Source: Thursday night’s game “was like a bounty game”

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Thursday night’s game ended with an alarming, unprecedented incident, with a player removing another player’s helmet and striking him with it. The full set of circumstances has some in the league wondering whether something more troubling was going on.

A high-level source with another team, who spoke on condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the subject and league rules that prohibit the public criticism of other teams, had this to say about the situation: “If the league is serious, they should fine Browns $5 million and fine [coach Freddie Kitchens] $500,000.  That was like a bounty game.  There were so many unnecessary flagrant hits, and then the cherry on top.”

While Myles Garrett‘s misbehavior will receive most of the attention, other illegal hits happened. Defensive back Damarious Randall applied an illegal hit to Steelers receiver Diontae Johnson, resulting in an ejection — and images of Johnson having blood running from his ear. Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster also suffered a concussion during the game, courtesy of a pair of helmet-to-helmet hits at a time when he was in a defenseless posture. (No flag was thrown.)

The Browns have played an undisciplined brand of football all year long. During training camp, the Browns engaged in joint practice with the Colts. Cleveland coach Freddie Kitchens said after a session that featured multiple fights that “we’re not going to back down to anybody.” Kitchens grew angry at having those words read back to him after Thursday night’s game, insisting that he doesn’t coach penalties.

Maybe he doesn’t coach penalties, but it would be interesting to know what the coaching staff did to get Cleveland’s players sufficiently cranked up for Thursday night’s game to result in an ejection for an illegal hit, another illegal hit that wasn’t called, and ultimately the Myles Garrett incident. While Kitchens surely never told Garrett or anyone else to remove a player’s helmet and hit him with it, it’s Kitchens’ team. He lays down the law. He says what is and isn’t acceptable. And whatever messages he and his staff communicated prior to Thursday night’s game helped set the stage for what unfolded.

Consider this, from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN: “Myles Garrett completely lost it, connected the helmet square on Mason Rudolph’s head. And the Browns were celebrating the whole thing from the sideline.” (Emphasis added.)

“The burden starts with the coach/G.M. and culture,” our source said. “The players are the students. If the players don’t learn, you need to question the teaching.”

Kitchens has admitted that he’s still learning on the job. Apparently, he hasn’t learned how to strike the right balance between getting his players sufficiently motivated for a big game against a division rival and ensuring that they don’t cross the line. The best evidence for that conclusion is that Garrett and others crossed the line.

Thus, as the NFL decides what to do about Garrett, the NFL also should consider whether it needs to investigate methods utilized by Kitchens to get his team ready to play. Although Garrett ultimately is responsible for his own actions, Kitchens is also responsible for the things his players do.

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  1. Garrett is indefensible.
    I say that Mason Rudolph was mad about losing to the Browns, and playing so bad, that he pull an old AFL – Ben Davidson ” Start a fight to distract from them beating us” thing
    Pittsburgh QB Mason Rudolph tried to pull off Miles Garrett helmet.
    WHY ?

  2. Still would like more details; is it all coming from Browns’ coach? Did Steelers do anything to instigate? Not saying it’s justified, but there has to be more to the story.

  3. The browns have been a bye week for decades. They’ve always had that “lovable loser” vibe. Now seeing their fans defend their teams actions, they can go back down in the standings. Last night was an eye opener.

  4. Overreaction by the media on this. Three guys teamed up on one. The punk who was mad cause he got tackled tried to rip Of Garret’s helmet. Garret retaliated and showed him why you don’t put your hands on people. Rudolph started it, Myles finished it.

  5. Add in all the penalties they had and yea, I’d agree with Garrett saying it’s like they lost the game today. Very unprofessional but maybe they’ll learn how to channel their talent properly.

  6. Kitchens was a joke of a coach previously; now he’s a dangerous, incompetent, joke. All of them should be done. The Browns are a complete mess. What a disgrace.

