After NFL cracks down on Myles Garrett, Robert Quinn sees football getting soft

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Cowboys defensive end Robert Quinn worries that the handwringing about the brawl at the end of Thursday night’s Steelers-Browns game reflects a sport that’s changing for the worse.

Quinn said he didn’t condone Browns defensive end Myles Garrett hitting Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph over the head with his own helmet, but he does think the heavy punishment for Garrett, as well as the suspensions for Maurkice Pouncey and Larry Ogunjobi, reflects a league that’s changing in a way Quinn doesn’t favor.

“You got to play full speed, they going to throw the flag,” Quinn said, via the Dallas Morning News. “They going to throw the flag. They make so many rules changes, who knows what they’re going to call nowadays? So you just play and hope it doesn’t get to that point. Take it back to 1960 there was only two rules: score and stop them from scoring. Man up. But nowadays you can’t do that. Charmin, in a sense.”

Quinn clarified: “Charmin. Soft. Tissue,” he said.

Quinn also felt that Rudolph deserved more blame for his role in the incident than he has received. Like a lot of defensive players, Quinn seems to see a league that’s protecting quarterbacks, to the detriment of the sport.

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  1. This Quinn guy seems like a real rocket scientist. Apparently he’d like to go back to 1960 when it was totally legal to take shots at people’s heads. As the comedian said, “You can’t fix stupid.”

  2. It’s funny to see regular people get upset about what happens on a football field. HAHAHAHA laughing at you all pontificating over Myles freaking Garrett.

  3. The NFL is getting too soft. I’m an old fart but I miss the hard hits and tough players. You look at a guy wrong now, especially a QB, and they toss you.

  4. Let’s see Robert Quinn- He doesn’t matter, he plays for the Cowboys, so why are we even listening to this clown? The only thing that is Charmin, is his entire team.

  5. I’m a Dallas fan but what Quinn said is ridiculous. How many people died of brain injuries or committed suicide because of brain damage from that the players today are much bigger and stronger ,the collisions more does he say Rudolph NB had fault in in it . There was no visual proof . Maybe he said something but who knows.seems like Quinn was indirectly bringing the race card in this. Hitting Rudolph with a helmet can be considered assault with a deadly weapon. He’s lucky the police don’t charge him.

  6. Rudolph gets a slap on the wrist . yet he starts the the action . and runs back at MG to escalate the matter . something doesnt smell right about the whole thing. and yes im a Browns fan.

  7. “Take it back to 1960 there was only two rules: score and stop them from scoring. Man up. But nowadays you can’t do that. Charmin, in a sense.”

    You have no idea what football was like in 1960…be grateful that you have a job that could set you up for life!

  8. Funny though, at halftime they showed the old clip of Turkey Jones planting Bradshaw in the 70s like the OU flag, headfirst into the turf at Cleveland Stadium. Then they condemn Garrett for his insanity. So they promote …. then condemn the violence…essentially wanting it both ways.

    Garrett’s response to Rudolph was wrong and deserves punished so don’t say I am arguing for no fine/suspension, however, Quinn is correct, the NFL is soft now and all the rule modifications and subsequent penalties have totally destroyed the flow of the game.

  9. Ya dude, real soft…. now that you cant purposely try to give another man brain damage without repercussion.

  10. One of the dumbest statements ever. Being soft has nothing to do with what happened Monday night. If it would have been Dak getting hit over the head with a helmet, he would be the 1st one howling more fines and suspensions. The only thing going full speed in that play was the swinging aspect of the helmet. Clueless. Oh, and yes the qb should be fined for his part in the play.

  11. Wow this guy Quinn is clueless. The activity that drew the suspensions and fines took place after the play was blown dead therefore has NOTHING to do with how the game is played.The NFL and NFLPA should always be concerned with player safety and injuries, injuries that dramatically change teams playoff prospects throughout the season. Oh yeah and ripping a helmet off and using it as a weapon is a criminal and cowardly act except on a football field apparently. The quarterback should also be held responsible since he charged Garrett escalating the situation when he could have walked away. I guess he did succeed in wrecking the Browns season much like a season ending injury. Perhaps Mason Rudolph. is smarter then we know making Quinn’s point.

  12. I’m okay with the softness of today’s NFL. I’d like to see my gridiron heroes live a relatively healthy life. It’s sad when you see a former player suffering from injuries and/or medical conditions that were caused from playing football. For once the NFL has stepped up and has taken steps towards protecting the players’ health. Robert Quinn can call it soft, but one day he will be grateful.

