Myles Garrett should expect a significant suspension

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The Browns will need to get used to playing without defensive end Myles Garrett.

With only seconds left in Thursday night’s win over over Pittsburgh, Garrett ripped the helmet from Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and then struck Rudolph in the head with his own helmet.

It’s the most egregious single in-game incident since then-Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth stomped on the forehead of then-Cowboys center Andre Gurode, if not ever. Haynesworth received a five-game suspension for his infraction, a punishment imposed before the league had its player health and safety epiphany in 2009.

Garrett should be bracing for a significant suspension, one that should last at least through the balance of the regular season. Earlier this year, the league suspended Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict 12 games for his latest violation of safety rules.

Here’s the real question: Should Garrett be banished? It was, quite simply, an assault — an act for which he should, in theory, be prosecuted criminally. It happened beyond the confines of a football game, and if something like that happened on the street, Garrett currently would be in jail.

Garrett could have seriously injured Rudolph, or worse. It’s inexcusable, and the league must take serious and decisive action, immediately.

At a time when it has become more and more clear that Colin Kaepernick forfeited his NFL career for engaging in a peaceful protest prior to kickoff, it’s no stretch to argue that Garrett also should forfeit his. The behavior, as teammate Baker Mayfield already has said, is inexcusable. The question is whether it’s also unforgivable.

If it’s true that playing in the NFL is a privilege and not a right, it should be.

148 responses to “Myles Garrett should expect a significant suspension

  1. Nothing less than a full year, not the rest of the season but a full calendar year suspension. Most disgraceful play I’ve seen in the 45 years I’ve been watching the NFL. No place for that in the game.

  2. Rudolph tried to remove his helmet, he kicked Myles in the balls which is what set him off and he ripped the helmet off… Pouncey and DeCastro held him back, Rudolph got up and went after Garrett again which then Myles slammed him with the helmet.

    Rudolph and Pouncey deserve a couple of games, and Garrett should get the season.

  3. Many people is saying that Rudolph started the right, but nothing could be more false. The game was essentially over and Garrett tried to wrap Rudolph and throw him to the ground. Garrett has shown that he is a dirty player that doesn’t deserve to play this year.

  4. He’s lucky this happened in Cleveland, not Pittsburgh, because had it happened in Pittsburgh criminal charges likely would have been brought.

  5. I was thinking the same thing about this being criminal activity by Myles Garrett. I actually don’t think ejection for the rest of the season is strong enough for what this was. There should be a criminal charge filed against Garrett for assault – and brutal assault at that. Think about how big this guy is and what he did – he could’ve seriously injured – seriously injured – like career ending and worse (crippling). This is so unacceptable and the guy should be in jail right now facing criminal charges.

  6. Making it worse is he took a few seconds, deliberating it. That’s worse than a single motion. Refs should just have called the game. Obiguwani cheap shot Rudolf also.

  7. I wonder, could Mason Rudolph literally call the cops from the locker room and press charges?

  8. Craziest thing I’ve seen in a football game. And people are actually saying Mason started it? Um, no, Myles slamming him to the ground clearly after the play was what started it. People need to get a grip. This is absolutely inexcusable.

  9. Yep, inexcusable! These players on the Browns team have been and are out of control and that falls at the feet of the head coach. Terrible to see. I hope Rudolph is okay. It could’ve been much worse. Those helmets aren’t designed to be used as a weapon, Myles…

  10. He should ABSOLUTELY be charged with assault. I believe there was an NHL player who used his stick, and was charged with assault. He should be suspended for this year AND all of next. There’s no place for this BS in football.

  11. Suspension? The local prosecutor has an assault with a deadly weapon on videotape. He should be charged criminally. No question about it.

  12. I was kind of a goon in my semipro days, even afterwards in the parking lot a few times, was suspended several times by my team and league alike…but I never clubbed a dude with his own helmet, YEESH. Bless Rudolph’s heart though, he was trying to scrap, respect that all day.

  13. Garrett should be suspended WITHOUT PAY for this year and 2020. He could’ve killed Rudolph. That was ASSAULT!!

  14. Wow!🤭With seconds left in the game this is inexcusable! Sorry Myles, but your season MUST BE OVER. And the Browns coach should be fired too for having such an undisciplined team! Amazing!🤭🤭🤭

  15. Wow, that was ugly. Honestly though, guys flying in leading with the crown of their helmets on hits is even more dangerous and should result in big suspensions.