  7. If the the owner doesn’t step in and discipline Freddie Kitchens as well, then the Browns are definitely the lowest form of life in the NFL. For the past 30 years, we have rooted for the Browns to get up off the floor, to no avail. This is a disgrace to every NFL fan. A pathetic franchise.

  8. This is what I was saying for the entire game, even before Garrett went insane.

    The Browns are out of control and something needs to be done before one of them goes Billy Cole on the opposing team.

    But the Steelers haters are all out there panting, “But Mason started it!”

    How? By reacting to a late hit and being piledrived after having been hit late cheap shotted all game long. Psycho boy swung a helmet like it was Mjölnir. Enjoy the league mandated anger management classes on your year off, Myles.

  9. I don’t like to see this kind of play, but it’s not like the Steelers haven’t played this type of game themselves, although it appears they have cleaned it up a little.

  10. I hope Myles Garrett starts banking his pay checks (once he starts getting them again after his suspension). I doubt any corporation will ever want him associated with their brand. He’s lost tens of millions of dollars, and it will take him years to rehabilitate his image, if that’s even possible. Too bad–seems like a nice guy.

  11. I figured there was some reason the question about promoting fighting was asked during Kitchens’ press conference. Word had already been leaked. The hit on JuJu, maybe, just maybe, I could say it was unintentional, but the hit on Diontae Johnson was as flagrant as they come. We will soon see if the old saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” applies to this situation.

  12. why is Rudolph being left out of this fight. he started it by trying to rip Garretts’ helmet off or Garrett would have never went for his. When should a Quarterback ever start a fight in a game. He should be the leader for the team and this game was highly charged with both sides suffering injuries to players. In my opinion this was as much Rudolph’s fault as it was Garrett. and hitting him with the padded part of the helmet does little more than make a statement that he shouldn’t have tried to take Garrett’s helmet.

  13. I don’t put the blame on what happened on anyone but Garrett. If he doesn’t get at least a 16 game suspension then the Raiders and Burfict need to protest. That was the dirtiest move I have ever seen in football.

    It wasn’t just dirty it was criminal!

  14. I think it’s safe to say they are immature at best. Immature as people and as NFL players and coaches. Whether they have commited anything illegal, a la bounty type of stuff, the league would need an inside source whistle blower to come out and say that yes Browns coaches routinely tell players to committ personal fouls. Highly doubtful that will ever happen.

  15. That’s interesting. My brother and I had similar thoughts during the game. I thought we were just being paranoid. It seemed like some Browns’ players were out there more to injure the opposition than to play football. There was also a hit to the helmet of QB Rudolph during the 2nd quarter that was not flagged.

    And to the people on here arguing that Rudolph started it: Rudolph was obviously upset about the late sack, and he did grab Garrett’s helmet. And Garrett grabbed Rudolph’s helmet and managed to pull it off. If the altercation would have ended there, Garrett would likely be facing a fine, no suspension. The fact that a few seconds later he clubbed Rudolph in the head with the helmet makes everything that happened before immaterial. And, yeah, Pouncey should be suspended as well. What does that have to do with Garrett’s actions?

  16. I’m a Redskins fan and have no dog in the fight. With that being said, Rudolph went after Garrett in an aggressive fashion. I’m in no way condoning what Garrett did, but look at the tape. This isn’t a guy (Rudolph) cowered in the fetal position with another guy beating the snot out of him with a helmet. Rudolph tried to attack Garrett while he was held by another man. He wanted to get his shots in too. Garrett should be suspended for the remainder of the regular season and any playoff games. Let’s not make Rudolph out to be the victim here though. He was just as culpable as Garrett.You try to attack another man, he’s going to defend himself with any means necessary.

  17. I do believe this was a bounty game…too many instances of injury all dealing with headshots and helmut…Wow…I agree..a bounty game

  18. keep in mind too that Rudolph has gotten drilled in the head badly this year, what would have been result if he has gotten hit with that thing full on?

    and the hit on Schuster was nuts, (not a cheap shot as everyone was going 100mph but it shows the insanity of how hard they hit) and no flag at all

    what is the deal with this league now?

