Eagles up 10-0 after 95-yard drive

Getty Images

It looked for a moment like the Eagles drove an awfully long way to wind up with nothing.

They ate up over nine minutes of clock while driving from their 5-yard-line to New England’s 5-yard-line when Carson Wentz tried a pass to tight end Dallas Goedert. Goedert and Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones both got hands on the ball as they went into the end zone and it was intitially ruled an interception by Jones on the field.

That call was not met with affection by the Philly crowd, but they were happier after a replay review. Goedert was ruled to have possession of the ball before Jones pulled it out and the Eagles had the first touchdown of the game on the board.

The 95-yard drive is the longest allowed by a Patriots team in the regular season in the last eight years.

Jake Elliott, who had a field goal on the opening possession of the game, hit the extra point and the Eagles lead 10-0 with under 13 minutes to go in the half.