Myles Garrett pulls plug on potential sit-down interview with Jay Glazer

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As the eleventh Sunday of the season unfolds, two guys are getting most of the attention. One of them could have gotten even more attention during the pregame shows.

Jay Glazer of FOX had planned to travel to Cleveland to interview Browns defensive end Myles Garrett, who was suspended indefinitely after whacking Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with his own helmet.

“Myles Garrett agreed to do a sitdown interview with me for today’s #FOXNFLSUNDAY about Thursday night,” Glazer said on Twitter. “Shortly before we were heading to [the] airport we were informed Browns brass brought Garrett to the facility and told him [that he] cannot do the interview.”

A Browns spokesperson told PFT that the team did not prohibit Garrett from doing the interview, but that they instead gave him advice and allowed him to make his own decision. His decision was to not do the interview.

On one hand, it makes sense for Garrett to say nothing, given that he has a pending appeal. On the other hand, Garrett should be concened about the court of public opinion.

On the other other hand (if that’s even possible), how much should he be worried about public opinion? He’s not Richie Incognito or Vontaze Burfict. Even despite a couple of fines from earlier in the season, Garrett isn’t regarded as a dirty player.

Besides, what could he say to erase the image of Garrett windmilling a helmet onto Rudolph’s head? There’s not much of a potential gain, there’s too much of a potential risk. All things considered, it makes sense for Garrett to choose to stay quiet, for now.

8 responses to “Myles Garrett pulls plug on potential sit-down interview with Jay Glazer

  1. Just like Garrett to lie about why he cancelled the interview. Maybe he’s a great guy but this week sure doesn’t paint a picture of a great guy.

  2. He’s a dirty player… punching delanie Walker and several late hits on trevor simien during the first 2 weeks of the season.

  3. Myles Garrett branded himself and his NFL career Monday Night. He will get a second chance and he is a great pass rusher but his legacy , at least for me will be him swinging a helmet with intent.

  4. Myles is a good dude, made a mistake.

    Reduce it to 6 games. Let him back in for the playoffs!

  5. Dude got sucker punched in the face by a “fan” and did absolutely nothing. I don’t understand his actions – they just seem totally out of character.

  6. If players wore helmets correct it wouldn’t of came off to be used as a weapon. (Remember when you played it took two fingers in ear hole and pull as hard as you could and it still took your ears off)

  7. It makes no sense to give an interview now, before an official punishment and appeal. Any lawyer would wisely advise to shut it down. I’m glad the team intervened. Many people in these situations want to air their side, say their piece and perspective and clear the air. But it almost always backfires, especially in the hands of a capable and unsympathetic interviewer. Some little threaded together controversial soundbite gets the headline (and many more clicks) than the contrite and reasonable intended message and what the person really wants to say gets twisted or totally lost. It happens every day.

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