Sam Darnold throws four touchdowns in 34-17 Jets win

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The Jets have played all four NFC East teams this season and the results of those games may have them wishing that they were playing in the other conference.

Sam Darnold threw four touchdowns for the first time in his NFL career in a 34-17 win that comes a week after they beat the Giants 34-27 at MetLife Stadium. They’ve also beaten the Cowboys this season, so all three of their wins have come in interconference play.

This win was never really in doubt as the Jets scored on their first possession of the day and then extended their lead to 13-0 before Washington kicked a field goal. They would run that lead all the way to 34-3 before Washington scored its first touchdown since the third quarter of Week Six with 10 minutes left to play in the game.

That touchdown was the first that Dwayne Haskins has thrown in the NFL and they drove for another score after the two-minute warning. He threw an interception, was sacked six times — Jets safety Jamal Adams had three of them to give him five in the last two weeks — and 86 of his 214 passing yards came on two plays when the outcome wasn’t in doubt, but at least there was something to grow on at the end.

Darnold threw a bad interception in the first half, but otherwise turned in as sharp a performance as we’ve seen over his first two seasons. He was 19-of-30 for 293 yards and consistently found tight end Ryan Griffin and wide receiver Jamison Crowder to keep drives moving. Griffin had two touchdowns and a career-high 109 receiving yards while Crowder caught his third touchdown of the year.

There are no NFC East teams left for the Jets to play, so they’ll move on to host the Raiders next Sunday. Washington will host the Lions in a bid for Haskins’s first win as a starter and the team’s second win of the year.

15 responses to “Sam Darnold throws four touchdowns in 34-17 Jets win

  1. Darnold played great that interception wasn’t even his fault Montgomery didn’t even try to catch the ball he let it go right over his head. Should he have thrown it no but the kid is going to be really good and he is only 22.

  2. I can’t throw well beyond twent yards and thos have to be rainbows but I’m pretty sure I could of thrown at least 1 touchdown against that awfully coached secondary 😀

  3. The Redskins look very very bad. Haskins does not seem ready to throw the ball downfield. You expect rookies to do dumb stuff, but he has yet to show potential. Two fumbles today during exchange and hand off. Took team out of field goal range on foolish sack. Threw a pick in his own red zone.

  4. Baby steps for Haskins.
    Couple tds – step
    Couple more tds next week – step
    Maybe have the lead for a minute – step
    Game w no picks – step
    Close game – step

    Thats about all they can hope for this year. Let him get in sync w receivers and crew. Hit the ground running next year.
    Of course if he sucks, which he might, whole diff conversation.

  5. So sad to see what Snyder and his mini-me, Allen, have done to this once proud franchise. From multiple Superbowl champs to the team every other team counts as an automatic win. Way to go, Snyder. Hope you’re real proud of your sorry ownership….

  6. Mark Sanchez 2.0 continues to shine against inferior competition.
    The Jets beat the Cowboys and Sam Darnold was awarded AFC Offensive Player of the Week. The Cowboys are in first place in their division.

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