  19. I don’t recall the Browns celebrating it from the sideline. And if there is evidence of a bounty, then don’t hide behind the “anonymous” label. Come out with it. Remaining anonymous doesn’t help fix the situation.

  20. Even a guy who’s still learning on the job should know that the things that went on last night should NEVER happen. In all my years of watching the NFL,I’ve never seen anything like this. Garrett could have killed Mason Rudolph.

  21. Freddie Kittens is not a competent NFL head coach. His team is a disgrace. Garret has been making late and dirty hits all year.

  22. If ever a team existed that could have benefited from a been-there-done-that, detail-oriented coach it is this Browns’ squad. Instead they went the opposite direction. Kitchens can’t find matching socks, let alone put together a structure that keeps guys under control. They lead the league in penalties and he spent training camp basically encouraging guys to play undisciplined. And now he’s getting all offended when people are noticing he’s a big part of the problem.

    He’s effectively done now because you can’t be everybody’s buddy and let them do whatever they want and then become a disciplinarian. That just never works.

  23. Yesterday was just egregious. The game was already decided, no need for Garrett to engage Rudolph and throw him to the ground. You may have ruin your team’s chances with a dumb action.

  24. Maybe the Browns’ can show that they do not condone this behavior by suspending Garrett today, right now, before lunch time.

  25. A high-level source with another team, who spoke on condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the subject and league rules that prohibit the public criticism of other teams, had this to say about the situation: “If the league is serious, they should fine Browns $5 million and fine [coach Freddie Kitchens] $500,000. That was like a bounty game. There were so many unnecessary flagrant hits, and then the cherry on top.”

    What a coward! He should talk, he broke the rules himself. He should be thrown out of the league. If he wants to spout off, he should put his name on the comments. Otherwise it looks like just another fake story by the media.

  26. Even years after he’s left, this is what happens to an organization that hires Gregg Dirt Williams.

    His brand of dirt seeps deep and takes years to remove.

  27. If this is for real, which I will admit would be a tall order to prove, it is a huge black eye that the NFL really and truly does not need with the CTE black eye.

  28. Cleveland proved they are dirty. I’ve never seen so many headshots and cheap shots in general. It was getting chippy from the get go. I fully expect most of the Browns secondary to get fined heavily, if not suspended.

  29. It became obvious that Kitchens had told the team they had to regain
    their manhood by fighting, and fighting dirty to dominate the Steelers.

    Damarious Randall earholed Diontae Johnson late, and deliberately.
    Knocked Johnson out with a concussion and blood coming out of his ear.
    Clear evidence he was targeted.

    Perhaps he didn’t tell the team explicitly to injure players, but
    he gave them the end goal, and the permission to cross lines and
    to beat players down.
    The players cross lines and played to injure. It’s obvious and
    it’s clear, and they should be held accountable.

    Gregg Williams would be proud that his brand of bounty-ball
    has been kept alive long after he left.

    Browns fast becoming the new Burfict Bungles.
    What a dirty, undisciplined bunch, and it is shameful.

  30. I don’t think any of this seemed pre-meditated. It’s a lack of discipline. They weren’t coached to play dirty, but they weren’t really coached not to either.
    Helmet-to-helmet stuff is always going to happen, but other teams have figured out how to limit it.

  31. no word from the gutless ‘buddy boy’ gm john dorsey. Dorsey loved having the criminals on his roster in kansas city. loves having his criminals on his roster with the browns. he was a lousy bum of a linebacker in his playing days with the packers. dorsey was a weasel when he also played special teams for the packers.

  32. Aside from using a helmet as a weapon.
    Bounties and Illegal hits, Welcome to Steeler football. They’ve been doing this crap for years. Karma

  33. Steelers’ fans laughing and celebrating for years every dirty hit by Hines Ward and James Harrison and now they want to complain about the Browns? That’s rich. You reap what you sow.