  13. So PLAYERS demand to be able to suplex other players on the field but they ALSO demand the right to sue the NFL for concussions caused by other players on the field.
    I say screw the players.
    They demand safety and liberty but deserve neither.
    I’ll support Quinn when he, the NFLPA, and every other player signs an ironclad waiver that prevents players, or any representative thereof, to sue the NFL for injuries or concussions as a result of playing football.

  14. I don’t think most fans, or the league, have a major issue with the fight, right up to the point where Garrett swung that helmet at Rudolph. Rudolph, likely frustrated about his play, was unhappy about the way Garrett took him down, Garrett was unhappy about how Rudolph reacted, some pushing and punching and pulling and kicking ensued. If it stops right there, there might have been some fines, a slight chance of a one game suspension for Rudolph and Garrett. Even pulling Rudolph’s helmet off does not seem like a big deal. Slamming the helmet down on Rudolph’s unprotected head is not OK. Pouncey kicking a player in the head while he is being held on the ground is not OK.

    Those actions would not have been OK in 1960. If that is “soft,” then I am all for it.

    And stop with the “Rudolph started it” stuff. That is the nature of fighting, someone has to start it. Doesn’t make it OK for Garrett to swing a helmet at his head.

  15. NFL revenues are up every year and breaking their own records as we speak. I guess their target audience are the people that have money to spend, because they sure are consuming the product like never before. There are all these fighting and wrestling venues that I see being advertised on TV, so there is something out there for everyone. But the folks with money are obviously sticking with NFL football, and it’s spreading in popularity around the entire globe.

  16. So Quinn thinks that hitting another player on the head with a helmet somehow exhibits toughness? How about this Quinn? Play the game as hard as you can within the rules. That is toughness.

  17. One of the challenges that will always be faced by the NFL, is keeping the aspects of the game, that some will refer to as violent, and other will refer to as tough play, aggressive football, and having some level of player safety. The game is not safe, as it is designed. What Garret did was out of line, what the corner back did who cheap shotted Diontae Johnson was out of line. What is happening to Miles Garret is the NFL is reacting to, in large part the commentary of Joe Buck and Troy Aikmen. I think he should be suspended, not sure how long, the Browns are bad, so it wont matter. I think the guy that got screwed was Maurice Pouncey. He was the one who showed up, love that guy.

  18. Two distinct issues & differences he mistakenly tried to combine. Suspension for an assault Using the helmet as a weapon is very much different than instituting rules to protect players during games which have the affect of changing how players make a tackle.

    He makes one point I do agree with in that the NFL should have considered suspending Rudolph for a game. Other than that, he isn’t making any sense.

  19. Football is a sport. It is not some type of gladiator to the death match, no matter how much some degenerates want it to be.

    A sport is a competition played in accordance with rules and under the time honored tradition of sportsmanship. Neither the rules nor sportsmanship provide for or condone the international injuring of fellow participants.

  20. He’s an idiot. Period. This brawl happened AFTER the whistle. It had nothing to do with the game of football. Rudolph instigated the whole thing and at the least deserves a hefty fine, if not a 1 game suspension. Garrett could have seriously injured or even killed Rudolph when he used a helmet as a weapon. In the real world he would have gone to jail for aggravated assault. So would Pouncy, for punching and kicking someone who was on the ground. None of this was football. It was out of control, dangerous and even criminal behavior that can’t be tolerated. As for the game itself being soft, he needs to join the 21st century. Knowing brutal helmet to helmet hits can cause lasting and irreversible brain damage, it’s the NFL’s responsibility to try to minimize the damage. Too many players leave the game with lasting damage that interferes with having any kind of quality of life. Players’ lives can even be cut short. Football is a dangerous game, and players know that. But it’s irresponsible not to minimize the risk. This guy needs to catch a clue.

  21. It becomes clearer by the day that it doesn’t take a whole lot of smarts to play in the NFL .

  22. Rudolph tried to rip off Garrett’s helmet first.

    He kicked Garrett in the nada.

    Garrett ripped Rudolph’s helmet off and backed away.

    Rudolph charges at Garrett as Garrett is backing away and shielded by an OL.

    Garrett swings the helmet and makes contact.

    Garrett indefinite suspension.

    Rudolph a fine.

    Cool. Makes sense to me.

  23. Just for these comments, Robert Quinn should play the rest of the season without his helmet.

  24. I don’t recall it ever being legal or acceptable for a player to bash a helmet over another players unprotected cranium?

