Myles Garrett will appeal his suspension

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Myles Garrett has said all the right things in the aftermath of unprecedented on-field misconduct. That said, he won’t be taking his punishment quietly.

As noted by Ian Rapoport of the NFL, Garrett will appeal the indefinite suspension that the league quickly imposed on Friday. Among other things, Garrett will argue that, as previously noted, the labor deal does not permit indefinite suspensions for on-field misconduct. Garrett wants a finite number, along with a reduction in the rest-of-the-season (including playoffs) banishment the league has imposed.

It’s a tricky argument, one that falls into the “be careful what you wish for” category. The league could react to the argument by saying, “You want a specific punishment? Fine. Twelve games.”

Whatever the outcome, either Derrick Brooks or James Thrash will handle the appeal. Given that Brooks agreed with a 12-game suspension for Vontaze Burfict‘s latest violation of playing rules between the snap and the whistle, it’s hard to envision either hearing officer pushing back aggressively on the NFL’s punishment for what amounts to assault with a potentially deadly weapon.

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  1. Pittsburgh has been playing dirty for years. I’m glad Garrett thumped their quarterback. From Tomlin on down, the Steelers are just a smarmy organization. I’d personally give Garrett a badge of honor and reinstate him immediately.

  2. Must seperate Burfict punishment from this one. Burfict is a repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat offender. And, its criminal that the QB that instigated this tragic event is getting off without being suspended himself. At least 1 game. Garretts suspension for the year is deserved. Level the playing field.

  3. Burflect was a multiple time offender. However since garette is a brown and hit a steelers player he will probably get the book thrown at him. If only he were drafted by Pitt, he could have gotten off with a slap on the wrist like james harrasion and Hines ward always used to

  4. Lifetime ban end of discussion from NFL. Using equipment as a weapon at any other place of employment would mean being fired and good luck finding work. He can go to Canada

    Ps not a Steeler fan either

  5. Remember also that James harrasion and the steelers used his helment far more dangerously. So much so that a steeler broke his neck using his helment as a weapon and james harrison would routinely knock players out cold and leave them concussed. But yes this bop on the head is the worst thing to ever happen in this rivalry let along NFL history

  6. You can’t fix stupid, the league will now say ok… 15 games
    If he kept his mouth shut maybe he would be able to start week 1 next season

  7. Just give him a one season ban – 16 games. Is that a clear enough number?

    The NFL, if they are serious about player safety, should show Garrett no leniency on this. What he did is far different than an in play infraction. Garrett crossed a line that deserves a severe punishment. Criminal assault cannot be tolerated.

  8. Browns fans sticking up for Myles Garret are a perfect example why the Browns and there’s fans are the jokes of the nfl, always have been and always will be. This clown has pushing the limits since week 1 and should get a life long ban. The fact he’s appealing it shows how dumb he really is.

  9. Make him do some sort of community service and reduce it to 6 games (still more than Haynesworth got, and Haynesworth real caused injury).

    Let him back in for the playoffs.

  10. I suspect his reps will argue by bringing up Mason Rudolphs and Mike Pounceys words and actions. Muddying the waters is a classic tactic because many times it works.

    Leaving Rudolph alone and reducing Pouncey’s punishment could also get Garret’s reduced.

    3 Garret, 1 Pouncey, Rudolph none.

  11. Garrett’s suspension should be based on ripping off Rudolph’s helmet. That’s it. I think anyone being aggressively pursued by four Steelers would strike back in self defense. As evidenced by Pouncey kicking him in the head while he was being held down, Garrett had a good faith fear of death or bodily injury.

  12. Yes Garrett needs suspended but the Steeler fans calling for a lifetime are short sighted here. I realize fans tend to stand behind their team right or wrong. All parties involved need dealt with including Rudolph who escalated the blowup by trying to remove Garrett’s helmet first. Garrett retaliated by ripping Rudolph’s helmet off. Then a scuffle with offensive linemen started and Rudolph charges Garrett and while attemping to get at Garrett Rudolph gets hit with his own helmet. It was ugly, yes.Is Garrett the only bad guy,no.

  13. Garrett is a hot head! Week 1 swung at Delaine Walker, week 2 multiple roughing the passer penalties and broke Siemien ankle vs jets, then got punched in face by fan who wanted a picture on the street…yeah he is so calm…..

  14. Lifetime ban from the NFL would be the best possibility for this guy he’s a head case he’s not for the league,I am not sticking up for Mason Rudolph but he did not deserve this,
    The league needs to make a statement this could’ve killed this kid

  15. Garrett needs to be suspended, no question. But so should Rudolf. He tried to rip Garretts helmet off, kicked him in the groin, then punched him in the groin, all before he got plunked in the head with his own helmet. Look at the tape, it’s all there.

  16. the biggest thing is the NFL and the NFLPA are in a contract negotiation. I suspect the NFL will want this swept under the rug quickly by lowering the suspensions.

  17. Good. Hopefully this nonsense ends and it’s moved down to a more appropriate 4 game sentence and he’s allowed back end of season. Rudolph had a lot to do with that whole situation.

  18. It doesn’t matter what Rudolph did using a helmet as a weapon has no place in the game….period end of story. If Rudolph being punished makes you feel better I am fine with it but Garrett needs to change before he hurts someone….imagine if it was Brady……some would cheer even…but the uproar would be gigantic……fanboys would lose their minds.

  19. The correct comparison is Albert Haynseworth;s gouging of a player’head with his cleat spikes after a play. That was 5 games and considered Haynseworth’s significant prior history.

