Bruce Arians can’t criticize officiating, but his wife can

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Nearly every coach has had a reason to criticize officiating at some point this year. The league doesn’t like it. And one coach has found a loophole.

Via, the wife of Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians criticized NFL officiating on Sunday. But not as a result of a call or non-call in Tampa Bay’s loss to the Saints.

Christine Arians reacted to the non-call of pass interference in the Texans-Ravens game, a blatant instance of DPI that wasn’t overturned via replay review.

In response to a tweet complaining about the new for 2019 (and 2019 only) rule that permits replay review of pass interference calls and non-calls, Christine Arians said on Twitter: “It’s not one rule. It’s poorly trained unaccountable people calling and reviewing the games.”

The reality is that officials are held accountable, through a week-in and week-out grading system that prevents officials from getting playoff assignments and potentially gets them fired. (More than a few retirements/resignations of officials over the years haven’t been.) And the problem with replay review of pass interference calls and non-calls continues to be that someone told senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron to raise the bar to a point at which it’s still not clear what does and doesn’t clear it.

Via, Bruce Arians said after Sunday’s loss that he won’t talk about officiating any longer because he received a message from the league telling him to stop it. But Mrs. Arians apparently can, and Mrs. Arians apparently will.

8 responses to “Bruce Arians can’t criticize officiating, but his wife can

  1. When Winston stops turning the ball over between 3 and 5 times per game, they will have a better chance to win regardless of officiating. However, he’s done that his entire career so I wouldn’t think it would happen any time soon. If I was the Bucs’ GM, I’d be drafting a QB with my first pick. You can’t win consistently with Winston.

  2. I like her, she’s spot on. This rule was a sham from the beginning, get rid of it or call it right. This rule, to the coaches & fans, is like dangling $100 bill in front of a homeless man and reeling it away with a fishing rod every time he gets close to it.

  3. Officials are evaluated after every game to decide who officiates the playoffs. Meanwhile Coaches are fired for missing the playoffs over these bad calls. High speed game when calls get made however slow motion replay and calls are still getting missed.

  4. The thing that bugs me most about this situation is that coaches and players can’t speak their minds. If the NFL is confident of the fairness and integrity of their officiating system, they shouldn’t be worried about what a coach or player might say about it. Press conferences have gotten so vanilla… I miss Mike Ditka, Jerry Glanville, Buddy Ryan, Jerry Burns and the like.

  5. There were 2 call last night that the refs got wrong, even though the review one, he offensive pass interference call. There is no pass interference within 1 yard of the line of scrimmage. Even former head ref Mike Petera agreed on Fox. According to the Bucs pewter, since the Saints got screwed on the PI call in the NFC Championship game, the NFL seems determine to get the Saints back to the Super Bowl this year. That could be very true! It seems call always go the Sanits way. You can ask the Cowboys as well as the Bucs. Both had issues with the refs calls.

  6. “According to the Bucs pewter…’
    You mean the Tampa Bay Bucs OWN FAN NEWSPAPER?!?!?!?
    Now THERES an impartial source!
    THe Saints have had a huge # of calls go againts them this season, including 4 (FOUR!) hands to the face calls in one quarter in the Atlanta game 12 overall penalties…
    so, NO, the refs ARE hitting the Saints with A LOT of penalties…

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