Trent Williams: I will never be a Redskin again

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Trent Williams played his last game for Washington on Dec. 30. He will not play for the team again, Williams has made clear.

All that is left is for Washington to trade Williams in the offseason.

“Pretty much just seeing where I’m going to be at, getting a fresh start, and being able to lace my cleats up and get back on the football field,” Williams told Rhiannon Walker of “That’s just what I look forward to. A nice little break, it’s what my body needed, but in my mind, I’m ready to get back.”

Williams repeatedly defended owner Dan Snyder while accusing team doctors of misdiagnosing a tumor on his head. But Williams told Walker that Snyder was unhappy with Williams criticizing the organization and retaliated by placing Williams on the non-football injury list and opting not to pay him.

“Obviously, me speaking out about it, [Snyder] wasn’t too happy about it,” Williams said. “Obviously, no matter what I said or how I felt about him, just speaking out against the organization and kind of putting people on notice about how things are going around there, I don’t think he was particularly happy with that, which led to them putting me on the NFI list prematurely and choosing not to pay me.

“Of course, he had a leg in that. It is what it is, at this point. It’s over with. I’ll never be a Redskin again, so I don’t have to worry about it.”

32 responses to “Trent Williams: I will never be a Redskin again

  1. Good for you, Trent. The Redskins are a trash fire you don’t want to be anywhere close to, so this is a blessing in disguise.

  2. Williams insistence on have a fairly decent relationship with Dan Snyder even after the fact that now he isn’t seeing a dime from him is what makes this store both intriguing and confusing. Maybe it’s like the DC media has prescribed that Dan likes to play “good cop” while Bruce Allen plays “bad cop”, that’s incredibly difficult to take seriously though. It just makes it fair to wonder if there is possibly, somewhere in all the dysfunction in Ashburn, and as crazy as it may seem to hypothesize, that there is a grain of truth to Allen’s statements. Just a bizarre situation.

  3. “I’ll never be a Redskin again, so I don’t have to worry about it.”

    That pretty much sums up the general sentiment of the entire Dan Snyder era. congrats Danny.

  4. Williams has a lot of money and certainly doesn’t need to play again if he doesn’t want to. And I would definitely encourage him to never play for the Washington team again as long as Snyder and Allen remain in power there. That franchise has become a pathetic joke.

  5. It will be interesting to see what they can get for a 32 year old left tackle who hasn’t played in a year.

    It won’t be what they would’ve gotten at the beginning of last season or even at the trade deadline.

    I hope he ends up walking away and the Redskins get nothing.

  6. After he danced around Snyder in his press conference, being careful NOT to include Snyder in his criticism of the organization, Snyder clearly had a hand in his being placed on the NFI list not getting paid. Snyder is the root cause of all that ails this team. He can change the way he does things, but I doubt we’ll see that happen. It’s a shame.

  7. Good for you Trent!

    Hopefully you join the long list of talented players that get out of the Redskins organization and THRIVE on another team.

    Vikings just activated Josh Doctson too. Let’s see how it goes for him.

  8. Good riddance. When all the facts come out it will be proven that you fabricated the reason for wanting a trade.

  9. That’s a perfect dig at Snyder and perfectly shows the lengths a petty and vindictive person with an enormous little-man complex will go to in order to teach someone how power they have over someone who crosses him.

  10. Yeah. How dare the team not force you to get a medical condition checked out by a specialist. The general reporting that the Redskins are bad and Williams did nothing wrong in this scenario is absurd and shows the reporters just write what they want to and ignore any facts that don’t support their feelings.

  11. Williams should have shown up 2 games earlier and then dogged it. Then he’d get a year accrued, and some money.

  12. Everybody trashes Snyder and his height. But what kind of organization would pay Williams 15Mil to stay home and badmouth the team? Of course they cut his pay. This had to be explained to Williams because it never occurred to him he would be payed. That issue exists on this site only.

  13. What an organization! They alienate the best player they’ve had in the mediocre Snyder era. The team culture is poison and it starts from the very top.

    Some smart, lucky team is going to get a pro bowl level tackle at a bargain price. The Redskins will continue to suck.

  14. And this, boys and girls, is an example of what happens when you ignore your doctor’s advice to go see a specialist. You get all but hurt a stuff.

  15. Final joke could be on him. Snyder fould replace him via the email aft and not trade him just keep him on the nfi list for next season. Until some owner has the gonads to do it these guys will find ways to Bailey on the losing teams.

  16. In this young century, the Redskins have had two Hall of Famish, very highly drafted left tackles. The other was Chris Samuels. Samuels went to the playoffs once, and was recently placed in the teams ring of honor. And he played through Norv, Spurrier and all kinds of nonsense. I think Williams saw Samuels as a cautionary tale.

  17. Williams has made something like 95 million in his career. If he never plays again he doesn’t have too much to worry about and can just enjoy life.

    Good for him standing up to that rancid team.

  18. I’d say we would love to have you in Cincinnati, but why go from one dumpster fire to another?

  19. We dont need him!and you guys act as if Trent is the only LT in the league! Skins can draft another one in April!….Besides Trent will be 32 next year and will probably get hurt next september!

  20. Obviously Dan Snyder and the Native American Caricature team could keep sticking it to Williams, but what kind of message does that send to future potential free-agents? Who’s going to choose to go to DC unless they’re offering a dump truck more cash than literally any other team? They’re sabotaging their own future for years to come.

  21. harrisonhits2 says:
    November 16, 2019 at 10:13 am
    Williams has made something like 95 million in his career. If he never plays again he doesn’t have too much to worry about and can just enjoy life.

    Good for him standing up to that rancid team.
    You’d think he would have used some of that 95 million dollars to go see a specialist about that growth on his head rather than ignoring it and then blaming the team.

  22. It will be interesting to see who, if anyone, takes this old guy, and for how much. How many games did he miss as a Redskin? Quite a few, it seems. Great player when he played, and when he wasn’t hurt or suspended. It would seem like his value has diminished considerably over the last few years. Guess we’ll find out. Don’t blame him for not wanting to play for Snyder and Allen. I mean, really, who would if they were any good? So sad how far this once great team has been destroyed by Snyder and Allen…. Even that Logicalvoices guy isn’t posting any longer….

  23. Welcome to the Synderville Redskins, the most dysfunctional team in football. This team can’t win can’t win on the field, and can’t win off the field either. This team is a public affairs nightmare!

  24. Williams also asked the team doctors if his goldfish looked sick. They said, based on their extensive education and experience in sports medicine, the fish looked fine to them. Now the goldfish is floating belly up so…

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