49ers put offense on Jimmy Garoppolo’s shoulders

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The 49ers had a formula for most of the year, and most of the year it worked.

Generally, it involved running the ball, rather than relying on quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to carry them.

Sunday, a slow start necessitated a change. Their 34 rushing yards marked a season-low by far, as they had only been held under 100 yards twice, and still average 149.0 yards per game — second only to the Ravens.

That’s something we haven’t put him in this year,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBCSportsBayArea.com. “We had to there, we had no choice. He did a hell of a job. Really played unbelievable. I think that was the first time I consciously got away from it in the second half, just because it didn’t look like it was going well.”

Garoppolo completed 34-of-45 passes for 424 yards and four touchdowns, with two interceptions. He had to throw it 46 times last week against the Seahawks, but had thrown it 33 times or fewer in seven of his first eight games.

“I think we all felt the same way throughout the game,” Garoppolo said. “Some things were working and some things weren’t. Every game is different. Some games we’ve rushed for 200-plus yards and we pass less yards. So, just how our team is built, it doesn’t matter which way we have to win it, we will find a way and that’s what you like to see.”

Having their quarterback participate in this way would certainly help.

13 responses to “49ers put offense on Jimmy Garoppolo’s shoulders

  1. … and… the corrupt nfl officiating
    put jimmy garoppolo on their shoulders.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Haha. Trust me. The rest of the league hopes the 49ers put the offense on Garoppolo’s shoulders. Over rated QB with an over rated coach. Shannahan’s bag of tricks is near empty. It’s humorous listening to Chris Simms prop up his friend Shannahan. 49ers will be lucky to win one of the next three games. Who are the fanboys going to blame when the bottom falls out.

  3. Love all these Seahawk haters. Jimmy Garrapolo put on a clinic in the 4th quarter of that game yesterday. Can’t wait for the Seahawks to get rolled on the road by Philly. We are 9-1 and lead the division, with a top defense backing us up. Next time Seattle we are going to have kittle on the field and show u why we’re leading this division.

  4. Yes – Says a whole lot about the niner’s D to survive yet another game in spite of their weakest link, Jimmy G, with more disastrous picks and bad decisions. Shame it’s like this.

  5. I apologize for the slightly OT comment. I have to vent this. Since last Sunday evening we have been hearing or reading about Jimmy Garopolo’s(JG) performance against the AZ Cards. JG joins Joe Montana and Steve Young(SY)with 400 plus yards and four TDs.
    SY was the last Niner QB to throw for 400+ yds with 4 TDs o Nov 28, 1993 at Anaheim against the LA Rams. I looked up the boxscore. SY stats: 26/32, 462 yards with 4 TDs and 1 int. SY QBR was 145.3. SY had WRs Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Riki Watters and Brent Jones TE.
    JG stats: 34/45, 424 yards with 4TDs and 2 ints. His QBR 145.2. Add that JG had a humble no name cast and that includes the OL which the 1993 Niners was better.

  6. My above comment first paragraph last sentence should have read SY has WRs Jerry Rice and John Tayor along with RB Rikki Watters and TE Brent Jones.
    The current Niners do NOT have such high caliber weapons. You can argue that George Kittle is better than Brent Jones. I say loudly, Yes Sir. here is the kicker, George Kittle did not play last Sunday. Do you get me?
    Again thanks

  7. The cynics are still saying that Jimmy G is a bad quarterback, even a weak link of the 49ers. He is 9-1 this season as a starter for a team that practically no one (me included) had predicted would go to the playoffs. What other team is 9-1 in the NFL right now. The team with the GOAT and one that is the defending SB champion. So, Jimmy G is a bust despite being 15-3 as a starter for Frisco, and 17-3 as starter in the NFL, and despite the fact that Kyle Shanahan is 4-20 with the 49ers when Jimmy G. is not starting but 15-3 when Jimmy G. is the starter.

    Move over cynical rovers, and let Jimmy G. take over. Your claim that Jimmy G. is not a good quarterback is a crock.

  8. JG is a 2nd round pick and backup level at best. The wins are due to the niner D. He makes terrible decisions game in and game out…plus at least a pick per game. We’ve seen other teams go deep into the playoffs and even win the SB …Tampa, Baltimore etc. Nothing really to debate here. The guy is barely through his first season as a starter….will see what happens moving forward.

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