More than 24 teams reportedly will attend the Colin Kaepernick workout

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The behind-the-scenes arm twisting apparently is working.

A day after only 11 teams were scheduled to attend Saturday’s Colin Kaepernick dog-and-pony show about nothing in Atlanta, the number has now spiked to more than 24, per Adam Schefter of

The number of teams attending doesn’t really matter. What matters is the job title and influence of the people who will be attending. Low-level scouts have little or no sway; it’s just part of the façade. A façade that has a purpose other than actually getting Kaepernick employed.

Again, if the goal were to get Kaepernick employed, the phone calls and other communications that persuaded more than 13 teams in 24 hours to send someone to the Kaepernick workout (even though they could have worked him out at any time in the past 32-plus months but haven’t) would have focused on getting someone to give him a legitimate workout at a team facility, or to offer him a contract.

It will be very interesting to see what happens next. Chances are that it will be nothing, barring another rash of quarterback injuries like the one that happened earlier this year — and that still didn’t result in Kaepernick’s phone ringing once.

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  1. Teams have had plenty of time if they wanted to sign him. This is a — well, a quid pro quo. Dan Patrick reported today that his “insider” said it was a favor that Jay Z asked of Goodell.

    If someone signs Kaepernick, it is a sham, it is a league-imposed signing with a favor to come later, ala Michael Sam and the Jeff Fisher Rams. This is not on the up and up. And you can better believe the general public will NEVER find out how Kaepernick performed at the “workout.”

    Don’t they say anyone can look good in T-shirt and shorts?

  2. I hope the guy gets picked up to be a scout team 3rd stringer. Then maybe we can stop talking about this guy until two starters go down in front of him or he demonstrates enough skill to be a starter again. It’s not like he was a super star before all this. He was a great running QB with a wind-up bigger than MLB pitchers circa 1950. Is he better than some on teams now? Probably, or at least the 2 years ago version of CK. But frankly the story is gotten so old….enuf is enuf.

  3. Yeah, they are sending low level scouts so that they can’t be considered part of the garbage “collusion” case. It’s to satisfy the PC crowd. For the LAST TIME… he will ONLY accept a starting roll paying $20M+, he has made that WELL known. NO ONE IS GOING TO DO THAT. There IS NO collusion, there is no conspiracy. He either DOESN’T want to actually play, or he’s so freaking disillusion that he believes that his 32-year-old non-existent skill set is worth that… a guy who hasn’t played in 3 years and the last time he did was benched for Blaine freaking Gabbert.


  4. He stinks and is only getting this special treatment to mollify the leftist sports media that won’t let it go.

  5. “The number of teams attending doesn’t really matter.”
    Cuz we’ve been getting updates who is sending scouts and which teams aren’t. Seems important to this website.

  6. The NFL is well known for hamfisted handling of any number of issues but this is bizarre even for their low standards….

  7. Let’s watch CKs actions. Will he actually sign if offered?

    Will he demand to be a starter? Demand 20M?

    Until his actions prove different….I still contend he truly does not want to play. But this keeps the charade that he wants to alive. Good for his martyr image

  8. It is a dog and pony show to draw attention away from AB’s NFL meeting, that way Roger can do the news drop that one of his preferred teams, guessing Rams, KC or Green Bay, is all right to sign him and there will be no suspension. But, the Browns being Browns have taken over the news.

    Any team could have brought Kap in for a work out with the other 5 or so players they do almost every week.

  9. The guy was benched for Blaine Gabbert. Plus, he idolizes Fidel Castro. Maybe he’d be happier if he were playing in Cuba.

  10. 24 teams?… Sounds like the league had to call in A LOT of favors to make sure a significant amount of teams will show up.

  11. When the actions of the brass in the NFL office are this transparent, and on something that just makes them look this stupid, you have to wonder if there isn’t something else going on. I.E.: Money

  12. Putting it on a Saturday GUARANTEES only low-level people can attend if their team is playing on a Sunday or Monday. That was either intentional or the product of stupidity.

  13. Is he going to wear a tiara instead of a helmet during his “show me” workout so he can be even more “special”? I actually feel sorry for him. Doesn’t he realize that this is a dog and pony show and they are only doing this to slam the door on any chance he has of returning to the NFL if he still isn’t signed? Maybe the same people who told him to opt out of a $12.5 million guaranteed contract with the 49ers are still advising him. What team is going to sign this guy and take on all that baggage? Cincinnati….maybe?