  16. Didn’t Rudolph first try to rip his off? Not saying it was right, but it seemed to what started the helmet ripping. Sure, tackle was a little excessive, but somewhat more normal. I just thought Rudolph needed to go too, plus he’s garbage.

  17. If you watch the video in slow motion Rudolph appears to try to pry off Garretts helmet during the late hit and pin by Garrett. Garrett seems to think ‘oh yeah’ and pulls off Rudolphs helmet and runs with away with it. Then Rudolph charges the guy who stole his helmet and gets bludgeoned with it. I agree with a long suspension for Garrett but I dont love what Rudolph did in this play either. Suspending Garrett for the rest of the season seems ok but I would give Rudolph a 25k fine for mildly provoking too.

  18. Coulda sworn it looked like Rudolph tried to rip Garrett’s helmet off first then played like he didn’t do anything.looked like a damn kid

  19. Tomorrow morning Roger should suspend Garrett for the rest of the season and Dorsey should fire Freddie Kitchens

  20. Pouncey went full Haynesworth himself throwing punches and kicking Garret in the head full force while he was helpless on the ground. He should be banned from the league as well.

  21. I missed the game and just watched the highlights. I love the game of football. I’ve played since I was 6. I’m 30 now and I’ve never seen a fight escalate to that point. To attempt to hit someone with their helmet especially with that force is ridiculous.

    I immediately thought a suspension for the rest of the year.

  22. Rudolph deserved it. Tried to rip of his helmet first and got a taste of his own medicine. Then continued to go after him.

  23. Rudolph started it by trying to rip Myles helmet off and everybody knows it. Myles flipped out and will pay the price but Mason started it and kept it going. He asked for it.

    And why no mention of Pouncey and his punches and kicks to Myles head? Isn’t that assault too?

    It’s Browns/Steelers, I think people forget how much these 2 teams literally hate each other.

  24. Banished? Lol stop it, was it bad? Oh yeah. Rest of season for sure, but banished? Yes it hit him but not that hard at all. Still he did it, so 5-10 games for sure. But Mason should have been flagged as well, he was ripping at Myles helmet first, Myles hit him and had no idea the ball was gone and the Mason ripped at his helmet and then he did overreact after that.

  25. Look we all know Garrett should get a long suspension. My question is do you have to weave Kaepernik into every story? What the hell does Colin’s workout have to do with a maniac swinging his helmet at a player?

  26. Uumm, no, he should not be banished. Suspended? Absolutely. Not sure how the NFL determines suspensions given their utter lack of consistency and reason, but I’d say 6-8 games is probably about right given what Albert received.
    It’s too bad; Garrett snapped and lost his mind and made a bad decision. I do find it odd that in such a violent game, the act of swinging a helmet is considered so egregious and clearly suspension-worthy as compared to the multiple blows to the head the Browns gave during the game, a number of which weren’t called (though one was called with the DB being ejected). I’m not saying that’s wrong to differentiate so much between the two, but I don’t share Florio’s reaction here. Pump the brakes a bit on banning a guy from the NFL for this episode. Geez.

  27. He’s lucky he isn’t charged with assault. Very similar to the Marty McSorley and Donald Brashear incident in the nhl. McSorley was suspended indefinitely and criminally charged for a two handed slash to the head with a hockey stick during a game.

  28. Meanwhile the corners of his mouth trended slightly upward the entire time he gave his interview in the locker room. I doubt he sees what he did as assault based off that interview.

  29. Wearing a football uniform does not excuse that in any way whatsoever. People have died from being struck in the head like that.

  30. They aren’t going to suspend a popular player, former #1 overall draft pick, for the rest of his life. He’ll be suspended for the rest of the season and that’s that.

  31. When I was 14 and riding the bus to school, there was a fight between some other kids. One of them grabbed his football helmet, swung it… And ended up hitting me hard on the side of the head. I got a pretty bad concussion, threw up all morning and didn’t feel right for weeks. Seeing a huge NFL swinging the helmet like that made me a bit sick. He should be out of the league for a full year.