  34. It’s worth noting that last year Gregg “Kill the Head and the Body Will Die” Williams was the Browns’ defensive coordinator and head coach last season.

    It’s also worth wondering if Mr. Bountygate had anything to do with creating that sort of culture in Cleveland.

  35. This celebration on the helmet hit by the Browns bench should truly be addressed and fines should fly. This type action has no place in this game but the league continues to not severely punish and remove these type players in the NFL. They pick and choose who get penalized. I think how fast the punishment would come if this was a certain QB out of New England.

  36. Even years after he’s left, this is what happens to an organization that hires Gregg Dirt Williams.

    Last week the Browns should have kept Gregg as the coach….which is it?

  37. Lost all hope and respect for the Cleveland Browns. They really DID lose the game last night.

    Btw, kudos to QB Mason Rudolph for surviving the beating he got all night (thanks, O-line) and still making the tackles on returns off two of his interceptions. That was impressive.

  38. spiralynth says:
    November 15, 2019 at 10:59 am
    Even years after he’s left, this is what happens to an organization that hires Gregg Dirt Williams.

    His brand of dirt seeps deep and takes years to remove.


    This doesn’t say anything about Gregg Williams. Bottom line is he’s gone. The current staff should bring in a new culture. Why didn’t the problem exist after Williams left NO? If the current coaching staff doesn’t teach discipline and accountability then this won’t stop.

  39. The Juju hit wasn’t flagged, but there was a flag on the play for a helmet to helmet on Rudolph . You should of mentioned that .

  40. The bigger thing not being talked about is that Gregg Williams was on the staff last year.

    I’m thinking a bounty system / bounty culture was left in place. He leaves his mark.

  41. All this crying about the darling Steelers getting beat up. Where was this energy when they were bullying and taking illegal shots against the other AFCN teams. But when Burfict and now the Browns stand up for themselves the tears flow.

  42. Why did Rudolph try to rip Garrett’s helmet off? And why did he escalate the entire thing by chasing after him? This is not entirely the Browns’ fault.

  43. I am so glad the Packers did not consider bringing back John Dorsey to be the GM. It’s clear to me he will add any scumbag to the roster, and the decision to hire Freddie Kitchens has been a disaster. He gets the credit for building KC into a powerhouse, but quite honestly it’s Andy Reid that’s held that group together, not the GM.

    No team has been so overhyped and has underperformed so badly as the 2019 Browns since the infamous “Dream Team” Philadelphia Eagles. Factory of Sadness indeed.

  44. Rich coming from a Steelers fan. Where were these articles when James Harrison played for the Steelers. Or Heinz “blind side” Ward. Or when AB dropped kicked a punter. Little hypocritical don’t ya think?

  45. For a team with a loooonnngggg history of cheap shots and dirty play nobody seems to condemn St. Tomlin. Kitchens can be condemned for incompetence but this bs that he coaches dirty play is ridiculous – he can’t even coach mediocre play. Miles Garrett is the criminal here-period.

  46. “the NFL also should consider whether it needs to investigate methods utilized by Kitchens to get his team ready to play.”

    This is a poor stance to take, do we investigate the Principal and teachers of students who shoot up schools? I fail to see how this is somehow Kitchen’s fault just because Myles Garrett is a loose cannon.

  47. Steelers got a taste of their own medicine. Suspend Garrett. Administer the appropriate fines… Pouncey included. Then move on.

  48. “…And the Browns were celebrating the whole thing from the sideline.”

    I have no dog in this fight, but I would like for an ESPN “Reporter” to prove his assertion that people were celebrating a teammate hitting another player in the head with his own helmet. That is an irresponsible statement without some sort of evidence to back up the assertion.

  49. If there was a bounty,then the NFL needs to do their due diligence and investigate,just like they did with the Saints. If that’s what was going on,why should Cleveland get away with it?