  14. So Kaep gets another opportunity. And the guy pushing hard for that opportunity now calls it a “dog-and-pony show about nothing”…

  15. Look, is he some all time great? No, he’s not. But can he win you a game or multiple games over a season? Yeah, almost definitely. A quarterback’s Win-Loss record has a lot of gray area and certainly isn’t the best metric on which to judge individual performance but…

    In 2017: Cassel, Hogan, Mannion, Manuel, Smith, Tolzien, Lynch, Moore, Petty, Yates, Osweiler, Hoyer, and Kizer combined to go 0-41

    In 2018: Anderson, Bridgewater, Heinicke, Sanchez, McCoy, Peterman, Bradford, McCown, and Beathard combined to go 0-19

    In 2019: Daniel, Driskel, Finley, Foles, Haskins, Hoyer, McCoy, Schaub, Siemian, Falk, Manning, Newton, Roethlisberger, Rosen and Dalton are currently 0-28 on the season

  16. if he was comatose, playing with one leg
    he would be an improvement on some QB’s currently starting

  17. In 2 weeks the NFL will sponsor Joe Namath and Troy Aikman workout for teams!Both are still better than that fool kaeperNUT!

  18. Kaepernick’s phone will be ringing after the workout.
    Bart Simpson will be asking him if his refrigerator’s running.

  19. 3 years removed from playing and he wasn’t “awesome” then, what market is he expecting? This tryout is the NFL placating and removing teeth from possible litigation. What team / owner can’t live without a marginally talented, 3 years away from the game KNOWN pot stirrer?

  20. Florio needs to leave it alone Kapernick is the guy that OPTED OUT!! He wasn’t cut and he wasn’t released HE OPTED OUT

  21. Wow… just wow… what a farce. The NFL is sinking to new lows with this garbage. Will the league be setting up other individual pro days? Or just for this clown? Nike’s little precious. I bet when you follow the money, Nike made some lucrative backroom proposal to make this happen and the greedy NFL just couldn’t pass it up.

  22. Perfectly left of you – it’s never enough. He’s getting a workout for reps of 24 teams. If he really wants to play and actually can, shouldn’t this be a step in the right direction. Anything short of a starting offer for a playoff team with a solid #1 receiver will be unfair.

  23. Hopefully at least one team will publicly state: “We offered him $X to fill Y role on our team and he said no.”

  24. The NFL should seriously think of suing Kaepernick to recoup the money the teams lost because of his fake protests.

  25. Florio needs to leave it alone Kapernick is the guy that OPTED OUT!! He wasn’t cut and he wasn’t released HE OPTED OUT


    He was going to get cut, it’s a verifiable fact.

  26. “Yes … Let’s sign this ‘complete distraction’ to our team so we can lose our focus and lose our locker room while trying to make the playoffs” said no one ever.

  27. This should show a lot of people how desperate the NFL is for not only starting QBs but back-ups also!

    The NFL is in a sad era when >70 of 1st round QBs since 2000 have been BUSTS!

    Hey I have a novel idea, since there’s a rookie salary cap why not let these QBs sit the bench and learn for a year or two? If you go back just 5yrs and look up the top 10 QBs of the last decade there’s one thing about 70% of them had in common, they were all left to sit the bench and learn for at least a year or two, Brees, Brady, Rivers, Palmer, Rodgers and a couple others. But for some reason they seem to think these QBs are NFL ready and in 3-4yrs the teams are right back at the QB well drafting another QB, do you ever think they’ll “GET IT”?

    I don’t!

    But the fact is this isn’t just the next level its about 3 levels above what these guys have ever seen and teams expect them to learn a 200+ play playbook, how to read NFL D’s and everything else that comes with playing at the top level of the sport in one short off-season, well that ain’t going to happen 98% of the time, so then the team just casts those QBs off as BUSTS and they go for the next one, wash, rinse, repeat!

    IS there really any wonder there are so many 1st round QBs that end up being BUSTS?
    Not to me there isn’t, I look for the number to go over 90% in the next 10yrs!

  28. patswinyoucry says:
    He was going to get cut, it’s a verifiable fact.

    No, it isn’t verifiable fact.
    The Niners told him they were going to release him, and very probably they would have. But teams tell players that all the time as a negotiating ploy, so until they actually made the move it is not fact.
    The only verifiable fact is that prior to the date San Francisco had to exercise its option on Colin Kaepernick HE opted out.