    Everyone else involved deserves some degree of punishment as well.

  32. Thank god he hit Rudolph with more of the inside of the helmet. Imagine if he had hit him square with the hard outside of the helmet. Insane.

  33. Ugly. If Garrett had hit him with the crown of the helmet – he could have killed him.

    Suspension for this year and all of next year is warranted.

  34. If Myles Garrett was on my team I would cut him ASAP. Garrett swung the that helmet at Rudolph’s head with bad intentions. If he would have connected cleanly he could have easily fractured Rudolph’s skull putting him in a coma and possibly killing Rudolph. If you think I am exaggerating watch a video of the play.

  35. If that’s not assault with a weapon? We should be talking criminal charges let alone a suspension!

  36. How come nobody is talking about Rudolph who tried to rip Myles Garrett helmet off first, which made him lose it

  37. For this he should never be allowed to play in the NFL ever again. You can kill a man this way and the NFL should banish him for a lifetime to send a VERY VERY clear message that this can NEVER be tolerated.

  38. In the locker room, Garrett added it was an accident. What part of that would qualify as an accident? Then, on top of what he did, you get Ogunjobi running in and shoving the helmetless QB to the ground while, according to him, he was protecting his guy. Did he go after the big dudes? No, he goes after the smallest guy on the field who, at that point, was just standing there without a helmet. I will give credit to Kitchens and Mayfield, at least they didn’t try to make excuses for that sorry display.

  39. If I’m Rudolph I’m pressing charges. If this kind of extra curricular assault happened at any other job, he’d be fired and charges would be pressed. Just because football is a contact sport it shouldn’t make this any more “ok”.

  40. I’ve never sided with the Steelers, felt pity for them, or been on their side for anything. Tonight I felt empathy for them, and I’m 100% on their side.

    If ever there was an expulsion worthy offence in the NFL, this was it.

    Whatever suspension Garrett receives short of a lifetime ban, it’s too short. Completely uncalled for, completely inexcusable.

  41. That was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in all my years as a football fan. I’m certainly not gonna absolve Rudolph of escalating that by trying to pull off Garrett’s helmet when they were on the ground and Pouncey absolutely should get multiple games for punching and kicking someone on the ground who was being held down, but what Garrett was criminal assault plain and simple. That was a nationally televised game and with the NFL’s focus in recent years on protecting players from head injuries I’m fully expecting Garrett to be suspended the rest of the season, he completely deserves it. Simply disgraceful.

  42. Browns turned a really good win on their behalf into an absolute embarrassment. Wow.

    I don’t want to see Garrett ever play again despite his obvious talent. It’s completely inexcusable.

  43. Considering that Garrett was retaliating against Rudolph, for Rudolph attempting to pull off Garrett’s helmet earlier in the same play, I wouldn’t say it’s the most egregious single game incident. Garrett should have kept his cool and this is another example of the retaliator getting punished while the instigator isn’t caught. Rudolph should be punished as well since he was the one who started the trouble and then apparently has denied what’s obviously on tape of him doing it. FWIW, this retaliation by Garrett, although bad, isn’t in the same category as Charles Martin body slamming Jim McMahon into the turf in 1986, after the play was over and while McMahon was walking to the sideline, and ruining McMahon’s shoulder – that’s the most egregious thing I remember seeing on a football field.

  44. “It happened beyond the confines of a football game,”
    No it didn’t. It happened EXACTLY in the confines of a football game.

  45. It’s a game. It’s not a war. These guys are athletes, not coliseum gladiators. Garrett’s conduct is inexcusable.

  46. Rest of this year (with NO team contact), and 1st 6 or 8 games of next year (allow him to work out in the facility only, maybe?) would be fair to me, although I could actually see a much stiffer punishment. Nobody was injured, and that’s good – but he should be punished for his INTENT – and his INTENT was very evident when he swung that helmet.