  50. Football is a violent sport and the equivalent of car wrecks happen most every play. That’s all ‘legal’ stuff, even if someone happens to get injured for the season or even their career. But all the fake-wokeness for Garrett admittedly going over the line with the helmet swing thing is a joke. Either you accept violence as part of your sport or you don’t. Things are gonna happen when you get elite athletes who are hyped up on aggression and emotion. Humans aren’t AI bots who can be programmed or controlled. We make mistakes. When we do, it’s time to own it, take responsibility and make restitution. Garrett shouldn’t be condemned for life. I pray this incident makes him a better person. You aren’t defined by your worst moments. What happens next matters.

  51. I don’t condone what the Browns did last night one bit. They certainly looked like they were trying to hurt the Steelers. But I’m not going to get all indignant about it either. I’ve watched too many Steeler games where it seemed clear to me that they were doing the very same thing to the other team. In Cleveland, two years ago, I saw Steeler defenders launch, head first directly at defenseless players four different times. Not once, not twice, not three times. It was clear they were trying to intimidate and hurt those guys. If you don’t believe me, go watch the game again. Week 1, 2017 season. When asked about it after the game, a color commentator simply said, “it’s the Steelers” and said nothing else as if nothing more needed to be said. The Steelers have had that reputation for a long time. Remember James Harrison’s hit on Colt McCoy? Maybe this game was the Browns saying that enough is enough. Again, I don’t condone it because I really don’t like seeing guys get hurt. I don’t want guys to have their brains turn to mush when they’re 50 or they can’t walk or something else debilitating, but it’s hypocrisy to yell and scream about one team’s violence against another when this goes on in the league all the time with the Steelers being at the top of the list. Garrett lost his cool, no doubt and should be suspended and for several games, but Rudolph was not innocent either. The Browns were out there to hurt the Steelers, but maybe it was only retaliation for what the Steelers have done over the years. Maybe, in the end, everybody and nobody is the villain.

  52. There are no grounds for the incendiary remarks about the Browns organization made in this story. Let’s have an investigation…. Sound like a familiar tactic of certain types of people?

  53. Rudolph did not start it. Watch the close-up angle of the takedown by Garrett from behind. You can clearly see that Rudolph’s hand got caught in Garrett’s facemask when they landed and he was using his other hand to get leverage to pull it out. You can clearly see that all of a sudden the other hand snaps free. I think it was Troy Aikman who even alluded to that last night. The league will see it and Rudolph will be vindicated.

  54. Browns players were celebrating the final play of a win…most of them admitted that they had no idea what was happening on field…

  55. drocity says:
    November 15, 2019 at 11:35 am
    “…And the Browns were celebrating the whole thing from the sideline.”

    I have no dog in this fight, but I would like for an ESPN “Reporter” to prove his assertion that people were celebrating a teammate hitting another player in the head with his own helmet. That is an irresponsible statement without some sort of evidence to back up the assertion.

    How about the fans cheering the hit and Garrett getting high-fives from his teammates and from the fans as he left the stadium? It is there on video.

  56. When Freddie Kitchens was hired everybody fell in love with his brash no-nonsense approach and the snappy sound bites he produced.

    But nobody really looked into whether this guy had the organizational skills and ability to run the whole show.
    I realize that it’s still early and not everybody reaps immediate results, but on the outside looking in, he appears to be drowning.

  57. To quote Big Ben after the infamous game against the Bengals that left his own teammate paralyzed, it’s AFC North football.

  58. puddytrick says:
    November 15, 2019 at 11:09 am
    It’s football.

    Would love to hear more on this – what part of football is it when a helmet is used as a weapon against another player? I must have missed that in the rule book.

  59. I’m not making excuses, but I want to see tape back to the beginning of the play. Did Garrett see Rudolph throw the ball? Did he think he was sacking the qb? His head is to the side and eyes down. Rudolph starts yanking on Garrett’s helmet as soon as they hit the ground. I repeat, at this point did Garrett know Rudolph did not have the ball? Tape will tell us. Garrett’s reaction was nutz, but Rudolph is an active participant in the beginning of the stuff hitting fan.

