Young Giants players express confidence in Pat Shurmur

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One struggling New York coach got a reprieve from his boss yesterday, with Jets ownership saying Adam Gase wouldn’t be fired during the season or the offseason.

The other one, the one Gase beat last weekend, isn’t quite that secure, but picked up votes of confidence from the two players most central to his future.

Via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News, Giants running back Saquon Barkley said he had confidence in both coach Pat Shurmur and General Manager Dave Gettleman.

“Not only me, speaking on behalf of the team, we strongly believe in coach Shurmur, we believe in this coaching staff, we believe in D.G,” Barkley said. “Obviously things aren’t clicking the way we would like them to be right now, but we’ve just got to keep grinding, keep working, and we’ll turn it around.”

Likewise, rookie quarterback Daniel Jones praised Shurmur’s work, as he’s in the midst of his on-the-job training.

“Coach Shurmur has done a ton for me in my growth and development,” Jones said. “He’s been extremely patient with me and supportive of me. I’ve been up and down. I’ve played well at times and not so well at times. He’s continued to support me and continued to coach me hard and give me the points of emphasis. That’s been a huge help for me.”

Of course, as influential as Barkley and Jones might be, they’re not the ones making the decision. And the Giants have lost six straight games to fall to 2-8, and last week’s loss to the Jets didn’t help.

6 responses to “Young Giants players express confidence in Pat Shurmur

  1. I think most people would say wonderful things about their boss in public. That might change if the comments were anonymous, and there was no fear of repercussions.

  2. Go back and look at all the first years of HOF QB’s and their coaches. Guys like Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, Peyton Manning. Their teams suffered through horrible first and often second seasons. Then, without making any coaching changes, their teams began to win big. Often times, it’s the worst teams that draft great young QB’s. It’s hard enough to play QB, but when you get drafted to a team with a bad roster, it’s even harder. When a great young QB like Ben Roethlisberger goes to a good team, it’s a much different environment, and it’s possible to win right away. Daniel Jones is in the class of guys like Big Ben and Phillip Rivers. He’ll be able to carry his team in another year or two. Making a coaching change is insignificant. Shurmur is a good coach. On the other hand, go back and look at the careers of all the great HOF coaches. Make a list. Now cross off the names of the coaches that won their super bowls with HOF QB’s. That’s not a bad exercise to do every once in a while, just for a little perspective.

  3. It’s all in a name. I remember when my friend seemed disappointed a player from his alma mater got drafted to the Jets instead of his Bears. So I told him: “But John, Joe Mott is a Jet name.” He chuckled remembering the Jets had a roster filled with guys named Joe Fields and Bob Crable. “I never thought of that.”

    The Lions at that time also liked those all-American names. You can always count on them to draft Kevin Smith.

    The Cowboys like Texas names. WADE Phillips. Jason GARRETT. If only there was a WADE GARRETT or GAVIN GARRETT. Mm mm. DAK PRESCOTT and ZEKE seem to fall in line.

  4. Players having to come out for support for a head coach is just confirmation that Pat Shurmur is actually on the hot seat.

    Is Gettleman going to come out and admit this is a rebuild and not a reload?

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