Kaepernick moves workout, says NFL demanded he sign liability waiver

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Colin Kaepernick won’t work out at the Falcons’ facility today after all.

Instead, Kaepernick has moved his workout to another location, and his representatives released a statement accusing the NFL of not acting in a forthright manner in organizing the workout.

“From the outset, Mr. Kaepernick requested a legitimate process and from the outset the NFL league office has not provided one,” the statement said. “Most recently, the NFL has demanded that as a precondition to the workout, Mr. Kaepernick sign an unusual liability waiver that addresses employment-related issues and rejected the standard liability waiver from physical injury proposed by Mr. Kaepernick’s representatives. Additionally, Mr. Kaepernick requested all media be allowed into the workout to observe and film it and for an independent film crew to be there to ensure transparency. The NFL denied this request.”

It remains to be seen whether the teams that planned to attend the workout at the Falcons’ facility will still attend at the new location. What’s clear is that this whole process has been a disorganized ordeal.

75 responses to “Kaepernick moves workout, says NFL demanded he sign liability waiver

  1. Why does the NFL insist on behaving like gangsters?

    Roger Goodell should be fired…out of a cannon…and forced to live in Cleveland the rest of his life.

  2. Why is this guy entitled to this unusual event in the first place? Who gives a flying sheet about Kaepernick, other than NFL attorneys? Stick a fork in it for crying out loud. Sometimes life isn’t fair. Welcome to life.

  3. Of COURSE he did. How else could he declare it to be a sham and continue his victim act?

    And he demands a film crew and refuses to sign a waver.

    Yep. It’s clear. He does NOT want to play. He just wants to play politics. Which is why he’s not playing to begin with.

  4. Well, he had his shot and he decided to even mess that up, after 3 years. He doesn’t want to play, he just wants to be a martyr.

  5. What a terrible move on both parties. The NFL just cannot stop embarrassing themselves by stepping in the messes they create. While Kaep and his people dont really want to be a part of the league and keep playing the victim because they know all the social media crowd will continue to gobble it. This issue was almost dead, now the stink will linger for many weeks

  6. Dear World,

    Colin Kaepernick is not seriously looking to return to the NFL.


    Captain Obvious

  7. Now it’s time for the lawyers to go back and review the film because they are the only ones playing here

  8. The rumored reason for this workout is that the NFL expects another lawsuit.
    What good did that settlement deal (hush money) do if the door is still open for another lawsuit?

  9. Dear World,

    Colin Kaepernick is not seriously looking to return to the NFL.


    Captain Obvious


    So if Kap doesn’t want to return to the NFL, and the NFL definitely does not want him back, what the hell is going on in Atlanta today?

  10. There was never any reason given for setting this dumpster on fire in the first place. Follow the lawyers….

  11. Kap and is practice day are off to a great start. Dude would get boo’d anywhere he signs. No team wants that, especially from the home crowd. Not to mention how bad he was last he played. Kap chose to be a distraction and he has to live with his choices.

  12. Do any of you read? The NFL rejected the waiver typically used for these try-outs and came up with one the agent rejected.

    Kapernick requested a film crew to ensure transparency. league said no. If it’s not a dog and pony show designed to score the league points in the public, why do these things?

    If Kap doesn’t want to be a show pony, good for him. No one should ever have to prostrate themselves to get any job of any kind. That’s just rich dudes wanting to make sure Kap knows his place. Good for Kap to not go along with it.

  13. I commented a few days ago, saying he’d pull out. Writing was on the wall. He doesn’t want to play football, he just wants to cause problems

  14. He should be treated like any other player. Risk versus Reward (AB style). He has made the risk too high. The owner that hires him will lose half their fan base. I don’t agree with that, but I also recognize the reality of the situation. It is a business decision.

  15. Why the rush and special rules insistence on the NFL’s part? Just follow the CBA and usual, customary and reasonable past practice. End of discussion. Oh yeah, hold the “workout” on a Tuesday when every team coach/scout/executive/waterboy isn’t traveling or prepping for Sunday’s game. Can’t blame Kaep for this crap on the NFL’s part. No sir. If it walks like a…

  16. Roger Goodell remains an embarrassment to the NFL. It amazes me that not one owner has stood up and said enough is enough.

  17. Kap’s lawyers should have looked into waiver language well before the day of the event. They are the problem here.

  18. This guy still thinks he matters. He doesn’t. When you get to the point where you will give anything to play football again a team will give you a shot. But Kaepernick has never thought that way which is why he’s in this position to begin with.

  19. Dear World,

    Colin Kaepernick is not seriously looking to return to the NFL.


    Captain Obvious


    So if Kap doesn’t want to return to the NFL, and the NFL definitely does not want him back, what the hell is going on in Atlanta today?


    Stupid stuff. That’s what’s going on. Simply… stupid… stuff. I don’t think there’s a better way to say it.

  20. I thought the NFL couldn’t go any lower after their disgraceful handling of the bogus DeflateGate. But this is a new low for the NFL. They have disgraced themselves and been bullied by Trump with their treating of Kaepernick as a bad guy when the NFL is the real bad guy in all of this

  21. Why is the entertaining this guy and setting up a workout for him? What about the hundreds, or thousands, of other guys who played in the NFL but can no longer get jobs? Why does the malcontent get special treatment?

