David Johnson has no touches, only a handful of snaps Sunday

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Kenyan Drake is the Cardinals’ starting running back. If that wasn’t clear before Sunday, it became quite clear Sunday.

For the first time in five seasons, in his 58th career game, David Johnson didn’t have a touch.

Not one carry. Not one catch.

He played only nine snaps.

“It’s not as much what [Johnson’s] not showed us,” Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury said. “K.D. played really well against them the first game, if you remember, so we wanted to get him going again in this game versus them.”

Drake, acquired in a trade Oct. 28, has 57 touches for 283 yards and a touchdown in three games with the Cardinals. Since returning from an ankle injury that kept him out in Week Nine against the 49ers, Johnson has played 36 snaps and has six touches for 10 yards and a fumble.

Drake said he has no control over playing time or touches. That’s Kingsbury’s job.

“It’s his job to get us ready for the game,” Drake said. “I’m focused on what I’ve got to focus on. That’s not my focus. Whenever I get on the field, whenever my number is called, I’m ready to go.”

12 responses to “David Johnson has no touches, only a handful of snaps Sunday

  1. Kenyan Drake gets asked about David Johnson’s playing time, that’s ridiculous. Kudos to the Cardinals for trying to win games.

  2. Since his salary for next year is already guaranteed, might as well give the Bucs a call and see what they are willing to offer. I imagine if Arizona pays some of the salary they might be able to get a 4th from Bruce Buccaroo.

  3. The Cardinals have obviously soured on the once-vaunted Johnson, regardless of Kingsbury’s dodge, and have been clearly phasing him out for awhile now. These things happen and he’ll need another team soon if he’s ever to be a star again.

  4. “He makes 10 mill this year and 14 mill next year. Another high paid RB bites the dust.”

    Arizona paid him to be a league leader, though I don’t believe that they were expecting him to lead in dollars earned per snap played.

  5. David Johnson hasn’t been that good since like his rookie season and one other season. He’s got this reputation of being really good and since he hasn’t been obviously horrible people assume he’s always been great.

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