  47. Absolutely ridiculous, but not sure where to start with this whole situation. Garrett should clearly be disciplined in a big way, but other parts of the indecent shouldn’t be overlooked in the escalation:

    With :08 left, did Garrett even need to tackle the QB.
    Garrett appears to have tackled the QB late, and it was penalty worthy.
    No flag was thrown for unnecessary roughness (which could have stopped the play)
    The QB was tugging on Garrett’s helmet after the tackle.
    No flag was thrown.
    Garret nearly picked the QB up by the facemask.
    No flag was thrown.
    Not until the QBs helmet is ripped off is a flag thrown.
    After the helmet is off, the QB is still rushing toward Garrett under his own will (doesn’t seem like a good idea).
    The appalling helmet as weapon hit occurs.
    Pouncey is kicking the helmet of a defenseless player (regardless of who it is)

    Plenty of blame (and scrutiny to go around). Play should absolutely never have happened, but probably could have been prevented too. Official was within 10 feet of the whole incident, and plenty late to react. QB was leaning into the conflict far longer than necessary. Kicking the helmet of a defenseless player doesn’t qualify as protecting a teammate either. So other players and officials deserve some scrutiny re: crossing the line (or not preventing the escalation) too.

  48. Well said Florio. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t a NHL player years ago receive assault chargers for striking another player intentionally with his stick? I see this as no different. At the beginning of the season after some questionable hits Garrett was defending himself as not being a dirty player. That video last night says otherwise.

  49. Usually, when a brawl happens in a game it is because the losing team get frustrated but in this scenario, Garrett’s wanted to hurt Rudolph with the bear hug and body slam to the ground. Then things escalated quickly.

    Garrett played an awesome game because he beat our left tackle over and over again. It is crazy to see this game end this way.

  50. If this happened in the stadium parking lot, he would be arrested for aggravated assault. He shouldn’t get a pass just because the assault happened on the football field. He deserves to face real world consequences for his actions in addition to a lengthy suspension from the NFL.

  51. I know he may not have started it…still… no one’s life was really in danger until the point he swung that helmet at another man’s head. An NFL player’s strength swinging a helmet at someone’s head… It is very real that if it connected differently many people could be mourning a lost life.

    There is no way this should be taken lightly. Some people say a few games suspension? Seriously? Any player who does this should be a ban.

  52. As you’re surely aware, counsel, assault and battery with a shod foot is also a felony, so Mr. Pouncey would also be in jail if this occurred under different circumstances. One should take care to confirm that his Terrible Towel is neatly secured in his briefcase before entering the courtroom. 🙂

  53. 10 games minimum.

    I still don’t understand how you can be up 2 scores against a division rival and somehow, find a way to start a fight with 8 seconds left in the game.

  54. As Bill Walton said during the Pacers Pistons Melee “You certainly don’t get winners from these circumstances, at all.”

    I guess a lifetime ban for a first offense may sound reasonable as the prosecution’s (noted Steeler fan) opening salvo in this litigation, but perhaps ladies and gentlemen of the jury we should prosecute hockey players that use their sticks for slashing, or used as weapons? Should pitchers go to jail for throwing deadly pitches purposely at opposing players?

    The list goes on.

    What if a team or player tried to instigate a violent reaction? I know that it’s never ever happened but what if it did?

  55. Garrett should be banished from the league for his actions, he could of given Rudolph a permanent brain injury the way he hit Rudolph with that helmet all over a freaking football game. Garrett’s late injury earlier in the season snapped Siemens ankle, his actions have been progressively building all season long. He is a dirty player and his actions cannot be tolerated as it’s only a matter of time before his actions significantly or permanently hurt a $100M QB . If he isn’t banned permanently than at minimum he needs to be suspended for this year, all of next year and pay a significant fine that is in the hundreds of thousands.

  56. Well, Rudolph was trying to pull Myles’ helmet offf..

    And Myles did hit him with the padding side, not the hard side…

    And Pouncey- punching and kicking, maybe a knee too? Very MMA…

    And that other guy…

    Suspend each of them one game with some biggg fines

    The rematch should be flexed to primetime

  57. Don’t disagree about a lengthy suspension. It’s deserved. Since you want to bring up Kap let me point something out to you Mr. Florio. Not only has skills diminished, his style of play is no longer unique or new. The NFL has figured out how to stop mobil QBs for the most part. Now the bigger issue is his political stance and actions. Agree with him or not you can not deny his actions are divisive. Not only for fans but also likely his teammates. As an owner do you really want to bring that into your system? Also please realize I fully support his right to protest. I don’t agree with it but it’s his right. Also realize that just because you have the right to do something does not mean that you are immune to the repercussions of your actions.

