Goodell: Garrett discipline had to make clear actions were unacceptable

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Just about everyone in the football world weighed in on Browns defensive end Myles Garrett‘s helmet swing to Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph‘s head last Thursday and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s thoughts have now been added to the file.

Goodell spoke to Gary Myers of OTG the morning after the game in an interview that was distributed on Monday. Goodell said there was “no place in the game” for what Garrett did and said that the league quickly and firmly suspended Garrett, Browns defensive end Larry Ogunjobi and Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey to make it clear their actions were unacceptable.

Goodell extended that explanation to the fines handed out to the two teams and outlined the steps that Garrett will take toward reinstatement from his indefinite suspension.

“He will not play the rest of the season. He will probably meet with us some time in the offseason,” Goodell said. “We’ll make a judgement . . . Does he have remorse? Does he understand why it’s not acceptable? Do we understand what he’s going to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again?”

All three players are appealing their suspensions with Garrett looking for a specific number of games he’ll be suspended in his hearing, so that path could change at some point in the future.

15 responses to “Goodell: Garrett discipline had to make clear actions were unacceptable

  1. Tells you how weak the players union is when Goodell gives indefinite suspension that is not allowed per the agreement. Players need a new union. This one serves no purpose.

  2. I’d say everything about the NFL was more clear before Goodell started running the league.

    A catch use to be clear.
    OPI/DPI use to be clear.
    Discipline was more clear (Ray Rice from zero games to lifetime ban/KC no suspension but got a lifetime ban.)

    I’d say the NFL was crystal clear until Roger showed up. Now everything is muddy.

  3. It all doesn’t matter anyway. The players are surely going to strike after next season when they fail to adopt a new CBA and I have a feeling that this one is going to be a long-term strike.

  4. A blow to the head is a blow to the head, with or without a weapon. How many blows to the head was Garrett guilty of? How many blows to the head was Pouncey guilty of? All while Rudolph took NO responsibility for his actions, instead he defiantly and insultingly pointed fingers at others…!!!

  5. You forget this started because Garrett hit Rudolf late, whipped him around and smashed his head into the turf. All 5 weeks after he was carted off with a concussion, and thought of his career over were floated. He was trying to get Garrett off him, no doubt Garrett telling him he would kill him in 2 week in the rubber match, when all this started.
    The one thing I haven’t seen addressed was, why did the Steelers run a stupid, no gain play with 8 seconds left? What did they think they would accomplish, other than exposure to injury?(worse happened). That was a kneel down play if there ever was one. They had absolutely no chance of winning, so why let guys get hurt for nothing?

  6. I like how the announcers were appalled as they should be by Garrets action but made an excuse for Rudolph .. saying” Gee it looks like Rudolph got his hands caught in Garrets helmet” …. as Rudolph was twisting Garrets helmet like a bottle cap …..

    Garret should be suspended for the rest of the year, Pouncy should be suspended for the rest of the year for Kicking Garret in the head over and over while he was being held down and Rudolph should get at least a game for his fine work in starting it and then continuing to chase after Garret …

  7. Guy hit another player with a helmet !!!!!!!!! What is the problem, he should be suspended. Got off easy IMO. Does not matter who started it. He hit another player in the head with a helmet !!!

  8. LOL at people STILL saying Rudolph should get suspended. Those very same people would be calling him a wimp if he didn’t stick up for himself after Garrett drove him into the ground and wouldn’t get off him on a meaningless play. Did you start watching the replay halfway through? RUDOLPH DID NOT START THIS.

    Between the earl thomas hit that knocked him out (and no penalty called), and getting hit in the head with his own helmet, Rudolph has taken a beating this year. Imagine if either of those things happened to Brady…

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