Baker Mayfield wins appeal, won’t have to pay fine for criticizing officials

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield had his $12,500 fine for criticizing officials overturned on appeal, Jake Trotter of ESPN reports.

Mayfield’s criticism was deemed “not strong enough to warrant a fine,” per Trotter.

Mayfield had questioned the officiating after the Browns’ loss to the Seahawks in Week Six, saying, “I’ll probably get fined for this, but they were pretty bad today.”

The league did fine him, and a few days later, he defended his comments and questioned the fine.

“I’d say that’s just stating facts,” Mayfield said. “Freedom of speech I thought, but that’s OK, I get fined for it. It’s the league, that’s what they do. They fine you for some ridiculous things. That’s just how it is. There’s a reason that everybody is talking about it.”

Whoever heard Mayfield’s appeal agreed with him.

22 responses to “Baker Mayfield wins appeal, won’t have to pay fine for criticizing officials

  1. Well, that will certainly make him tone it down.
    Me? I’m looking forward to the new and mature Baker Mayfield.

  2. Good. I don’t even like Baker, but I’m glad to see players are at least able to say SOMETHING without getting fined.

  3. Beat the Steelers, beat up their quarterback, and beat the league all in one week. Things are looking up for the Browns.

  4. If the NFL does not want players or fans criticizing the officials, they need to correct the problem instead of ignoring it.

  5. NFL is worse than NASCAR as for as a organization NFL has no idea how to interpret their rules and NASCAR changes theirs from race to race.

  6. Might be a good idea (not that’d happen) to institute a starting salary for refs, and they can get bonuses based on making correct calls, and lose commission based on repeated misses and miss-calls. And each year, they get raises based on a year-long resume of mostly good calls. A lot of bad calls one year, no raise at all. Repeated years with lots of bad calls, and they get a pay cut down to that minimum/base salary floor.

    That’d give them incentive to improve.

  7. The replay offical in the TV booth should have contact with the officals on the field to get all calls right.

  8. Good for Baker. Over-bearing personalities might provide for a lot of stories, but they arent whats hurting the game….bad officiating is whats hurting the game.

  9. People who site freedom of speech when they get in a disciplinary dispute with their employer really make me shake my head. You work for the NFL Baker, not the US Government. .

  10. I’m starting to like this guy. He’s going out of his way now to look like a 1970’s chain smoking QB while on the sidelines and post game pressers. He’s trying to relate with his fan base. Smart guy actually.

  11. Freedom of Speech means you can say what you want without the government arresting you. It doesn’t mean employers have to tolerate you badmouthing the company, or for that matter insulting or offending their customers.

    This is the exact reason why “Freedom of Speech” also has nothing to do with the Kaepernick issue.

  12. 49erstime says:
    November 18, 2019 at 4:57 pm
    Yeah… freedom of speech does not mean you can say whatever you want without consequences. Ugh

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    Which is why he won the appeal. While people are arguing semantics it’s gone over their head that he is not actually wrong about freedom of speech as unless specifically stated an employer cannot punish you for speaking your mind unless that speech violates a specific code of conduct.

    Baker stated an undeniable fact and the NFL tried to punish him for it. So yes, Freedom of speech does come into play when it comes to private organizations as well and not just the government. Him winning the appeal is proof of that.

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