Texans don’t get blatant pass interference after challenge


Al Riveron has changed only a handful of pass interference challenges this season. He didn’t overturn one that even former referee and now CBS rules analyst Gene Steratore said was clear and obvious.

It was, in fact, clear and obvious to everyone except the officials on the field and the NFL’s supervisor of officials.

It begs the question: Why did they even expand replay to include pass interference?

On fourth-and-two from the Baltimore 33, Deshaun Watson threw deep to DeAndre Hopkins. Marlon Humphrey wrapped Hopkins with his hand and then about tackled him before the ball arrived.

It was as obvious as the one in the NFC Championship Game.

Bill O’Brien threw his red flag, challenging for defensive pass interference.

Riveron left the non-call on the field stand.

Both teams have missed scoring chances, with the Texans turning the ball over on a fumble and on downs after twice getting across midfield and Justin Tucker missing a 43-yard field goal and the Texans stopping a fake field goal after the Ravens crossed midfield twice.

20 responses to “Texans don’t get blatant pass interference after challenge

  1. On the most blatant example of PI you’ll ever see, the NFL refuses to reverse the call. If the NFL won’t reverse this, they won’t reverse anything. They’re not taking this rule seriously. Perhaps they just wanted to shut up the Saints. This PI was as bad as the Rams/Saints game. The NFL should be embarrassed. Bill O’Brien should be on the phone to the league office Monday morning demanding an explanation

  2. Riveron got it right, that was not pass interference. These prima-donna receivers and their limp-wristed coaches think they can push off and shove the defender at will but if the defender even brushes them it’s interference. On this play, the only interference was by the receiver. It was plainly offensive.

    Riveron is my hero, he’s a football genius.

  3. Al Riveron is completely useless, does absolutely nothing. I’m sure he’s getting a nice salary though.

  4. This rule seems like it was put in place to prevent another playoff debacle. They don’t really care how it effects regular season games. It just wouldnt have made sense for them to put it in place only for the playoffs.

  5. HC need to get it through their heads. The refs are ignoring this rule. Repeal it and quit whining. Fans don’t want good officiating anyhow. They just want bad officiating that favors their favorite team.

  6. Life is good for the 32 owners. They sign all the paychecks, so everyone does exactly what the owners want them to do. Every time something crazy happens we blame the refs or the commissioner. We’ve seen all this crazy nonsense going on with officiating, yet I haven’t heard one complaint from any of the 32 owners. They’re raking in billions of dollars, and they are directing the show. These 32 owners have all the power. If anyone does something that costs them money, they’re gone. I guess all the controversy with the officiating helps generate revenue, so that’s all that matters.

  7. Does anyone expect anything different out of Riveron? I’m not just referring to this call, and know it’s been a while, but just think back to when he was an on field ref. Lol.

  8. NFL is showing zero integrity.

    Grab the jersey. Tackle before ball arrives. No way to honestly rationalize this one. They just don’t want to enforce the rule.

  9. Just more evidence to Saints fans there isn’t a target on you. These plays happen all of the time, yours just happened to be at the end of the NFC championship game.

  10. So obvious the NFL installed this “NEW YORK DECIDES” mechanic so that they could drive ratings and narratives.

    That was about as obvious PI as it gets(on a superstar WR) but they need the Lamar Jackson story and they need the Ravens to challenge the Pat’s because nobody else will.

    NOT PI….yeah whatever.

  11. The NFL needs to remove the challenge if this doesn’t qualify as an overturned call. The refs have been terrible all year, the NFL makes it look like they are fixing games

  12. Read all of these comments…I’ll bet the house they are fixing some of the games. When there is this much money involved, corruption rules just like it always has since Jesus was in high school. Why are we ever surprised anymore? God only knows what the owners are covering up every time they open their collective mouth.

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