  58. I don’t want to see a guy’s career thrown away over a rash decision so not on board with him not being allowed to play again. But I’m fine with him being gone the rest of this year and probably part of next year.

  59. Bruh, Rudolph tried to rip his helmet off and torqued his neck AND he kicked him in the nads. I dunno, most dudes don’t take kindly to either one of those actions.

  60. It wasn’t the only terrible incident; multiple players ejected throughout the game. The coach is complicit in the dangerous approach the Browns brought to this game. Head coach should be suspended the rest of the year. The perp should be suspended through 2020.

  61. Suspend him for however long it takes law enforcement to investigate/prosecute assault charges.

  62. he probably should and will be suspended for the rest of the season, but this nonsense of “if it happened on the street” has to stop. hundreds of acts of violence happen during nfl games. this one was egregious but still in the confines of a game.

  63. No Garrett suspension.would be justified without an equal suspension of Pouncey and Rudolph. If Garrett deserves to go, Rudolph goes for provoking him. If Garrett is suspended for losing his cool by striking Rudolph with his helmet, then Pouncey should sit out the rest of the year (or be banned for life) for kicking a player (on the ground!!!) in the head! That wasn’t even in the heat of the moment. Garrett was being held down by another Steeler while Pouncey was kicking him in the head! It was premeditated and it was vicious and any fan who celebrates it is sick.

  64. Whatever the penalty, if reduced on appeal, then former players involved in process do not really care about safety and should be removed.

  65. He should be suspended indefinitely. What a tough guy. Using a weapon as a 6’4 271 lbs man vs a helmetless qb coming off a concussion. And ogunjubi what a punk. I hate the steelers but nobody should be suspended.

  66. As should of Rudolph who instigated the whole fight. Soon as Myles wrapped up the cry baby was getting into a scuffle. Rudolph also tried to take Myles helmet off first. After the helmet swing, Rudolph then tries to cry towards the ref, coward.

    Who deserves the longest suspension, pouncey

  67. Pouncey and Rudolph should both be looking at suspensions for their actions. 3 Steelers were attacking him and Rudolph started it. The comparison to Burfict is unfair, as Garrett doesn’t have the same history and he didn’t start the fight. Burfict was always the instigator.

  68. Completely agree. No place in a civilized world, even in a barbaric game like football, for a personal attack like that. He could have quite literally killed him. Banished for life.

  69. Garrett has gotten a well-earned reputation before last night and this latest incident cemented it. Suspend him the rest of the year.

  70. More I see it more I think maybe a 4 game suspension isn’t enough. Would have no problem if he was suspended for rest of season

  71. Suspensions:
    Garrett for the rest of the year, fine him at least the salary he’s earned plus what he’s going to lose. Pray the league doesn’t make it a full year. Pray harder a warrant for his arrest doesn’t turn up.
    Whichever Steeler it was doing a stomp or two, 3 to 5 games. That’s not how you retaliate in that situation. If he had thrown a few punches, I’d let it slide given the situation.
    That display is not within the realm of playing football.

  72. If he isn’t banished for life, Burfict should be reinstated immediately. I realize that isn’t going to happen but what Garrett did is far worse than Hayneworth’s stomp or Kyle Turley’s helmet throw. That’s about the worst thing I have ever seen on a football field.

  73. Most egregious incident since Haynesworth? Really? Let’s just ignore all the times NDAMKUNG SUH intentionally tried to injure opponents. Stomping on people. Twisting legs/ankles. Kicking people between the legs. And most of these incidents were after the play was clearly over. Not even in the scope of football. That’s just one player. There are plenty more examples of intent to injure… which I think is much more “egregious” and disgusting… than simply fighting with a guy that’s coming after you when you’re already being separated by his own teammates. Then when Rudolph gets popped after going at Garrett… he cries for a flag?