  20. Unbiased look at tape, Garrett hit Rudolph after pass is thrown. Garrett continues to drive Rudolph to the ground and lay on top of him. Rudolph then tries to push him off, grabbing and trying to push him off. Garrett then gets up, rips off helmet. Steeler linemen come to the defense of the QB and begin to push Garrett back. Rudolph chases after him to yell and gat his helmet back. Garrett hits him , then Pouncey goes full mma on Garrett!
    Seems that, if Garrett gets off Rudolph right away, fight doesn’t occur! …but, Steeler haters and browns fans will continue to condone Garrett’s swinging of the helmet!

  21. Garrett reacted the way he did for the exact same reason Rudolph did, he was mad, plain, pure and simple. No one involved is blameless. Rudolph should get a significant fine, possibly a one game suspension, not for pulling the helmet, but for escalating the situation after his own helmet was pulled off. None of these guys are bad guys, if they were in control of themselves, it would not have happened. But, at the same time, the helmet swing, when it hit the mark, crossed a line that you just can’t cross. Does he deserve a lifetime ban? Heck no.

  22. There should be a de facto suspension as a result of the several months Garrett should serve in prison. Regardless of what else happened in the game, or due to a lack of sportsmanship on either side, this was a criminal act. Let’s not let football get in the way of that fact. Perhaps there have been other previous acts by other players that could have also been criminal. To the degree that’s so, it should anger everyone. But those cases, even if comparable, should not be used to try and justify or excuse the present one.

  23. For those of you say Garrett “drove Rudolph to the ground” are flat out morons. The red even made a statement saying it wasn’t roughing the passer because he actually laid him down. And he laid him down like putting a baby to bed. That was it. And I am a Browns fan and I do agree with the 6 game suspension, but he should be able to come back week 1 next season. He made a mistake. The guy is actually a quiet mild mannered person. Just because he has some roughing the passer penalties in his past means nothing. That’s part of the game now. It happens too much because of all these rule changes. And as for Rudolph, he is honestly just a little punk, and he proved it at the press conference. He will get his eventually from someone else, if his career even lasts long enough.

  24. Trefoil3 and all you others, including the ESPN morons, it is NOT a criminal act by law. By law, Rudolph actually attacked him. Once again, not condoning the act by Garrett, but in a court of law, he defended himself, period! Go ask any attorney, they will tell you the same thing. I have had a few tell me that already.

  25. All of these comments acting like Rudolph was innocent or right in his actions and Garrett ruthlessly attacked him are hilarious and sad at the same time. Not only did Garrett sack Rudolph legally, he did so by pulling Rudolph to the ground with himself underneath and hitting the ground instead of Rudolph. Rudolph had no reason other than being a sore loser to go after Garrett. Yes Rudolph was the aggressor, he tried to get Garrett’s helmet off, had his hand all up in his facemask, and kicked him in the groin. Yes as Garrett broke free he did grab Rudolph’s helmet and rip it off. But that was it, he didn’t then lunge for Rudolph, nor did he resist or fight against Rudolph’s teammates pushing him away, instead he moved with them backwards and away from Rudolph. Yes he was twisting to watch his back, and for good reason. It was Rudolph who persued Garrett. Rudolph who started the fight, Rudolph who pursued the fight, Rudolph who was the aggressor and Rudolph who attacked Garrett. Should Garrett have swung the helmet, no. But come on, not only had he already taken enough of Rudolph’s crap, he had 2 Steelers on him when Rudolph came after him, his arm without the helmet had a Steelers player on it as well as was the side Rudolph came at. So he swung with his free arm that happened to have the helmet. Again this whole fight happened rather quickly so we’re talking instinctive reactions. Not to mention let’s not lie to ourselves here, no one would be standing after being hit in the head full force with a helmet by a defensive football player and Rudolph not only didn’t drop, he didn’t even stumble. Which should be obvious to anyone with any sense that Garrett didn’t swing that helmet with much force let alone with a lot of or all his force. Its obvious he wasn’t the aggressor, he wasn’t the attacker and its obvious he wasn’t trying to cause harm let alone serious injury. He was on the defensive the entire time except for when he ripped Rudolph’s helmet off. You guys are talking about burying a guy that was passive until pushed into the position of defense. He does not deserve to never say again, he did not shame the sport, he did not act maliciously. Not to mention Garrett didn’t shy away from taking responsibility for his behavior, he didn’t try to justify or defend his actions, he didn’t try to turn the tables by pointing out Rudolph’s actions. Instead he owned it, he admitted his fault and apologized for his bad judgment and reaction. Rudolph on the other hand only slanderized Garrett and the Browns, he didn’t admit to any fault on his part, took no responsibility for his actions, didn’t apologize for his behavior, showed absolutely no remorse and smirked the entire time. No one from the Steelers organization made any statements apologizing for the actions of thier players, they didn’t acknowledge any misconduct on thier part, they didn’t discourage or speak against the behavior and actions of thier QB. Yet he gets off with possibly a fine while Garrett gets an indefinite suspension and demonized. Garrett deserves a few games suspension and a fine. Rudolph deserves the same. That’s even and fair penalizing for both parties involved!

  26. Garrett’s appeal is that Rudolph’s head got in the way when Garrett was attempting to return the helmet to him. It has all just been a big misunderstanding.

  27. It’s amazing the way Garrett supporters blame Rudolph and ignore the fact he was being lifted off the ground by his helmet.

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