Odell Beckham: It feels like we lost

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It’s rare that the final score of a football game gets lost in the shuffle, but that’s just what happened after the Browns beat the Steelers 21-7 on Thursday night.

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett ripping off Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph‘s helmet and hitting him in the head with it during a melee with seconds left to play has dominated all discussion about the game. Garrett said after the game that “a win is a win” and that he doesn’t believe his actions overshadowed that, but teammates disagreed with him.

In addition to calling Garrett’s behavior “inexcusable” after the game, quarterback Baker Mayfield said it will take time to realize the Browns won the game because it felt like they lost in the aftermath. Wide receiver Odell Beckham concurred with the quarterback.

“For what direction we’re headed in, for this organization, it just was not where we’ve been going, and it does feel like we lost the game,” Beckham said.

The Browns will try to move past Thursday night in time to return to the field against the Dolphins in Week 12, although disciplinary action against Garrett should keep the topic in the forefront. The week after that will make it all but impossible to avoid talking about the incident because they’ll be facing the Steelers again in what will likely be a charged atmosphere at Heinz Field.

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  1. neither team is going to the playoffs and all anyone will remember is the sickening events from the Browns.

    Garretts helmet swing and the sickening helmet to helmet hits on the steelers WRs.

  2. You yawning gesture might’ve instigated some of that. Just saying. Diva’s never look at themselves

  3. Garrett said after the game that “a win is a win” and that he doesn’t believe his actions overshadowed that</I.


  4. Film shows Rudolph trying to rip Garrett’s helmet off while on the ground. Garrett didn’t even drop in that hard on the play. Garrett was going backwards when he did it. Still no excuse but it really isn’t that bad. It wasn’t like it was one on one and he had control of Rudolph. Still no excuse but that really is just losing it for a few seconds.

    On the flip side, the jails are full of people who crossed a line for a few seconds.

    You also got a Steeler kicking someone on the ground. That’s going to be an issue.

    I’m a fan of neither team. But no way this is THAT bad. Bad, yes but not Albert H bad. Or Suh bad. Or Burfict bad. Those guys are just bad people.

    Garrett made a huge mistake but Rudolph sure looked like he started it.

  5. Aside from a few nice throws by Baker, that game was an embarrassment all around.
    – The Browns couldn’t put the Steelers away.
    – The Steelers offense was dreadful.
    – The Browns penalties.
    – Garrett getting postal on Rudolph.

    The Steelers will likely learn from this loss. The Browns will continue to throw the blame around.

  6. backintheday99 – I can’t tell if you are oblivious to life or a massive MG fan, but you are SO FAR from the point.

    Garrett weaponized a piece of equipment, and then used it with intent to injure. If a bunch of 8 year olds storm your house with water balloons and your safely locked inside – are you going to find a way to injure those who are no threat? Because that is what Rudolph is compared to a fully padded MG. Only think worse than what MG did would be to grab a knife or gun. NFL will ban him for life – for his “few seconds” of not just crossing the line, but obliterating it and spitting on the NFL logo as he ran past it.

  7. Post game interviews told the story. Garrett was apologetic and contrite. Pouncey and Rudolph insulted the Browns and acted like they were some kind of heroes. Steelers are in full implosion mode. Browns have problems but it’s unlikely Garrett will ever do anything like again. Pouncey and Rudolph are huge liabilities going forward. Keep them at your own peril, Pittsburgh.

  8. “Browns have problems but it’s unlikely Garrett will ever do anything like again.”

    Tough for him to do it again when he’s suspended. He’ll be fortunate to be on the field again this season. And if Kitchens ends up getting canned after the season and they get a real coach in there Garrett is probably done in Cleveland.

  9. Leave it to the Browns to have one of their bigger wins in recent memory and then Brown it up at the end of the game that way.

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