NFL fines Taylor Lewan $10,527

Getty Images

Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan said after Sunday’s victory over the Chiefs that he was disappointed in his penalties. He had three, including one for unnecessary roughness.

The NFL was disappointed in Lewan, too.

It fined him $10,527 for his personal foul.

Lewan has nine penalties in six games, putting him on pace to break his career-high of 12 in 2016.

“Before we even start this whole thing, my penalties are a f–king problem,” Lewan said earlier this week. “I am 100 percent an issue with that. It is not intentional. I do not mean to do it. My intentions are good. I am just trying to finish. And it is killing the team. . . . I am completely screwing the team with the amount of penalties I have had these last — what — six games. . . . It’s horrible. I cannot get penalties. I am sorry. There is no need to ask me about it because I know I am an absolute liability when it comes to penalties.”