Browns coach: Myles Garrett “a good person”

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Browns coach Freddie Kitchens wasn’t going to condone Myles Garrett‘s helmet-swinging ways, but he does still have his star defensive end’s back.

Kitchens said Monday the team would continue to support Garrett through his indefinite suspension for bashing Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with his own helmet.

Myles Garrett’s a good person,” Kitchens said. “We’re not going to pile on Myles. He had a bad lapse in judgment and that’s it. I’m still a Myles fan and I’m going to support him. Our organization is going to support him, his teammates, coaching staff will support him.”

Of course, Kitchens has to know that’s a fine line to walk, after everybody saw Garrett lose control.

“There’s no excuse for that to happen on a football field,” Kitchens said. “I know that. Myles knows that. All the players in the locker room know that. That’s it. There’s no excuse. But, in saying that, we’re going to support Myles Garrett going forward in any way that he needs support.”

Garrett’s appeal will be heard Wednesday by the league, and he will likely contend in some fashion that he was provoked to anger.

“Of course he was,” Browns defensive end Sheldon Richardson said. “If a guy scratching at your face, what you going to? The helmet is overboard, let’s get that clear. But defending yourself, I don’t blame him for defending [himself] at all. . . .

“You can’t antagonize a fight and then claim bullying. . . . you get what’s coming to you. Of course Myles overreacted. . . . He was protecting himself. I don’t blame him. Guy keeps rushing me, even with the helmet off, he’s asking for it. Just leave it at that.”

Rudolph was not among the three players suspended (Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi got one game and Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey got three games), though fines are anticipated.

18 responses to “Browns coach: Myles Garrett “a good person”

  1. Sheldon Richardson adding some truthful perspective to the situation. Don’t run up on the fuming guy that just ripped your helmet off and he won’t play Whack A Mole with you. 4 games max.

  2. We are discussing this because Garrett failed to fracture Rudolph’s skull. If he had succeeded he would be looking at a lifetime ban and jail time.

  3. Anyone claiming that Mason provoked Garrett is an idiot. Garrett unjustifiably slammed Mason to the ground, then held him down. Garrett then continued what he had started by jerking Mason up by the helmet.

    Although he was continously provoked, Mason took no aggressive action. Garrett was the aggressor throughout the entire incident.

  4. Good person when he’s on YOUR team, Freddie.
    If he was on some other team, maybe you wouldn’t be so forgiving.

  5. Every single tough guy who says “Rudolph had it coming” would be losing their minds if anything remotely similar happened to them.

    We are not Neanderthals. Let’s try not to act like them.

  6. The helmet was uncalled for, but man did the Browns lay it to the Steelers before that!!!
    Steelres got punked.

  7. The Lions said the same thing about Suh…but the Lions rolled out a REAL PR campaign for Suh too.

    A good guy doesn’t hit people with their own helmet.

  8. Notice you don’t hear anyone talking up Pouncey. People who kick people in the head are hard to defend.

  9. The three guys from both teams who were suspended have something in common while the one guy who wasn’t suspended even though there is clear proof he did a lot more and a lot worse than at least one of the suspended players does not have that one thing in common.

    Obviously that one thing in common is the three suspended players were lineman which totally explains why Larry Ogunjobi got a 1 game suspension for 1 push yet Mason Rudolph tried to twist a guys helmet off, kicks him in the manhood then punches a guys several times in the lower region before the person he was attacking retaliated and just gets fined.

    I’m just kidding we all know Rudolph got the “he’s a good kid and we don’t want to ruin his image” judgment discount. Just saying for once Fritz-Pollard has a clear cut case of inconsistent punishments and they’ve not said a thing. Just saying if I was in the Rooney family the second my QB plays absolutely horrible, starts a fight that gets one of my actually contributing players suspended for 3 games then is seen not only on TV smiling about about it but goes to the media and acts like he was an innocent victim attacked while calling his sick grandmother the next press conference would be announcing my new QB.

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