Nike says it didn’t have a camera crew at Colin Kaepernick’s workout

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One of the scorching-hot takes emerging from Saturday’s Colin Kaepernick workout is that Kaepernick and Nike wanted to use the event for the sole purpose of producing a new commercial.

Via Kevin Draper of the New York Times, a Nike spokesman said that the company did not have a camera crew on the ground at the workout, and that the company has no plans to use footage from Kaepernick’s workout. Apparently, Nike only wanted permission to use the names of the teams that attended the workout.

The notion that Kaepernick and Nike had ulterior motives came from the NFL’s too-long-didn’t-read statement on the Kaepernick workout, which included this: “Last night, when Nike, with Colin’s approval, requested to shoot an ad featuring Colin and mentioning all the NFL teams present at the workout, we agreed to the request.”

Nike, the league’s official uniform provider, partnered with Kaepernick in September 2018. Some thought that the success of the relationship would prove to the league the value of embracing Kaepernick, who sold plenty of 49ers jerseys even after he stopped playing for the 49ers.

That’s the angle that continues to be lost in all of this. Despite the vocal minority that despises Kaepernick and huff and puffs whenever his name comes up, Kaepernick’s return to the NFL would result in a spike in jersey and apparel sales, with his supporters buying the merchandise in droves.

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  1. If giving Kaepernick a job is just to spike jersey sales, then the NFL needs to get Tim Tebow and Michael Sam back into the league.

  2. “Despite the vocal minority that despises Kaepernick and huff and puffs whenever his name comes up”
    This is laughable. Reminds me of a recent election. They ain’t a minority!

  3. He’s doing good work as a humanitarian, that doesn’t mean he belongs on the football field tho.

  4. 100th NFL Season. Gronk retires for CBD. Luck retires for inner peace and until Brady leaves the Pats. AB sitting on social media waiting to explode. Myles Garrett clocks Rudolph which was a horrible look. Now it appears the League was doing a CYA with Kaep that didn’t quite get all the A covered. Can’t imagine this is what they had in mind to celebrate 100 years. What will tomorrow bring?

  5. Who promoted the aborted Kaepernick “workout”? Shouldn’t the promoter take credit for enraging a huge part of the NFL fan base? If it was Nike, their denials ring hollow. If it was Jay Z who promoted Kaepernick then Jay Z led the NFL into a quagmire of recriminations from which it had just extricated itself. The ramifications of this failed “olive branch” will resonate through the year and undoubtedly lead to more litigation. What genius at the NFL thought this was a good idea? Kaepernick twisted the intent into a commercial opportunity that undoubtedly would have portrayed him as a martyr. Whoever pushed for this “workout” should be exposed as the enabler he or she undoubtedly is.

  6. By “vocal minority” I assume you mean, most of the people that visit your football news website?

    I know some Kaepernick fans. Most of them have little interest in football, which is fine, but that won’t change just because he is playing. They will pretend to like the NFL for half a season then go back to not caring about it.

    I also know a lot of hardcore NFL fans who buys lots of tickets and merch and watch lots of ads and have done so for many years. Most of them have little interest in Kaepernick playing in the NFL.

    I don’t have a strong opinion on the matter, but clearly it is what it is at this point

  7. The NFL could end of of this now by creating a social justice warrior team for those players who feel dissed by the league despite thinking they have HOF talent. The NFL can own the team with player salaries being deducted from Roger’s salary. With the SJW talent out there, I would guess they would win their first game in 2051 due to the opposing team having to forfeit because of social protests in their city which prevented them from traveling to Victim Stadium.

  8. This is what happens when you put two crapshows in the same room. You get more crap. Neither is right, and both are wrong.

    They both had ulterior motives, and neither was about playing football. The NFL gave Kap that tryout he had been asking for. The planning was short, and the NFL is much too big to not have had a contract with any disputes already resolved.

    Kap just gave an example as to why teams shouldn’t sign him. The real reason he didn’t get resigned was because no team wanted to deal with the media circus. It was just like the Tebow situation, but for much different reasons.

    I tried really hard to support Kap, but this is one bonehead move too much. I would like him to fade to obscurity forever.

  9. “vocal minority” ?

    As a leftie who has voted democrat for the past 30 years and hasn’t commented on this site in probably 10+ years, I’d like to let you know there’s also a “non-vocal majority” that also thinks Kaep is full of crap.

    He really doesn’t care about social issues and is just appropriating victimhood for himself.

    It doesn’t matter what side you fall on an issue, you have to be willing to call out the buffoons on your own side first. Time to cut your losses on this one Mike.

    And don’t you find it suspicious that nobody has ever seen him and Rachel Dolezal at the same time?

  10. I guess you need to include me in the Huff & Puff group. Would like to give Kap a fair shot at returning, but don’t think it’s his right to do so.

  11. He’s not lying. They didnt have a camera crew. They had people filming it with iphones because they will use that footage instead for the commercial.

  12. Had it been shot at the Falcons stadium like originally planned vs a outside unappealing field, they definitely would of been there.

  13. Kaepernick seems to enjoy playing the martyr.
    Sorta in the same vein as some Cubs fans rooting against their own team in the 2016 World Series: Believe it or not, quite a few Cubs fans delighted in their lovable loser/”poor poor pitiful me” persona.

  14. I don’t care about Kaepernick’s political issues or social statements. My distaste for the situation is based solely on his ability and the amount of press he gets. He isn’t a good quarterback. He had a couple years where gimmick offense made him look superior. Once that gimmick was stopped and he had to play a traditional football role, he failed. That is the gist of his career.

    Still, many people want to rekindle success that has obviously faded into history. Kaepernick couldn’t play at a high level in the NFL at this point, and his stats over his last couple active season clearly point that out. Could he be a veteran guy who could be a serviceable back up? Maybe. No one will ever know because he would never accept that role. He has been hyped so much even he believes he could be a star again.

    Hopefully we don’t have to hear about him anymore. I know that is never going to happen. The stories continue to get hits and hits are everything.

  15. Piss on NIKE & Kap. Will laugh my behind off when Kap, Dave Hogg, & that Swedish kid find their 15 minutes are up &no one cares abt them.

  16. Nike may have gotten a short term bump when a bunch of activists, or maybe just a few rich ones, bought a ton of Kap jerseys. But what about the people who decided they will never buy a Nike product ever again? I have a feeling that group is more lasting.

  17. His 49ers jersey becomes the latest hipster fashion so he has to get a job in the NFL? I would love to ask the NFL how many of those shirts were actually sold in the San Fran market.

  18. Promoters of Kaepernick’s position are usually detractors of the NFL’s position. Fair enough. However, to say that the NFL and or league owners colluded or conspired against Kaepernick requires evidence of, or at least a belief that there is evidence of, an agreement between the NFL and or the league owners to act in concert against hiring him.

    Yet, no one, to my knowledge, has offered any hard evidence of such an agreement; only circumstances that are consistent with such an agreement. But, there are other circumstances, of equal or greater weight, that are also consistent with the owners and NFL separately acting in their own self interest.

    So why would anyone say that Kaepernick is a victim of collusion or conspiracy when the circumstances do not favor one side or the other? There can be only one reason: self serving and biased speculation. Speculation can stir up interest and interest is the life blood of selling a story, even if it is pure fiction. Like myths and delusions, secret agreements are used by weak minds as a substitute for evidence.

    No NFL GM wants to employ Kaepernick because no NFL GM believes Kaepernick is worth the money. Is that so hard to believe? There may come a time when that changes. But when a candidate employee ridicules his prospective employers as cowards hiding from him, what employer in his right mind would hire the guy?

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