Greg Olsen: Panthers were a comedy of terrible football

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Sunday’s game against the Falcons started with the Panthers giving up a field goal and throwing an interceptions, which turned out to be a pretty good prelude to what the rest of the day would bring.

The Panthers turned the ball over four times, allowed five sacks, gave up a punt return touchdown and committed eight penalties while failing to score a touchdown in a 29-3 loss. Tight end Greg Olsen called it a comedic outing after the game, although he wasn’t laughing about how the team performed against their divisional rivals.

“We had a couple of chances for some spark plays in the beginning of the game,” via Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer. “They were there, we just didn’t make them. Penalties, completions for 15 yards called back for whatever. Just a comedy of terrible football.”

The loss is the third in the last four games for the Panthers, who are now 5-5 and in danger of losing contact with the playoff race with a loss to the Saints next weekend. Sunday showed there’s plenty to clean up if they are going to make that happen.

10 responses to “Greg Olsen: Panthers were a comedy of terrible football

  1. Only one thing to lean up. Time for a new general manager and head coach! The locker room has been lost so time for change.

  2. Time for a change Mr Tepper! Panthers need a new head coach and general manager. Locker room is lost, team is awful.

  3. The real comedy is Rivera is still the coach, and Hurney is still the GM! The locker room has been lost so it’s time for them to go!

  4. If Carolina ever wants to be good again they need to dump their head coach and their overrated washed up quarterback Mr. Fashion Show himself Cammy boy

  5. I agree with others here. Time for Riverboat to hit the river. Kyle has been trash lately, but there’s wayyyy too many good players on offense to be getting blown out like that.

  6. Get ready for a house cleaning in Carolina to include Ron Rivera and Marty Hurney. They are collapsing just like they did last years and its not going to be pretty. Terrible performance today. No excuse for it and the blame lies squarely with Rivera and his coaching staff for the poor product being put on the football field.

  7. Sorry, Olsen. But Carolina was not that good from the beginning this season. 7-9 , 8-8 W- L. Is about where Carolina should finish. Other NFL teams have view films on the Carolina offense .And they have made adjustment to counter Carolina offense. The team that beat Carolina on Sunday was suppose to compete for the division title this season. So, their current W-L record doesn’t reflex their talent level. This Sunday, the Falcons just played a better game than the Carolina team. It happens every week in the NFL. From former games the Falcons has pretty much played the Carolina team tough in the rivalry games.I will agree with the fans, Rivera, and GM ,and definitely Scam . All need go go some where else by the end of the season.Carolina should be trying to trade Scam . Allen can be a good NFL QB with Scam not looking over his shoulder.

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