  22. The NFL handled this wrong in the beginning, the middle and now the end. Witnessing this + the way it has handled pass interference,instant replay, the SB halftime shows and a slew of other issues, it’s very hard to figure out how the owners ever became rich and successful enough to buy a team?

  23. Why the need for “employment” waivers? Why the need for an independent film crew if you really just want to play again? Kaepernick, his people, Goodell, and everyone in the NFL head office are a bunch of babies who have to have all their demands met. I would call this a takeaway from this clown show but I think it’s something the majority of us already knew.

  24. ‘No one should ever have to prostrate themselves to get any job of any kind”
    You obviously have never been hungry.

  25. In addition to the NFL wanting Kaepernick to sign a liability waiver, they also offered him an extended warranty policy for only an additional 20 dollars.

  26. And like I Predicted …….CK doesn’t actually want to play. He wants to appear like he wants to play.

    At the last minute…..he found a way out of it.

    I could set my watch by this guy.

  27. Assuming he doesn’t get signed…the only policy the NFL should have concerning Kaepernick going forward is to ignore him. I support his right to protest…..I can’t support how to chose to do it because it took all attention away from his cause and put on something else. In short it was as about a stupid way to go about it as possible. So I can’t have sympathy for his colossal mistake in this regard. As for the NFL instead of the Jay Z orchestrated workout they simply should have said they didn’t care if anyone worked him out or not and been done with it. I can’t imagine Jay Z is happy. The league will probably start ignoring him now as well.

  28. markg5wagon
    Nov 16, 2019, 12:41 PM PST
    The people that say he doesn’t belong in the NFL take a look at the BEARS,BENGALS,DOLPHINS Quarterback situation.

    The Colin Kap I watched for two years, was equal or less then the backups for the teams you mentioned. Now ad in the freaking clown show the bafoon brings with him and HELL No he doesn’t belong on any team. Even if he had a bit more talent he still wouldn’t be worth the distraction. He brought this upon himself.

  29. Again; conditions put out there by Kap as if everyone is clamoring to sign him. He may not get much attention now. My guess is he won’t get but half dozen or so teams to show.

  30. He has similar career numbers to a guy like Brian Hoyer. A little under .500 win %, a little under 60% completion %, mediocre INT %, well under 200 yards per game throwing. Gets 33 yards per game with his legs, but fumbles about 50% more than a typical non-running QB – an extra 3 times per season or so.

    So based on that, in or out of the league based on talent alone – a resounding “Meh. Who cares.” But based on being professional, helpful in practice and on the sideline, not being a distraction to the team, and not pissing off the fanbase?? A guy like Hoyer gets an A, and Kaep gets an F. That’s the difference maker folks.

  31. I’m with the NFL on this. If he set up his own workout, he gets to make the rules. He did not set it up, the NFL did, and they get to make the rules.

  32. Awesome. Talk about sticking it to the Man.

    I have but one suggestion. Next time, arrange for those who made the trip to catch a special screening. You know, either the next installment of Star Wars or that new Woody Allen movie. The one that was banned in the States.

  33. It seems he’s acting like this is a normal thing the NFL does.Poor fella can’t dictate everything to his terms. Maybe he should stick to the private workouts all of the teams have given him. OH……….!!!

  34. I wish some of you people would get this outraged when a police officer murders an unarmed person of color, since, you know, that’s why Kaep started kneeling in the first place. Some of you have the most backwards priorities imaginable.

  35. CK could have arranged a workout like this at any point over the last few years. He should have done one every off season before the draft – that would have put pressure on the NFL – if he was fit and QB ready

  36. Independent film crew for transparency? Always the victim, I suppose.

    On Tuesdays when most teams bring players in for tryouts do they open them to the public, have independent officials observing like some sort of UN election monitors to make sure the potential off-the-street free agent gets a fair shake?

    Maybe he knows he’s not capable and was just looking for a way out? It would be a great story if he ever made it back, but people seem to gloss over the fact that well before the anthem controversy he was BENCHED. Is a guy who had some success but then fell to a backup role and has been out of the league for three years really a realistic contributor to an NFL roster at this point? Especially when you consider the headlines and focus he’ll bring… while sitting on the bench?

  37. I realize people are inclined to take sides, but I’m finding myself feeling a strong level of dislike towards both the NFL/Goodell AND Kapernick.

  38. You know I’ve read a lot of truly stupid uninformed comments about trump on political posts. But the uninformed comments on here about Kaepernick not only sound like trump supporters but even less informed about Kaepernick’s history and his stats. Especially from his last year. As a Vietnam vet and well read Kaepernick was well within his rights to protest what he did. And it was not disrespecting the flag. So if you’re not a war vet and you have a problem with Kaepernick, you have a personal problem.

  39. The funniest thing is the picture of the guy with the sign WAS THE ONLY person (fan) who showed up to support Kapaernick.

    He’s become totally irrelevant and the game, the league and NFL fans have moved on. He’s now another reminder of what happens when you mix sports and politics and your actions offend the ones who sign your check.

    And…he isn’t close to LeBron star power who can weather that type of storm. He turned something which may have been positive into a complete fiasco and the new narrative is “my way or no way”. That’s not what players, coaches or owners want to hear.

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