    Let’s look at the facts here. Rudolph initiated ALL of this by trying to rip off Garrett’s helmet because he was mad he got sacked AGAIN in a game that was already decided. He failed, and Garrett returned the favor by ACTUALLY ripping Rudolph’s helmet off. Okay, it was over. They were separated by at least two Steelers player. Garrett wasn’t attacking Rudolph.

    But then what happens? Rudolph can’t leave it alone… and goes back after Garrett. And then he gets his helmet back on his noggin. Don’t attack someone and not expect them to defend themselves or strike back.

    Should Garrett be suspended for some games? Sure… it’s basically a punch. But should it be sensationalized because it was a QB or because it’s the Browns who were hyped so much? No. Should other players be suspended from this fight as well? Yes. Both teams? Yes. Is it going to be fun to watch these two teams play again in two weeks? Probably!

  74. Why is Kaep getting special treatment.

    How about all the other players who were cut or became free agents in the last 2 1/2 years. What is the NFL doing for them.

    Why preferential treatment for Kaep.

  75. What could have possibly been said or done after Garrett’s tackle to make him rip Rudolph’s helmet off of him and the hit him with it?! He’ll be lucky if he only gets suspended for the rest of this season. I don’t watch the Browns much so I don’t know Garrett’s reputation as a player, but unfortunately with one swing of the helmet he has placed himself up in Vontaze Burfict territory, deserved or not.

  76. I think the NFL will look at the tape and see what other actions to take. I’m not sure what was going on with Rudolph and Garrett’s on the ground but it was pretty clear what happened after that. Garrett practically picked Mason up off the ground by pulling on his facemask. How you can equate what Garrett did with what Rudolph did is ridiculous. Pouncey will probably also get a lengthy suspension but saying what he did was worse than what Garrett did is just plain stupid. Garrett swung the helmet at Rudolph who wasn’t wearing a helmet. Pouncey was throwing sissy punches at Garrett who was wearing a helmet. Kicking at him was stupid too but again, that’s nothing like what Haynesworth did. Garrett will almost certainly be gone the rest of the season and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets 12 games…or more. His actions went so far over the top it’s inexcusable–yet so many Browns fans don’t think it’s such a big deal. I find that disgusting.

  77. Cleary Garrett’s actions warrant a significant suspension, but methinks the league should review the tape several times and evaluate the actions of all involved. There is a lot to unpack here. Just despicable behavior for men at this level and to do so in primetime when you have the stage as your own, is unconscionable.

  78. Mike Hoover says: “The comparison to Burfict is unfair, as Garrett doesn’t have the same history and he didn’t start the fight.”

    The comparison to Burfict is unfair, but not for the reasons you list. Burfict was punished for the volume of hits — most of which were on the edge of being legal football hits at full speed.

    Burfict never did anything close to this.

  79. So at the moment of response Garrett is being restrained by DeCastro and attacked by Rudolph.
    If he drops the helmet an punches Rudolph in response to the attack and we are only talking about fines for Garrett and how Rudolph should be fined or suspended.
    But now we have to hear about banishment and assault because some QB got his feelings hurt and attacked someone and lost.
    All of this righteous outrage. Should he have hit the guy in the head, no. But is it assault? please. A trial would most likely result in charges against Rudolph and Pouncey.

  80. A full calendar seems right this game was on national TV the entire nation seen this fool hit a player with the players own helmet on top of his head please react quickly and suspend this guy.

  81. When stuff like this happens against the Steelers my mind always goes back to the Hines Ward plays where he would end players seasons with a head shot and a grin. Steelers fans pounding their chests decrying “hard nose steeler football” As a life long nfl fan it’s hard to feel sorry for any Steeler from a dirty play.

    With that said – Miles Garrett should be banned for life from the nfl. You can throw Jeff Fisher and Greg Williams in the pile of those who should be banned from the nfl for life (whether in booth or in field). Fans don’t want this crap any more.

  82. Holy cow. I missed the game but just saw the replay. He can expect at least two games if not four. Not defending Myles at all, but initially at least I can see what made him angry: Mason tried to pull his helmet off in the scrum. That doesn’t in any way defend his actions however.

  83. Suspended the remainder of the year instantly no questions asked plus a huge deep fine and anything else after the fact! He could’ve really injured that QB for life!