  29. 1-10 his last season
    3-16 his last two seasons
    Benched for gabbert after throwing for a grand total of four yards against the bears
    Got beat in training camp to gabbert again the following year
    Starts crying and whining on the bench pouting like a spoiled little baby every week until he got one more chance to start, and he lost ten games in a row to end his career.
    He was a gimmick read option qb for 1 1 1/2 years until the read option got figured out, and that was the beginning of the end for kaepernick. then He fell apart from there on, every year he got worse and worse until he quit and left the team. He was given a great superbowl caliber team, and turned it into a dumpster fire within two years. That’s why he’s not in the nfl anymore. His passing skills are below average. His accuracy and timing is bad. Can’t read defenses. Misses wide open recievers because he always locks on to one reciever then takes off running if his first read is covered. That’s why he’s not longer in the nfl. It happens to every qb sooner or later. It’s no conspiracy. That’s life. Qbs come and go every year. Some sooner than others. The nfl doesn’t owe anyone a job. He’s had his time in the nfl. It’s time to move on.

  30. Great update…..24 will attend……………those 24 are only going to finally put this to rest and 0 will sign him……………hopefully.

    But at least one knee will be taken for the national anthem

  31. You guys remember that movie Mr. Bean, at the beginning the Board of people were trying to decide who to send away for the job that nobody really wanted?

  32. It’s hard to believe somebody with a boldface bullet point on their resume under “career goals’ that says, *WANT TO USE MY POSITION TO FURTHER MY SOCIAL JUSTICE CAUSES, would find employers reluctant to hire them.

    Some team going nowhere this year should sign him at the vet minimum for one year and play him at guard the rest of the season.

  33. “He was a gimmick read option qb for 1 1 1/2 years until the read option got figured out, and that was the beginning of the end for kaepernick.”


    I live in SF, watch every game, and that is spot on. He got away with it til the defenses caught on- they always do. Defend his run, dare him to beat you in the air. Can’t happen.

  34. Jeez, can we move on. Kap, get on with your life and accept the consequences of your actions. I bet someone forgot to tell you that civil disobedience requires that you take your medicine. Cassius Clay went to prison rather than give in and it cost him the best years of an amazing career. Never heard him cry about it once.

  35. I am going as a representative of the Philadelphia Eagles…well, I’ll be in Atlanta wearing my Eagles hat.

  36. I wonder if the league office is picking up the tab for all teams attending. Maybe that was a ‘sweetener’ that explains the last minute stampede.

  37. People seem to miss the point that the NFL does not owe Kaep anything. This matter was settled legally. So the notion that he is entitled to setting the terms of the workout (ie, a Tues) is irrelevant. Kaep exercised his right to free expression. Owners can exercise their right to decisions they think are best for their business. This is a faux controversy.

  38. Right now I do not care either way. I hope he has a great showing, and if he does a low level nobody as this website says, will tell someone to bring him in for a personal workout.

  39. It will be nothing, dude hasn’t played in years, wasn’t good and won’t ever be, pig socks aside

  40. Apparently, this is a league that feels that it’s Fanbase cannot stomach a player who acts like Kaepernick, but will welcome one who acts like Myles Garrett, or his predecessor, Albert Haynesworth…

  41. We all know this is a cheap PR stunt by the NFL, trying to make it look like the rich team owners care. Good luck anyway Colin, and keep being awesome!

  42. Without letting Kaepernick know beforehand, the National Anthem should be played prior to the start of the workout. The scouts would gain clear knowledge of Kaepernick’s conditioning as they witness how fast he can get to his knee.

  43. The thing I find SO IRONIC, is a team that can really use him, THE Chicago Bear, isn’t even sending a guy. Oh yea, I forgot, the Bears have the all knowing Ryan Pace.

  44. He will just sue the NFL and the owners again when he doesn’t get a job.
    How come he didn’t have to go away the last time they paid this loser off?

  45. Football is also an entertainment-business so talent is not the only factor . In fact talent may not even be the top factor . If an actor angered a large percentage of the people who watch movies would he be entitled to the lead role in the next movie ?

  46. getting seen by a bunch of teams is not a bad thing for a player looking to mend fences and get back.

    Kaepernick does have a skillset.

    regardless how it looks-it does appear that the league is trying to mend relationship with kaepernick.

    if he woould agree to the minimum with incentives=he is superior to many current back ups-and superior to a couple of starters- Trubisky for one.

  47. This is such a charade they can’t even announce the number of teams attending properly. “More than 24 teams.” If you know for a fact it’s MORE than 24 you would have a firm number. You’d say “at least 25” or something like that.

  48. I hope he’s offered a backup gig for the minimum so we can see where the real facade lies 🤔

  49. A workout means nothing as long as the defensive coordinators have the book on Kap. When they found out that he couldn’t beat them with his arm all they need do is keep him in the pocket and stop the run.

  50. ninefingers9 says:
    November 15, 2019 at 6:14 pm
    I swear to God if he comes to my team… well there’s pretty much nothing I can do about it

    Post of the day…

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