Drew Brees: Michael Thomas is the kind of guy you want

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Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas has made a habit of putting up big numbers during his NFL career and nothing changed against the Buccaneers on Sunday.

Thomas had eight catches for 114 yards and a touchdown in the 34-17 victory. He now has 94 catches on the season, which is the most of any player through 10 games of any season. That puts Thomas on pace to set a record for most catches in a season and he’s the first player to catch at least 90 passes in each of his first four seasons.

Thomas already had the record for the most catches over a player’s first four seasons, which may be why quarterback Drew Brees joked that Sunday’s game was a “ho-hum” performance for the wideout. He switched to a more serious tone to discuss how Thomas is able to do this on a weekly basis.

“Here’s the thing, if you saw the guy work, if you saw the guy prepare, it’s just what we see everyday in practice, honestly,” Brees said in his postgame press conference. “Maybe it’s one of those things that when it’s all said and done, you look back and you really, really appreciate. I just love his mindset. He is a ‘I want the ball’, ‘I will get open’, ‘I will make the play for you’ kind of guy and that’s the kind of guy you want.”

The Saints gave Thomas a huge contract before this season and it is safe to say that any fears about money changing the way he plays can be put to rest.

8 responses to “Drew Brees: Michael Thomas is the kind of guy you want

  1. Did it with Bridgewater too, so it proves it’s not just Brees.

    How does he seem like a mid 2nd rounder coming out of college? Maybe if he had gone to Clemson or a spread. Maybe he learned to block and wait at OSU. Doesn’t matter. He’s where he’s supposed to be.

    You’re watching a HOF career. Love watching greatness from day 1. Hope he stays healthy.

    Not a Saints fan but a fan of the game.

  2. Many thought he’d disappear after getting paid. This guy came out and showed why he deserved to get paid

  3. Best in the business over the last 3 years, helps that he has Brees throwing to I’m but then as somebody above rightly mentioned, did it with steady Teddy as well, just shows how good he is

  4. Thomas has made some comments over time that strongly suggest he’s a bit self-absorbed and not the most mature of players, but in terms of on-field production there can obviously be no complaints.

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