  84. Absolutely amazing all these “fans” defending Garrett! Garrett, after the hit, continued to lay on Rudolph and the QB tried to push him off!
    The Steeler linemen were defending their QB, their actions are understandable, in not mandatory!

  85. Rudolph, one game for starting the mess. If I am the Browns owner Garret is cut, unemployed. Pouncey gets 1 game in the locker room. From what I saw, other than one player, Pittsburgh, was throwing punchs at Garrett, one game suspension. I’m 71 and and have not seen this in a long time. Suh was the worst ever and I was sorry to see the Bucs pick him up. Suspensions need to be swift and made so that all appeals are denied after a hearing. This is bad.

  86. No surprise that Myles Garrett came into the league under Gregg Williams. Williams should have been banned for life for Bountygate. Garrett should be suspended at least as long as Williams did.

  87. 12 month suspension. No team contact for 12 months, no practice, not even allowed in the facility. And $250k fine.

  88. Haynesworth got a 5 game suspension for stomping on Gurode’s face. He later received a 100 million dollar contract.

  89. curmudgeon13 says:
    November 15, 2019 at 12:39 am

    Banned for life. We’ll see what is important to the NFL…….
    Over react much? Haynesworth got 5 games for stomping on Gurode’s face.

  90. I’m a lifetime Browns fan, and I agree that this is assault, and at the minimum, Garrett should be suspended for the rest of the year. If he was banished, I would understand that. A statement must be made by the league, and a harsh one.

  91. Mr. Garrett’s track record of on-field mayhem dictates a rest-of-the-year suspension. He’s learned nothing from past similar mistakes. The player who KICKED THE DOWN PLAYER IN THE HEAD also needs to sit for the rest of this year at a minimum. Six-game suspension is a lot of paycheck dollars. Anger management training for all involved, as well.
    I disagree with this morning’s on-air tv sports commenters that the coach is responsible. This was a personal choice/anger control issue and needs to be treated as such. Something in the Cleveland water supply: two wins in five days, and an on-field brawl.

  92. For every action there is a reaction. Garrett just didn’t take his helmet off and hit him in the head with. After Garrett’s tackle video evidence shows Rudolph trying to take Garrett’s helmet off and then stick his foot in the groin area of Garrett and then Garrett takes Rudolph’s helmet. At which point Rudolph is still jarrring and walking towards a player with a helmet in his hand. So please stop with the making the QB the victim in this situation. Why would you go towards a player who at this point has a potential weapon in his hands. You don’t run towards gunfire you run away from it.

  93. I’m pretty sure that is assault. Why wasn’t this guy in cuffs? NFL don’t let the inmates run the prison

  94. Mr. Garrett’s behavior is a symptom, not the cause. Four ejections, 32 penalties for excessive violence & causing multiple concussions are symptoms. Leadership is the cause. Leaders who teach, value, reward or condone reckless behavior are the cause.

    Can you even imagine one of Belichick’s players, much less a dozen of them, pulling this s**t or, if they did, surviving their next encounter with the head coach?

    Standing at some lectern “taking full responsibility” merely dodges responsibility. Dismissing Mr. Kitchens and the defensive staff enact responsibility. The season, regardless of the number of wins at its end, is lost. The team is a travesty. Perhaps it is time to recover its honor by doing the hard, right thing.

  95. Kaep has nothing to do with this. I can’t understand your on going obsession with him. I get part of it is driven by your personal politics, but it’s beyond silly at this point.

  96. david from Iowa:

    It is a symptom, I agree.

    Football, Baseball, (not to mention horseracing) have become very unwatchable because of the time involved and the brutality.

    Give me LAX any day

  97. The Browns can’t seem to do anything right. This should have been a nice victory for the people in Cleveland to enjoy.

    I live in Pittsburgh and am a Steeler fan but the people in Cleveland are good people that got robbed.

  98. It’s the criminal mindset type of thinking to defend Garrett’s reaction to what Rudolph did on the ground. Up until that point would have been typical offsetting personal foul type business – roughing the passer followed by unnecessary roughness on Rudolph’s part. Get up go your separate ways. But to lose all control and escalate to frank assault… The league should suspend Garrett through the end of 2020 season. Give him time to get counseling, do some community service, etc.

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