  25. He’s almost right. Let take facemasks away and go back to leather helmets too. If we could just get these stupid cowardly defensive players to stop using their helmet as a weapon things would be so much better.

  26. The NFL IS soft compared to the 60’s, when the flags were only thrown after grievous rule infractions. Far too many rules today in the interest of player safety… that are detrimental to the very nature of the game play.You can only protect the body so far without taking away the contact in a game that is a “contact sport” at its very basic core.They do this to protect the longevity of the game in view of CTE and related injury lawsuits. As this anomaly continues to progress, we are going to be left with ” Flag Football ” which very few will support.

  27. The reason the league was lenient on the Steelers was because the Steelers threw punches at Garrett after they saw their quarterback getting assaulted . They defended him

  28. I guess Quinn doesn’t recognize if Garrett’s wild swing of the helmet had hit Rudolph with the crown instead of the back padding, Rudolph could easily be in an ICU or morgue. Garrett’s punishment is to ensure no player even thinks about doing that ever again. Pouncey’s suspension is for the kick to the head… could have easily caused a concussion or worse had he connected fully.

    Have Quinn stop by Junior Seau’s or Dave Duerson’s families and ask them if the game is getting soft.

  29. he’s bang on when it comes to Mason. Sure, he’s been suspended, but when you try and twist a grown man’s helmet from his head, there are going to be consequences. Now, swinging a deadly weapon at Mason’s head is not the correct response to this, but Mason deserves far more scrutiny than he is getting for instigating this melee.

  30. I’d like to know what was said and by whom that started the brawl. I suspect the QB would not seem the victim if the facts ever get out

  31. As someone who has too lamented the “toning down” of the game, Quinn couldn’t be more disconnected from reality here. Nothing that Garrett wound up doing after he got up off the ground or that Pouncey did to him in the end zone had ANYTHING to do with “playing the game full speed.”

  32. He’s not the only one. I don’t condone what happened here with Rudolph getting hit in the head but Rudolph bit off more than he could chew. Tried to rip off Garret’s helmet then went after him again after Garrett showed him how to properly rip off someone’s helmet. Rudolph was an instigator here. Frustrated by his own bad play.

  33. If you look at the video closely, you can see that the QB started this mess. He started pulling Garrett’s helmet. He should be getting the same suspension so that in the future players will know they will be suspended if they try to take someone else helmet.

    I do not condone Garrett’s actions, but you have to go to the source of the issue. This would had been avoided if QB did try to remove the helmet.

  34. implantpowered says:
    “..NFL always lenient on Steelers players…”

    Yeah, that’s why Roethlisberger received a 4-game suspension when there were no charges or even an arrest, and James Harrison routinely got fined $50 just for suiting up.

  35. “Take it back to 1960”

    Watch what you wish for:

    “The average football player’s salary in 1969 of $25,000 would be equivalent to about $175,400 in 2019, far lower than the actual $1.9 million average salary of today’s NFL athletes. To put those numbers into perspective, the average U.S. salary in 1969 was nearly $5,900, so football players were making more than four times as much as the average American. Today they make nearly 55 times what the average American does.”

    I could not find reliable information for 1960. One source said the average salary in the NFL in 1959 was “around $6,000…”, equivalent to about $52,000 today. Most players had to work in the off-season.

    Still want to take it back to 1960?

  36. Note to Robert Quin: The league protects quarterbacks because nobody but their mother has ever bought a ticket to see a journeyman defensive lineman play football. When a starting QB goes down, in most cases, the team’s season is over. When a starting D-lineman goes down, in most cases, you can sign somebody off of the street and not notice much difference.

  37. The NFL didn’t fine people for hits to the head in previous decades because those players were smart and led with their shoulder. Somewhere along the line these players think it’s a good idea to use your head as a weapon and aim at the other player’s head–endangering both of them. Maybe if players started tackling the right way instead of looking for a highlight hit that wouldn’t be a problem. Another thing about football in previous decades–they used their arms to tackle instead of just hitting someone as hard as they can and hoping it’ll knock them down. Maybe the NFL has gotten soft but I call it safer. I think players have gotten dumber because of all these potentially life-altering hits instead of tackling the proper way.

