Sunday Night wrap-up: Rams survive an ugly one against Bears

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The Rams have a lot of money invested in Jared Goff, but they don’t ask very much of him.

The Rams quarterback wasn’t prolific, but was at least timely in a 17-7 win over the Bears.

Goff’s stat line was kind of ridiculous to look at. He was 11-of-18 for 173 yards, with an interception. That’s not what they were buying with the four-year, $134 million extension he signed in September.

The Rams kept Bears pass-rusher Khalil Mack from taking over the game by taking him out of it. By going run-heavy early, Mack and the Bears’ pass defense didn’t have a chance to make any game-changing plays — which they needed since their offense wasn’t much help.

Sunday, the Rams were willing to shorten the game, keeping the ball in the hands of Todd Gurley (25 carries for 97 yards and three catches for 36 yards).

Gurley is also well-paid, but the allocation of funds was less important than simply surviving an ugly game — which could be the sign of even uglier things for the Bears (keep reading).

Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:

1. Ryan Pace was wrong. Deeply, painfully, terribly wrong.

It seems almost comical now, a farce, too ridiculous to believe. But the Bears General Manger traded four things (his first-, third-, and fourth-round picks in 2017 and his 2018 third-rounder) so he could move from third to second in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Then he took quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

Later in that first round, other, better teams took Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

It was a football Steve Bartman kind of move, done with good intentions but going 180 degrees from correct in a hurry.

Pace has made many other bold moves as G.M. that actually worked. Taking advantage of the Raiders’ tightfistedness to land Mack was a positive. He has put together an otherwise competitive team. But he’ll be defined by his quarterback call, and he missed it as badly as it could be missed.

Journeyman Chase Daniel replaced Trubisky late in the game, and unless Trubisky has an injury we don’t know about, it’s a very bad sign for the Bears. Or, even if he does, really.

2. The Rams were able to do big things on offense in recent years for reasons beyond Sean McVay’s brilliance.

One of the factors they miss the most this year is continuity up front.

They started what amounted to the same lines throughout the 2017 and 2018 seasons, swapping out Austin Blythe for right guard Jamon Brown in 2018.

This year, there has been nothing resembling stability.

Left guard Rodger Saffold left in free agency, and center John Sullivan was released. They thought they had replacements in place with Joseph Noteboom and Brian Allen, but they’re on injured reserve now.

They traded for failed Browns second-rounder Austin Corbett to play left guard now, moved Blythe to the middle, and started a pair of rookies on the right side of the line Sunday (right guard David Edwards and right tackle Bobby Evans).

It’s still clearly a work in progress, but they were able to run the ball well enough to get by.

3. Then again, being without wide receivers Brandin Cooks (concussion) and Robert Woods (personal) didn’t help.

But at least they got it to Cooper Kupp this week.

After he was shut out by the Steelers last week (with no receptions on four targets), Kupp had the big play of the first half, a 50-yard reception which was initially ruled a touchdown but later spotted at the Bears’ 1-yard line on review.

4. It’s not Eddy Pineiro‘s fault, he’s just the poor devil who survived the offseason to become the Bears kicker.

He missed a pair of field goals in the first half, which left him 3-of-his-last-7. He also missed an extra point last week.

It’s hard to believe that the Bears would have such problems, given the completely normal way they treated the position this offseason.

In an effort to not let Cody Parkey‘s playoff miss linger, the Bears made it the most identifiable part of their offseason, bringing in kickers by the busload during minicamps, and using gimmicks like the “Augusta silence” during practice to create a little artificial pressure.

What it created was a sideshow, and it didn’t yield a result that would have been any different from just picking one and going with him until he misses, and then firing him and hiring another one. Sometimes football coaches overcomplicate things.

5. The Bears’ most consistent offensive player was often someone who works for the Rams, in all three phases.

There were several junctures in the game in which Rams penalties led to conversions which kept drives going, or took points off the board.

From a defensive offside on a punt by Malcolm Brown in the first quarter, to a defensive holding on Troy Hill which negated a third-down sack in the fourth quarter, the Rams gave the Bears far too many chances.

Then when the Rams had a chance to put the game away, an illegal formation penalty took a 51-yard touchdown pass off the board.

They don’t have enough margin of error to make those kids of mistakes against other teams. They were fortunate to be playing a team that can’t score.

53 responses to “Sunday Night wrap-up: Rams survive an ugly one against Bears

  1. Another UGLY NFL primetime game. There are too many bad teams with mediocre to less than average players on the field. And the leagues says a 17 game schedule is the answer? Too many teams barely have enough healthy serviceable players for 16 games. Clock is ticking on NFL.

  2. There’s no such thing as a good football game anymore. If all you care about is your team winning, you watch, if you want to see a good football game, you watch soccer.

  3. This was the worst game of this season… since the opening night game between Bears and Packers. I wonder what’s the common theme there. Hmm.

  4. It’s games like these they should use to torture prisoners in Gitmo Bay. Man, that was rough. Bears are pathetic, just pathetic.

  5. I guess there are times when no amount of sarcasm communicates how you feel about your team. This is one of those times. Can we play Detroit on Monday instead of the 28th?

  6. Trubisky may not even be better than most of the league’s backups. The real question is, was Nagy exposed as well? My opinion is yes and I wouldn’t blame the Bears if they completely cleaned house at the end of the year.
    Ryan Pace should never work in the league again for thinking Trubisky was the best QB of that class or any good at all.

