Freddie Kitchens: I don’t know that we struggle to remain composed

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Among the many responses to Thursday night’s fracas in Cleveland was former Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley opining that current Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens bears responsibility for Myles Garrett hitting Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with a helmet.

Haley said “you’re either coaching it or you’re allowing it to happen” by way of assigning the blame to Kitchens for how Garrett responded on Thursday night. Kitchens was asked about Haley’s comments during a conference call on Friday.

“I do not really give much thought into what Todd says,” Kitchens said. “I am not even going to respond to it. I know the way we continue to talk about maintaining our composure, and we have to do a better job of maintaining our composure, everybody.”

Kitchens was then asked a followup question about why he thinks the team has struggled with maintaining their composure.

“I do not know that it has been a struggle all year that we maintain our composure. Sometimes I think it is a commitment to doing the right if you are referring to some of the penalties. We are going to continue to stress those things, and over the last three to four weeks, those things have gotten better and we are going to continue to try to get even better than that. Last night was an outlier of what we have had. We have not seen anything like that.”

While there hasn’t been anything like Garrett’s actions in the past, the Browns have been penalized more often than any team this season and, per Adam Schefter of ESPN, penalized more often through 10 games than any Browns team since 1978. The ejections of Garrett and safety Damarious Randall, who was kicked out for a hit on Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson, give the Browns a league-high four disqualifications this season as well.

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  1. I know he is still the head coach and all but why the hell do the higher ups in the Browns organization keep allowing this guy to speak publicly?

  2. Really? Your players knocked two Steeler receivers out of the game with dirty hits before the Garrett incident. Garrett had already been fined multiple times for dirty play and bad late hits prior to last night. It’s the culture you’re teaching.

  3. Well.. Your player did sack a QB, didn’t let him go, took his helmet from him and then preceded to clobber him with it. Doesn’t sound very composed..

  4. gtrav says:
    November 15, 2019 at 4:21 pm
    How is this guy a head coach, I mean honestly, come on


    Agreed. They need to admit they got this whole Freddy thing wrong and cut bait..

  5. Steelers fans complaining about head shots (welcome to the browns side for the past 10 or so years. James Harrison, Ryan Shazier, Troy Polamalu). Getting out of Steelers games without at least 3 people concussed was like a miracle back in the day.

  6. Haley said “you’re either coaching it or you’re allowing it to happen”


    Haley is right. But that quote is something Haley picked up from Bill Parcells.

  7. Last night’s game proved that we are moving one step closer to a player getting actually killed on the football field. If Garrett would have hit Rudolph in the head with the topside of the helmet, he could have split Rudolph’s head open or caused severe damage. Remember Rudolph had a concussion from a bad hit a few weeks before. But based on the comments of the geniuses on these boards, Rudolph would have deserved it anyway even if the hit killed him.

  8. It’s simple you’re team doesn’t respect you, they know you won’t discipline them when they do dumb stuff.

  9. It must be hard being a Browns fan, you’re team is 8 seconds away from beating the Steelers for the first time in 5 years and yet they still manage to turn a positive into a trainwreck.

  10. Only the Browns can turn a win into a loss in the final seconds of a game … Browns fans deserve better . You can tell the stress level is through the roof to win games and some of the players can’t handle it , I mean who does that and I’m not so sure Garret wasn’t winding up to hit Mason again it’s a good thing those Oline men were in the way.

  11. Yet another fat dunce in a leadership position. Is this really the best CLE could find? They have talent, but the lack of discipline and leadership will kill the team, AGAIN.

  12. Considering how confused guys like Greedy and Randall were that people were upset with their hits sort of proves that they are being coached that is the NORMAL way to hit, and that falls on coaching/leadership. At least when Gregg Williams pulled this crap, it lead to a Super Bowl. Browns are in the toilet still!

  13. He could have just left it at “I don’t know….” as the answer to every question he’s asked. That would sum it up.

    He’s like Sergeant Schultz…”I know nothing…I see nothing…”

  14. Really? This team is the epitome of disorganization… from Mayfield’s outburts to leading the league in penalties to all the stupid moves with eyewear, glasses and pants to the instant signing of Hunt.

    All of their issues are self-inflicted. Maybe Kitchens is a good guy and a decent position coach, but he’s so far out of his depth it’s sad.

  15. Nothing says composure like being the 2nd most flagged team in the NFL and the team with the largest number of events where players are fined (18 after last night according to spotrac).

  16. “We need to stay composed but I wouldn’t say we have problems staying composed. It all depends on how you define composed.”
    –Freddie Kitchens, soon to be unemployed NFL coach

  17. Kitchens must live in an alternate reality. Penalties, mistakes, and cheap shots are a direct reflection of your INABILITY to stay composed. At some point this guy needs to take some accountability. Or maybe he won’t. The odds of him being the HC next year are about 0.0%

  18. With the culture within the Browns over the last few decades I firmly believe that Kitchens is the perfect man for the the position that he has…feel free to hate on this.

  19. I do know one thing, defensive players are low-key smiling because that quarterback halo got shattered yesterday. If two o-linemen and a ref are holding a guy back away from you, don’t go in on him thinking that the QB shield is going to save you. Should’ve just let it go and watched him get a fine or a game off.