  38. People aren’t getting it. I agree players should be allowed to hit hard during a game, but not to the head . The Garrett incident is not a late hit or helmet to get contact. It was assault with a weapon and not during a football play

  39. kemp13 says:
    November 16, 2019 at 9:28 am
    Note to Robert Quin: The league protects quarterbacks because nobody but their mother has ever bought a ticket to see a journeyman defensive lineman play football. When a starting QB goes down, in most cases, the team’s season is over. When a starting D-lineman goes down, in most cases, you can sign somebody off of the street and not notice much difference.
    Speak for yourself. You clearly don’t know anything about football

  40. Quinn is an idiot. Nfl being soft within the confinds of the game is completely different than using a helmet as a weapon.

  41. People who love the hitting back in the old days and the things that were allowed. Let’s NB remember when Daryll strongly was killed by by NB Ted Hendricks and made money off a book about it

  42. It’s funny that mason is so entitled that he thinks he can do whatever as a spoiled QB and there will be zero consequences. The NFL re Affirming it. He tried to twist his helmet off and then tried to kick him in the man parts. Like myles took it too far, no doubt. But at what point can you mess with the bull amd getting the horns is justified?mason is a little spoiled kid, he couldnt handle losing and throwing 4 picks. He lost it and picked fight with someone willing to fight.

  43. Robert Quinn was born in 1990. So he’s supposed to be our resident expert on what the NFL was like in 1960? I don’t think so.

  44. Gone are the days when you could bash opponents’ bare heads in with their own helmets. (Except you never could do that.)

  45. Rudolph started the whole incident by trying to pull Garret’s helmet off and then rushing him a second time. I don’t condone what Garret did but I think Rudolph should be held accountable!

  46. ‘In the real world’…there are laws that allow you to defend yourself if being attacked, where you are not criminally charged no matter the outcome. Garrett defended himself against an attack instigated by Rudolph’s actions of the initial helmet twist and the ‘bush league’ kick to the groin.

    Not Guilty.

    What if the initial helmet twist breaks Garrett’s neck and causes permanent damage?

    What would you do?

    Especially in the heat of the moment?

    If you wouldn’t defend yourself (even to extremes), than you don’t have a ‘set’ and you should go chase butterflies.

  47. boyzforlife says:
    November 16, 2019 at 9:41 am
    People who love the hitting back in the old days and the things that were allowed. Let’s NB remember when Daryll strongly was killed by by NB Ted Hendricks and made money off a book about it.
    Who is Daryll strongly, and when did Ted Hendricks kill somebody?

    If you mean Darryl Stingley, he was not killed, by Hendricks nor anyone else. He was injured in a pre-season game in 1978 when he collided with Jack Tatum. Tatum was known then as something of a dirty player (he was known as “The Assassin”), but in this case it was Stingley lowering his helmet that contributed to the injury. The play was not against the rules at that time, and no penalty nor fine resulted from the play. Stingley spent the rest of his life as a quadriplegic. He died in 2007. Tatum wrote 3 best selling books about his career in the NFL. He died in 2010.

  48. Yeah the game is getting soft. Back in the day, assault with a deadly weapon was just a 15 yard penalty?

  49. Robert Quinn is my kinda Football player. Unfortunately, for what he has just said, he will probably get fined and suspended and be forced to attend sensitivity training and wear panties. After that he will no longer be a Football player he’ll be a quarterback.

  50. brownsfan39 says:
    November 16, 2019 at 10:22 am
    Rudolph started the whole incident by trying to pull Garret’s helmet off and then rushing him a second time. I don’t condone what Garret did but I think Rudolph should be held accountable!

    1 1 Rate This

    And Garett got even by pulling Rudolphs helmet by the facemask while Rudolph was on the ground. Just pulling up Rudoph by the head was easily as/more dangerous than what Rudolph did. Hitting Rudolph in the head with the helmet could have ended with a 187.

    I am not sure whats wrong with people who are defending Myles Garrett. Do you understand that fights, helmet pulls, punches… etc are things that happen in an emotional game? Whats not a part of the game is assault with a deadly weapon.

  51. Mason Rudolph would have never been “trying to remove Garrett’s helmet” if Garrett hadn’t A) tackled him late B) forced him to the ground after ball had been released C) wouldn’t allow him up after putting him on the ground.
    All during what amounts to a meaningless play in a game that was pretty much over.

    But carry on Garrett apologists and Browns fans that think Rudolph was the instigator. You’re all looking pretty foolish and your down votes prove it lol

  52. The NFL is not a sport…. it’s a marketing machine that uses a sport to attract fans.

    At this point, I doubt the whole thing isn’t rigged anyway.