  60. Nice article Florio.

    I agree with your well laid out points. This clearly is something the league needs to focus on and address.

    Also, you somehow managed not to mention Colin Kaepernick.


  61. I’m not sure how anyone is suggesting Mason Rudolph started anything, or that what Myles Garrett is similar to anything any steelers player has done in the past. Simply ludicrous.

  62. Overreaction by the media on this. Three guys teamed up on one. The punk who was mad cause he got tackled tried to rip Of Garret’s helmet. Garret retaliated and showed him why you don’t put your hands on people. Rudolph started it, Myles finished it.


    Put your hands on people? These guys literally put their hands on each other all game long and fight hard right up to a point….but that point is the end…it doesn’t end in an actual fight.

    They have been trained and doing it for years and years. Lots and lots of dirty stuff happening. If you have ever been at the bottom of a scrum for the fumbled football you know what I am talking about.

    But somehow it NEVER ends with some guys ripping another guys helmet off and then trying to kill him with it.

    Go act gangster somewhere else….we are talking about football here.

  63. As related to the suggestion of bounty, the most important question isn’t why Garrett took off the helmet and weaponized it. Nor does the question relate to what the intention was of Rodolf when he grasped at Garrett’s helmet. The most important question that should be asked is why Garrett went unprofessionally crazy rushing the passer on what should have been the last play of a game the winner or the score of which was NOT IN DOUBT?

    This was no different than the time Tampa Bay crashed the qb who was in victory formation. In fact, worse, as that game was technically a one score game.

  64. I agree. There were attempts by the Browns to put players out of the game. Look at all the injuries to Steelers players during the game and that was before Garrett. Everybody seems to forget that Rudolph had been sacked three times in a row by Cleveland before Garrett planted Rudolph on the ground. Too much head to head contact during the game from Cleveland’s secondary.

  65. Aside from the two helmet-to-helmet concussion hits to 2 Steelers WRs, and the Garrett fiasco, it seemed like the Browns were intentionally leading with helmets all night. Especially the defensive backs. Suspend Kitchens, the D coordinator, and Gregg Williams (just for being Gregg Williams) for the rest of the season. Take away draft picks. Illegal hits/eliminating playmakers can’t be an acceptable defensive game plan.

  66. The Browns should forfeit the rest of their games and Kitchens should be fired. This type of behavior is reprehensible and should not be tolerated.

  67. If they wanted to really fix things they should raise the fines. The current fines are a joke and mean nothing based on what the players are making. Just because they fine and give them to charity does not stop illegal hits. Get serious and you can clean up the game.

  68. Why no mention of Steeler player Pouncey kicking a Cleveland player
    who was on the ground? That was pretty classless too.

    Why no mention of Steeler player DeCastro who tackled and
    laid on Garrett, in effect protecting him, which helped deescalate
    an already inflamed situation that could have gotten much worse
    if the other linemen had joined the melee to get at Garrett.

  69. It’s all Tomlin’s fault for not conceding defeat and running a needless play with 20 seconds left behind by 14 and no timeouts. Even without this unfortunate incident he ran a play that never should have been called that could have resulted in an injury to one of his players. Was there any good reason to not take a knee and get off the field from a game where the Steelers had already gotten banged up?

  70. pointtwopsiistheissue says:
    November 15, 2019 at 11:32 am
    Why no mention of Steeler player Pouncey kicking a Cleveland player who was on the ground? That was pretty classless too.


    “Pouncey kicking a Cleveland player” Pouncey’s kicking the guy who just tried to club a teammate over the head with a helmet. It’s not just some random “Cleveland player.” Are you being serious?

    Also, Pouncey’s reaction was so “classless” that Chris Smith (Browns DE) stood over Pouncey while he was going at Garrett and did NOTHING because he knew that Garrett deserved it and Pouncey was reacting.