  20. A very short time ago Kitchens was just a position coach and at that level you can be everybody’s buddy because the big decisions and discipline all come from somebody further up the chain. But he’s the head coach now so he IS that somebody but he’s still acting like everybody’s buddy. He won’t call anybody out, won’t lay down the law, so the team plays with zero discipline.

  21. When you’re organization has been through all the lows the Browns have for the past decade or so, you can start to understand why they play with such raw emotion that sees them leading the league in penalties and disquals. They are trying to shed years of hossible play with a team that has been assembled from a bunch of other team’s skill positions and a few high draft choices. I suspect the team is indeed being coached to play hard, physical, nasty football right to the whistle. That undoubtly results in some plays that go past the whistle. But it does not mean they are being coached to be cheapshot artists, or that they don’t play composed.

    Did Garrett cross a line? Of course he did. Does that mean the rest of the organization is responsible? No it does not. This is a team that had a WORLD of high expectations placed on them with very young leadership across the board. They are trying to find themselves and not let the rest of the football world down by being anything less than a playoff team.

  22. Anybody heard from Richie Incognito on this? I have to believe he’d like to weigh in on the incident

  23. Can you imagine what the response would have been like had Rudolph took more of a five and faked being knocked unconscious? Made them bring a stretcher on to the field?

  24. Cornpone Kitchens “It all depends on how you define composed.”

    Pres Horndog Willy Clinton “It depends on what the meaning of is…is.”

  25. No good deed goes unpunished…it’s quite obvious to me that Mr. Garrett was merely trying to help Mr. Rudolph put his helmet back on so he wouldn’t get hurt in that lil dust up…

  26. As indefensible as Garrett’s actions were…where was all the outrage when james harrison was taking unpenalized cheap shots at browns players for a decade?

  27. Myles Garrett declared publicly pre-draft 2018 that the team didn’t need a player like Bradley Chubb. He gave a ‘football’ reason for that: we’re ok with what we have.(wow)
    It’s quite obvious his mindset was: I want to be the king of the D-line here, I don’t care about the opportunity of a stronger D-line.
    For a guy who cares only about his sack count (being so opportunistic in garbage time), that
    was already very telling at the time, about his selfishness.
    At that same time, Von Miller was praising for Chubb, seeing an opportunity for the T E A M.

  28. I wouldn’t call “holding” and “pass interference“ calls a failure to keep composure. Yeah they’re penalized a lot but they’re mostly procedure calls. We’re acting like they’re… well.. the Steelers during the James Harrison era spearing every QB in the league which Cleveland definitely isn’t.

  29. Hey Freddie – you need to go look at the film of Garrett with Rudolph. You sound dumber and more clueless every day.

  30. “Sometimes I think it is a commitment to doing the right thing”

    This statement sounds like discipline is based on the honor system with this team. Definitely don’t get the feeling that this guy has a handle on it. It’s simple Freddie. Set the expectations, communicate them to the team and accept nothing less. Full stop.

  31. Glad to see logic and perspective starting to gain an upper hand in this ongoing hysteria over Garrett. By now most of us have had a chance to review the tape, contextual I even what happened in both the heat of the moment, and historically between these franchises and in the sport of football in general. Yesterday all the loudmouth talking heads were declaring the Browns’ season over. Now, Cleveland may just have found the perfect rallying cry for the rest of the season.

    Rudolph, mad because he had been embarrassed and brought down after (yet another) panicked incompletion, started a fight with Myles Garrett. Tried to rip MG’s helmet off, then tried – and succeeded – in both kicking and punching Garrett in the groin. This while being escorted by two 300 lbs offensive linemen. Garrett, in a flash of rage, finally had enough and swung the helmet at Rudolph.

    Yes, Garrett should be suspended. But let’s leave it there. Otherwise, we might have to bring up more stuff – like James Harrison nearly killing Mohammed Massaquoi, Josh Cribbs, and Colt McCoy…ordirty players like Lambert, Greene…or coaches who try to trip unsuspecting opponents on kick returns…you get the picture.

  32. Dysfunctional teams do dysfunctional things and not cutting Garrett is dysfunctional. How is he still on the roster? He has to go as does the HC. I feel sorry for the Browns fans.

  33. I thought if law enforcement saw a crime in progress; arrests were made. What is assault with a deadly weapon

  34. Maybe even as big of a question … Dorsey? He hired the guy and brought in some real “dandies” that other teams didn’t want/or couldn’t handle. Starts at the top.

  35. chastain00 says:
    November 15, 2019 at 4:58 pm
    Only the Browns can turn a win into a loss in the final seconds of a game … Browns fans deserve better.


  36. Was’t it those same Browns “FANS” that were throwing beer bottles at the opposing team a few years ago?

    They’re no better than Garrett! I guess it comes from living in Cleveland.

  37. The Browns have had 16 Head Coaches in the time the Steelers have had three. It will be seventeen soon enough. A total lack of discipline is rampant among the team and the resulting fracas on Thursday night, while the fault of the players involved, was to be expected.

  38. If you tie all of the pieces of the puzzle together going all the way to training camp, it is a coaching issue. This started at the Colt’s scrimmage about changing the culture from being the whipping boys of the league. There is a fine line from being physical to being dirty. Freddie doesn’t know how to control a football team, PERIOD.

  39. Leadership (or lack thereof) always starts at the top. The hapless Haslam ownership and GM continue to fail to understand the importance of character for both players and coaches. In the end, they are getting what they deserve.

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