  7. No offensive line and no tight ends. Pace and Nagy should be fired before leaving LA. Jordan Howard must be smiling tonight, he’s still the best RB the Bears have had in the last 2 years. Think they could have used him tonight? Nagy running the option on 3rd and 1? Collinworth can rag Trubisky for pitching it too fast but Matthews was right on top of him – that is a college play, no use for it in the NFL, should never have been called. Looking forward to the next regime, this one has failed.

  8. Nagy and mcvay prowling the sidelines acting like offensive geniuses, secretly covering their mouths behind their pathetic laminated play cards…

  9. Aquqamancer, Nagy was exposed mid-way through last season, point production went down from there. He won’t put Daniel in because it will prove it’s not all Trubisky, his offense stinks. Won’t even get an OC job after the Bears can him.

  10. No QB is worth that money. It’s a league full of adequate QBs. Payton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are the lasts of a dying breed. The lack of great QBs is what is allowing teams that have no business being in the playoff picture be in the playoff picture. The rule changes is what allows these adequate QBs to have good numbers. Numbers inflated by rules that benefit offense. Look at how many back ups and rookies come in and look good. It’s a mirage. Many of these guys are peaking early in their career, then we spend the next handful of years saying “I don’t know what he needs to do to get back on track, but he seems to have regressed” They’re not developing like they used to. They’re relying on pure athleticism and/or arm strength. Why do you thing Brees and Brady have been able to remain top QBs? They can run and execute an offense. They can anticipate and read defenses, they can throw receivers open. They can throw the ball to a spot and know the receiver will get his head around in time. I think overall the art of true quarterbacking is being lost and watered down. With that being said, there are some great looking prospects out there, but not many, if any, great quarterbacks (other than the old heads) at this very moment.

  11. Deshaun Watson was such an obvious pick in that draft. Pace suffered from smartest man in the room syndrome.

  12. How on earth do you make it to the NFL as a QB without being able to throw to an entire side of the field? And Nagy drops him back to throw it 32 times a game? The defense isn’t as good as it was last year and I chalk that up, in large part, to losing Fangio.

    The Bears need to clean house. Show Pace, Nagy and Trubisky the door and start over.

  13. Well Trubiskey stinks it up again. Virginia and George should have a wonderful flight home tonight. I hope their decision to hire Pace didn’t set the Bears back 10 years.

  14. Mack trade is the least of the problems the Bears have. Biggest problem is what Pace does with those high picks they gave for Mack – Kevin White, Floyd, Trubisky, Shaheen, etc.

  15. Get Nagy, Pace and Trubisky out of here. Its been dumb move after dumb move for Pace. Traded a bunch of picks to move from #3 to #2? Plus he got rid of Jeffery, Gould and Howard. Nagy is supposedly an OC? He stinks. Poor Trubisky, maybe he cold have been better under someone like Andy Reid, but too late for that now, he stinks.

    These guys make me miss the days of Lovie Smith, Jerry Angelo and Orton/Grossman.

  16. What in the world EVER convinced the Bears that Trubisky, who had very, very limited experience as a college starter, was the guy for them? That’s the question for which the ghost of George Halas, Mrs. McCaskey and Bears fans should be demanding an answer.

  17. Mahomes would’ve had the Bears up 14-0 after the two early defensive takeaways. Trubisky is “injured” all right…in the brain. He didn’t draft himself but wow is this bad.

    I was actually rooting for Mahomes and the Chiefs to absolutely torch the Bears when they come into Soldier Field and then give the game ball to Pace. However, it is appearing it won’t even be necessary. Is there seriously any Trubustky apologists anymore?

  18. Remember when the media was telling us the Bears fleeced the Raiders in the Mack deal? And Mack would transform the Bear defense into the 85 Bears and a Super Bowl run? Good times.

  19. Glad that Mrs. McCaskey is looking great at 97. Unfortunately many on her team are playing like they are 97.

  20. “Pace has made many other bold moves as G.M. that actually worked. Taking advantage of the Raiders’ tightfistedness to land Mack was a positive.”

    The Rams took Khalil Mack out of the game by going to the run early. The Bears are learning what the Raiders already knew, that Khalil Mack by himself isn’t going to be the difference maker. By getting draft picks and cap space, the Raiders were able to land Josh Jacobs and sign Trent Brown, among other things, and they still have the Bears #1 pick in next years draft to continue the rebuild. Meanwhile, the Bears are stuck in cap hell with no #1 pick. The Raiders had the foresight to see the bigger picture.

  21. If the Bears had an NFL offensive line, Trubitsky would be a hell of a lot better. Whitehair is their only NFL player. where did they get those guys.

  22. The Rams were a one hit wonder. Goff is a fraud and will never win another playoff game in his career. Rams made a horrible mistake paying him as they are going to be stuck with a below average QB for years as a result (unless they can sucker John Elway into trading for him). Rams miss the playoffs entirely this year.

  23. Are they going to try out 47 different kickers next off season? Have them try to kick it from every yardage he missed?

  24. Enjoy Rams. The MVP and his DEFENSE is coming to LA to show you what a Great offense with legit 1st round qb can do.

  25. Ryan Pace won an executive of the year last year. John Schneider (seahawks) has yet to win one. That is hilarious.

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