  71. Wish my team had just a little of this type of fight in them, but alas, owner is just happy making money.

  72. When that Browns safety cracked that Steeler WR with a helmet to helmet hit. He stood on the field after the play in disgust he was called for a penalty. It couldn’t get any clearer than him leading with his helmet cracking a defenseless reciever so hard blood was flowing out of his ear.

    Browns fans were booing the call and had no respect when the injured Steeler was being taken off the field in a cart. I remember being embarrassed as a Seahawk fan when some of our fans dumped popcorn on an injured 49er leaving the field. The fact many of you were quick to defend Garrett as well maybe nobody should feel bad your team remains in the basement of the NFL.

  73. For those of you that are…. Stop trying to deflect and blaming Gregg Williams. He is not the coach of the team, and he is smart enough to know that his teams will always be under extra scrutiny. Kitchen’s Browns are out of control, and lack discipline. What the Browns did yesterday, was completely over the line.

  74. I’d say it’s a pretty big stretch to say this was a “bounty” game. The helmet shots were each bang-bang type of plays that happen every week in the NFL. If Garrett doesn’t lose his mind, no one is saying “bounty”. The Browns are undisciplined in pretty much all areas of their game, but there’s a huge difference between reckless play and intent to injure.

  75. I saw last night that Rudolph tried to rip Garrett’s helmet first, but apparently Miles is bigger and stronger and showed him why this is a no no. If Garrett had just thrown the helmet down the field, possibly could have gotten away with a fine and a 1 game suspension, but no, he had to pop Rudolph obver the head with it which of course is totally unacceptable. Let’s face it, with the 4 int night Rudolph had, and the game already won with 15 seconds left, Garrett should have just smiled and walked away.

  76. itsnotcheese2934 says:
    November 15, 2019 at 12:55 pm
    I mean, if you want to get people to watch Thursday night football, this is it!
    I thought that’s why we had WWE.

  77. It’s the culture in Cleveland… Titans Radio staff were verbally assaulted and harassed by numerous Browns personnel in the lead up to the opening day game.

    Watch that game in it’s entirety – the Browns were called for the most penalties (punching, kicking, spearing etc) in a NFL game since 1951.

    You can’t make this stuff up…

  78. Gee, who was the defensive coordinator for the Saints that got suspended for a year for Bounty Gate? Oh that’s right! The same guy who oversaw the dirty cheap shots against defenseless players last night. Probably just a coincidence.

  79. This is a clear case of everybody being involved is a jerk and regardless of who is “right” or “wrong” they all need to be reined in a bit. The Browns are still a joke and the Steelers have too much pride for a team with their record. You both stink. Cash your checks, pay your fines, and move on

  80. moerawn says:
    November 15, 2019 at 3:56 pm
    Kitchens ordered the Code Red. He says you weep for Rudolph and curse the Steelers.



  81. I have long considered the Browns, the Cubs of the NFL without the recent title. Lovable losers, with great long suffering fans. My favorite team has always been the Arizona Cardinals (all they way back to when they were in St. Louis).
    But I have always liked the Browns. I had a Browns hat and hoodie. Both in the garbage now, right where this organization belongs. To see many Browns fans defending Garret, and the way Kitchens has handled this makes me sick.
    First many Browns fans ran their mouth that they were a Superbowl team. Then Baker “the mouth noise maker”, did all he could to make this time unlikable. I let it go, but now some Browns fans are trying to explain away criminal assault.
    Congrats Browns and Browns fans, you have made this team hated.

  82. The helmet hit was completely unacceptable but come on now. The Steelers have been slamming Browns QBs into concussions and knocking out Browns WRS for the past 10 years and then when the tables finally get turned, it’s poor Steelers getting bullied. The fact is this game was so uneventful because of pure dominance. The last 8 seconds was pathetic and selfish on Garrett’s part but don’t blame the entire team for his stupidity.

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