Dwayne Haskins: I have to keep earning their trust

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There weren’t a lot of fans at FedEx Field on Sunday and those that were there were unimpressed by what Washington had to offer on the field.

Chants of “Sell the team!” could be heard as the Jets opened up a 34-3 lead on their way to a 34-17 victory over the NFC’s worst team. Daniel Snyder’s tenure as owner has not been filled with positive moments for the franchise and one way to push things in the other direction would be hitting on a franchise quarterback.

Dwayne Haskins was selected in the first round this year in hopes that he’d fill that role and he made his first home start on Sunday. He threw two late touchdown passes, but had 52 passing yards at halftime as the offense failed to take advantage of two Jets turnovers inside their own territory.

“It’s tough. You have guys who have been in the league a long time. As a young dude with a new voice, you have to earn their trust,” Haskins said, via NBCSportsWashington.com. “You have to earn that ability to ask for what you see out there. As the game went on telling them what I want and what I think would help us make plays. They started listening to me. I have to keep earning that.”

Interim head coach Bill Callahan said the coming weeks will be “a great learning experience” for Haskins, although the process of winning over trust will start again once the team finds a permanent replacement for Jay Gruden.

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  1. Haskins is terrible. The redskins need to make a smart choice and do not pass on a quarterback in this years draft. I feel bad for skins fans they are the worst run team in most sports. Owners really suck especially when you have a terrible one

  2. I’ll admit it. As a NYG fan, I wanted the Giants to take Haskins in last year’s draft. Boy, oh boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Wow.

  3. I liked Haskins coming out of tOSU. I’m not throwing in the towel, yet. Goff was plain awful too, if not worse, early. But, saying Haskins has a long way to go would be kind.

  4. As humans, I think we have a pretty good ability to judge someone or their character just by appearance. For me, I have not felt right about Haskins since the day the Skins drafted him. He carries himself with this arrogant smirk that just annoys me for some reason. The way he carried himself on the sideline Sunday just backed up everything for me. Kid needs to eat some humble pie.

  5. Dwayne Haskins is a strong young man with a very good arm. He’s not a great scrambler, nor a runner. To be successful, he needs a system based on his strength as a QB. The ‘Skins are completely lost as a team. They have no identify as a team. Are they a wide open offense, or a run first offense, or…? Do they hang there hat on a great defense creating opportunities for the offense? Like I said, the ‘Skins are lost. They need a complete overhaul from top to bottom.

  6. Haskins definitely needs work. No doubt about it. But after watching the game yesterday, I don’t think Drew Brees would’ve been able to play much better with the amount of time Haskins was getting. Our O Line needs the most improvement in my opinion. I think we should shift focus to creating an elite o line. Once we obtain that, you could put just about anyone in the backfield to make plays.

  7. If anyone is really I fan of this team the best thing they can do is not renew their tickets and stop watching their games. That’s the only way. On the bright side, no one lives forever so eventually there WILL be a new owner.

  8. Rookie year stats:
    Troy Aikman: 0-11 record, 53% completions, 9 TD: 18 int
    Peyton Manning: 3-13 record, 55% completions, 26 TD: 28 INT

    Rushing to judgment is fun, and I’m by no means sold on Haskins either, but a first round quarterback *needs* three years to develop, throwing him on the scrap heap now is a disservice to everyone.

  9. The beginning of the end was when management decided NOT to pay Cousins and let not one but BOTH starting WR’s go (Garcon & Jackson). We also let home grown talent walk (Trent green, Antonio Pierce, Albert Connell etc ) & wiff on coaches like Kyle & Mcvay.

  10. Haskins isn’t any good.
    You say this after two starts and a couple of other appearances? Then why on earth did the people who know much more about talent evaluation than you or me universally give him a first round grade?

  11. It’s way too soon to truly judge Haskins. He’s a project with high potential (how high is the question – could be curb height, sure) – and yeah, maybe the Skins shouldn’t have drafted a project in the first round (discuss amongst yourselves) – but they did – but he needs more time than a couple of starts for an evaluation.

    And that’s not all he needs.

    He also needs more that a paper mache offensive line.

    He needs more than an awful defense that can’t stop anyone from scoring.

    He needs more than one good receiver.

    Face it. Haskins isn’t the problem. Allen is. Snyder is. They always have been and always will be.

    I used to wonder what Cleveland fans felt like. Now I know.

  12. You have to give the kid at least a full yr before you start calling for his head. The problems with this organization start at the top, period. Also, why in the heck would we want to win anyway at this point? We need a high draft pick!

  13. You can tell that the people saying that Haskins is terrible and that we should have gotten the interception machine that the Giants drafted didn’t watch the game yesterday. Very few QBs that aren’t mobile would have had any success running for their life yesterday.

  14. No offensive line. Only one receiving threat and a defense that gives more points than a bookie. But hey, let’s rip apart a QB who has made a whopping two starts and shouldn’t be playing anyway.

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