a sham workout. Also hope the team that signs him has a fan base that can look past what happened. Fresh start.

  17. Deserves to start somewhere. He was robbed of 3 years. Not one thing wrong by standing up…or kneeling in this case.

  18. Is he a starter? Nah. But he might prove valuable as a backup, if a team can tolerate the initial media frenzy. I’m actually kinda surprised Tennessee isn’t on the list, since Tannehill is their best QB and is in no way the answer moving forward.

  19. No employer wants this guy, its not just the NFL. I guess being an NFL qb wasn’t as oppressive as he thought it was, the guy is now broke..

  20. here’s the big question, if offered will he accept a backup job and backup pay? If he doesn’t, we have our answer about whether he even actually wants to play or not.

  21. I think pretty much all the teams are like:
    “We aren’t looking to buy. We’re just browsing.”

  22. TrubiskyIsGarbageAndTheBearsShouldHaveDraftedMahommes says:
    November 14, 2019 at 4:48 pm
    If Mike Glennon is still in the league, why not Kap?
    Glennon is three years younger then Kap and was willing to take a backup role for under $2 million. He is not a distraction to the team.

  23. glac1 says:
    November 14, 2019 at 5:35 pm

    I bet the teams that don’t come will have more penalty flags thrown at them for the next few weeks…

    Thats why the Raiders didnt even bother, they already get all the flags so it doesnt matter.

  24. If the workout is on a Saturday…who will these teams be sending? Other than teams that are on byes this week…every other team will be very busy on Saturday. Maybe sending a secretary…or the assistant equipment manager is all that is needed to say you were there.

  25. tinye67 says:
    November 14, 2019 at 5:10 pm
    If Mike Glennon is still in the league, why not Kap?

    Simple. Glennon will accept a backup role and pay. And…Glennon actually wants to play.

    And Mike Glennon isn’t 4-25 in his last 29 games

  26. Bengals have already said they are attending so add them to your list. No idea why they would though because they’re obviously looking at Finley as a backup to next years 1st rounder.

  27. For the past several years, this QB has been oersona non grata everywhere he’s turned.

    Under intense pressure he has never waivered from his political position.

    Contract with Nike bankrolls his hubris and giant-sized ego.

    Kaepernick has tanked but not given back, nor made any attempt to apologize.

    Colin, if you want back in, them you have to understand that you’re starting over.

    Keep that thought in mind as you approach you final chance in Pro ball.

  28. My question to you all, this is a free country, he can say almost anything he wants, and there can be consequences. But what if a team signs him, and their starter goes down, and he plays well? If he got that team to the playoffs, how long until their fans forget what was said and done and cheer, while some of us wish our team would have signed him? If he sucks, he gets cut, and that would be it for him. I also think the players are big boys, and should be able to handle the extra attention paid to him.

  29. A good PR Move by the NFL, Bad PR Move for the team that picks him up. If a team does sign him most casual viewers will be po’d for a year then move on to something else.


    Yes, but GOOD PR move for teams to go and look and say they did but then do nothing.

  30. Dont be fooled PR move by the commish to just put it to rest. Like hey we gave ya a chance but no one wants to sign you. Hands washed clean. Now if we could just get those officials off the Green Bay payroll.

  31. I don’t know who’s watching, but I won’t be if they let this guy back in the league.

    Let me guess. Its because he protested the troops, the flag or America? All this time and you still don’t get it? Rosa Parks wasn’t protesting a bus, Ghandi wasn’t protesting food and the people of Boston weren’t protesting tea. Forest through the trees my boy.

  32. He was outstanding at the RPO, but unless he’s improved his accuracy it’s difficult to imagine he’ll get signed. It’s not 2012 any more; teams know how to handle RPO and that means he has to be able make throws. As running quarterbacks go, he’s closer to Bobby Douglass than Lamar Jackson, especially in his most recent work sampling. And that’s leaving his off-field antics aside.

  33. Pats sign him to run the scout team so the defense can get practice reps against a mobile running qb to prepare for the AFCCG.

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