Deandre Hopkins calls for big changes in the replay process

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Sunday’s showdown between the Texans and Ravens featured the latest blatant non-call of pass interference that wasn’t reversed via replay review. After the game, the player who was the victim of uncalled pass interference sounded off on social media.

“As a leader in the NFL, we need someone new in New York deciding calls,” Hopkins said on Twitter.

That’s a direct shot at senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron, who currently makes the decisions on replay review.

The reality is that, while Riveron indeed has final say over matters of replay review, it’s believed that he was told at some point between late August and early September to push the bar much, much higher when reviewing pass interference calls and non-calls. So it’s not really Riveron’s fault, if he was indeed told that his intended approach to replay review of pass interference calls and non-calls would be different.

Regardless of whether Hopkins has a point, the fact that he’s criticizing game officials and/or the officiating department could get him fined. Last month, the league sent a memo reminding all teams of the prohibition against such comments. The following week, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and Rams linebacker Clay Matthews were fined $12,500 each for publicly criticizing game officials.

33 responses to “Deandre Hopkins calls for big changes in the replay process

  1. That NFL is a farce. Not only will they hose you out of 7 points, they’ll take a time out and $15k while they’re at it.

  2. Dude. Although I agree it was pass interference. The league will not overturn a call unless it’s an egregious foul. That’s how they have been playing it all year. And that play didn’t decide the outcome of the game. The Texans got totally destroyed today, worry about how to correct that I case you come to Baltimore later this year.

  3. The NFL, their cronies, owners, and hacks who cover them should be ashamed for the farce each week. I know, ashamed all the way to the bank.

  4. One play may not matter when you’re down more than 30 points. But Denver got hosed twice on non PI calls. Down by 4, inside the 5 yard line, with seconds left.

    Worse is roughing the passer.

  5. Not a fan of either team, but if that’s not PI, what is? The defender had him wrapped up and was tackling him before the ball got there. That’s as bad as the Saints game, it just didn’t have anywhere near as much riding on it. There is zero point to the rule change if that’s not pass interference. It was just as obvious and just as blatant. It was an obvious call in real time.

  6. How about fining the “dozy” officials a day’s pay every time their c whole crew happen to let a grotesque violation go uncalled?

  7. What I hate is the fact that pass interference, defense or offensive, is a penalty. So, if that is true but the NFL refuses to use replay to make the correct call, then why even have that penalty in the rule book? The NFL has regressed to garbage.

  8. Is it possible that the criterion that NY uses is: A referee doing his job properly could reasonably have missed the call and therefore no call. If it was obvious and there is no way a ref should have missed it a penalty is called?

  9. So the NFL thinks criticizing the game officials are a much higher crime than missing obvious calls that would affect the game play. That is where their priorities lie – cover up the bad officiating instead of fixing it.

  10. Challenging PI was a farce to begin with. Just a bone they threw to Sean Payton and the whiners from loser-ana.

    Just get rid of the option. No point in wasting timeouts on a challenge you only have a 5% chance of winning anyway.

  11. MDWBRONCO says:
    November 17, 2019 at 5:39 pm

    One play may not matter when you’re down more than 30 points. But Denver got hosed twice on non PI calls. Down by 4, inside the 5 yard line, with seconds left.

    Worse is roughing the passer.

    Sorry dude, if a flag shouldve been thrown it was OPI on the TE

  12. It was a pretty blatant PI. Yet even without it, the Ravens still had MORE accepted penalties against them and 5 more penalty yards than the Texans had on them. Oh and they still scored 34 more points. Move on, you’ve got an even bigger game on Thursday.

  13. The final score has no bearing on how bad a call is. It’s nonsensical to suggest otherwise.

    If the NFL doesn’t improve the situation with PI calls, I will retire my viewership. It’s as simple as that. Money talks and my money/time/viewership will be spent on something that isn’t a complete farce.

    This is ridiculous!


  15. The hopeless certainly can change the outcome of the game. The officals clearly cheating for one team made the Texans have to beat the Ravens and the officials. what a daunting feeling to overcome so early in the game.

  16. I see Ravens winning the supebowl with the official paving the to riches for the officials involved. I said it here just watch and see…everyone put money on Ravens to win. I will

  17. They should have never made PI reviewable. In any case, it doesn’t matter. The Houston offense had no solution for our defense and the Houston defense had no solution for Lamar.

  18. Whether the Texans had a chance to win that game or not, something like that can completely devastate a team on the field. The players aren’t idiots and they knew right then and there that the NFL and their Officials wanted Baltimore to win. The score was 0-0 at the end of the first quarter, so it’s not like the Texans weren’t still in it by the end of the half.

    Not just in this game but many others, the officials even tend to put an extra double stamp on their decision with several more ticky-tak calls against the team that challenges them and usually right after the challenge flag is thrown. This can kill the momentum for any team that is seemingly the victim of the officials.

    The Texans just flat out gave up in the second half. Watson suffered because of it, his line just quit blocking in the second half and couldn’t handle the constant all out blitz.

    In the end, The Texans just need to get in the wild card round and worry about the Colts and Titans, they weren’t going to earn a first round bye anyway.

    That however…shouldn’t matter when it comes to the NFL trying to abolish a rule they don’t want ( by neglecting it ) because it would make fixing games more difficult for them. The NFL is becoming a complete joke and they don’t care as long as they are making money. Burger King will stay in business serving impossible toxic waste patties on their burgers because people will still buy them because hey…it’s Burger King. The NFL is no different.

  19. When it is so blatant it is very suspicious. The coaches are told they will get relief so they throw the flag and follow the rules and obvious PI is not called. If I didn’t know better I would think the fix is in and the guy making the calls is on the take.

  20. As a ravens fan I was flabbergasted that they didnt reverse it and call PI. If that wasn’t enough evidence to reverse the call I don’t know what was.

    Challenging PI looks to be about as useful as challenging the spot – You can do it all you want. the Officials just ain’t changing their call!

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