  53. What a moron. In 1960 it was also only Run, Run, Run, Punt or Run, Run, Pass, Punt….the game has changed, bro. We also don’t allow smoking in stadiums anymore. What a lunkhead.

  54. Quinn wouldn’t last 3 games in the 60’s.. first time he’d want to sit out practice from a back spasm he’d get his ass kicked…

  55. Rudolph who is a bad QB (4 ints) escalated the incident by going after Garrett.
    Why the NFL remains so soft on the Steelers continues to be one of the all time mysteries in the NFL’s long history.

  56. QBs draw roughing penalties all day on Sunday and I never see them start acting like they are in an MMA fight after a borderline late hit/tackle. Rudolph hurt his already poor career within the player fraternity with what he said post game press conference.

    I would have respected Rudolph a bit if after he reinstigated the situation by chasing after a restrained Garrett, he hadn’t stopped like a baby and threw his hands up wanting the refs help/flag. That was worthy of a 2 game suspension right there.

  57. Actually, Mason started it by slamming Rudolph to the ground after the game was over and laid on top of him!! People seem to think that Rudolph instigated, but he was protecting himself !! He did get suspended for one game, but he was the one who Savagely hit in the head with a helmet, which had his head spinning llike Linda Blair in the exorcist‘!!

    People seem to forget the helmet was considered a deadly weapon and could have killed Rudolph !! Or worse, left him Permanently damaged!

  58. I sort of get what he’s saying, though… every time a QB gets hit, every time a cornerback knocks away a pass, anytime someone scores, anytime any exciting play happens, I look for the flag before even getting excited (and it all too often comes a flyin’). Obviously, player safety is top priority, but they’ve gone a bit overboard IMO. The first play of every game is a touchback and a big fat anti-climactic yaaawwwn.

  59. Crazy, the way these browns-nosers make a feeble effort to blame Rudolph when the fact is, it started by Garrett putting a late hit on the QB. If you look at the tape you can see that the ball is clearly out before Garrett’s arms are even wrapped around Rudolph yet. By the time Garrett locks up Rudolph in his bear hug, his receiver is catching the ball and turning to head upfield. By the time the man who actually has the ball has already covered three yards, Rudolph is still on his feet while Garrett has been dancing him around, trying to pull him down. Unable to get him down, Garrett sits himself down while maintaining his bear hug, finally succeeding in pulling him down, banging his head into the ground, You can actually see his head bounce off the turf. Oh, and by the time Garrett finally gets him down after dancing him around, the receiver who caught Rudolph’s pass has clearly moved seven yds upfield on his way to an eleven yd gain.

    So even though Garrett was about to try and lock him up in the bear hug, once the ball was out, the smart play would have been to pull up. There was no need at that point to lock him up in his bear hug, to continue dancing him around and finally bang his head into the ground. The fact that his receiver was already seven yards upfield by the time Garrett succeeds in pulling him down shows how late this unnecessary roughness was. And you can see how Rudolph could be very upset after such a late hit culminates with getting his head bounced off the turf. It’s at this point that all the browns-nosers take up their whining about. But if you actually study the tape you can see how cowardly and needless Garrett’s play was.

    And to top it off, another classless pseudo-tough guy comes running across the field. And does Ogunjobi run to where Pouncey, who is defending his QB, is wailing on Garrett? No, that might take some courage to run to a guy who’s basically his size and could see him coming, even if he is beating on your teammate. No, instead he pulls up three yds short of where that’s happening so he can take a cheap shot on the smaller QB who doesn’t see him coming, blindsiding him, drilling him in the back and knocking him to the ground. That’s your browns’ tough guys for you.

  60. This is why some people don’t like to hear athletes opinions about things because you always find 1 complete idiot talking. Mr Quinn sir you are that idiot today

  61. Seems like the world forgot… this is not Freddy Kitchens’ team… it’s Gregg Williams’.

  62. DAMN you mean I can’t rip a players helmet off and smash him over the head with it, what is this game coming to?

    What the hell is wrong with some of these guys, they act like they should get away with the same things they did back on the block in a street fight?

  63. ya rudolph is at fault. dude gets qrapped up by loudmouth scumbag player at the end of the game and wont get off him. ya ok, same scumbag also broke siemiens leg for no reason

  64. All of the comments agreeing that the game is too violent are prime examples of what was said. You are all SOFT

  65. Or as Search Doug Neidermeyer might say, “You’re all worthless and weak! Now drop and give me twenty.

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