Matt Nagy: QB change had “zero to do” with Mitchell Trubisky’s play

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Bears head coach Matt Nagy heard the same skepticism as everyone else when the team said a hip injury was the reason why quarterback Mitchell Trubisky left Sunday night’s game late in the fourth quarter, but he said on Monday that it was “pure honesty.”

Trubisky’s status was the major topic of Nagy’s press conference and the coach said Trubisky suffered a right hip pointer in the second quarter of the game, but the decision was that he could keep playing. He said the team monitored the injury throughout the second half and made the decision to pull Trubisky because the pain kept getting worse.

Nagy said it got to a point when Trubisky couldn’t sit down on the bench and was adamant that was the only reason why Chase Daniel came into the game.

“Every decision that was made, it had zero to do with his play. Zero” Nagy said. “It was completely based off the injury that he had last night and where he was at.”

Nagy said Trubisky is “absolutely” going to be the starter if he is healthy enough to play against the Giants this week. He didn’t offer any speculation about the chances that would be the case and the team will issue its first injury report of the week on Wednesday.

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  1. Then why did he have to have an overly dramatic cheek to cheek huddle w/Mitch covering their faces w/the play card? It doesn’t take much to say ‘you’re injured you’ll be back next week’. I don’t buy it Nagy…

  2. I’m sure all they talked about as the hip pointer during the lengthy pull-aside conversation Nagy had with Falsebisky on the sideline. With no meaningful draft choices and limited cap space next year, the Bears are in deep do-do. Thanks Mr. Pace. The Bears are the new Browns. Soldier Field is the Factory of Sadness II.

  3. Never mind Trubisky, anyone seen Khalil Mack lately? Yeah, me neither.

    It isn’t so much the traded picks for Mack, though they could use next years 1st round pick if they had it, it is the massive cap hit for years to come for one defensive player that was the real mistake.

  4. He hurts his hip in the second quarter and Nagy just leaves him in there injured until their final possession of the game? Sure, Matt, that makes TOTAL sense. Then you give him this long head-to-head pep talk and let him stand over by himself with zero trainers or medical staff near him. Because that is totally how NFL teams treat injuries to their starting quarterbacks.

  5. They have a 2nd rounder in 2020. I’d be on the phone with Mike Brown begging him to take a 2nd for Andy Dalton next season. When the team around him is good, Andy Dalton can get it done. He’ll have far more impact than anyone they can get in the 2nd round and if they go out there with Trubisky in 2020 they’re going to lose all support in that locker room.

  6. As a Giants fan, I would advise that they DEFINITELY start him against the Giants this week. Our D got Kirk Cousins healthy earlier this year and got the stalled Jets untracked last game. Maybe we can do the same for Mitch???

  7. The old saying, The cover up is worse than the crime.

    You can tell Nagy had enough, benched him, and was told by upper management(Pace) to make up an injury lie. You can’t make this stuff up. The press conferences by Nagy and Mitch were cringe worthy on the injury details, you could tell Mitch was trying to remember what the PR team told him to say.

  8. There’s no reason a team with a struggling QB like the Bears have should be passing 2:1 (47 passes, 24 rushes) in a close, low-scoring game — especially if the QB is supposedly injured.

  9. He hurt his hip in the second quarter and yet there was not one report of him going in the tent on the sidelines and no camera shots of the trainers attending to Trubustky. This is Fake News!

  10. “With the 5th overall pick in the NFL, the Raiders select __________”

    To go along with Josh Jacobs, Trent Brown, etc.

  11. Ryan Pace won an executive of the year award last year. John Schneider has a super bowl, another appearance, and regularly slays teams in trades, and he has never won one.

  12. Mitchell Trubisky is not the answer to the Chicago Bears quarterback job! Again the Bears have a really good defense but are inept on offense.

  13. He’ll be put on IR the rest of the season, the Bears will sluff their way through 6 more games of bad and boring football, and the whole cast of clowns will be back in 2020… sorry to say.

  14. If Nagy isn’t careful, he’s going to get fired. Trubisky is NOT the QB that the Bears need, and neither is Chase Daniel. Ryan Pace had better get his act together and find a QB who can actually run an offense or the McCaskeys will fire the whole front office. The team is a good one overall, and they have a lot of good players, but without a decent QB they won’t go anywhere–and right now they don’t have a good QB at all. Not even a marginal one. Trubisky has imploded, Daniel can’t do much of anything, and the Bears are in trouble. Watch out, Nagy, because your future as the head coach is on very shaky ground right now.

  15. jm91rs says:
    November 18, 2019 at 2:07 pm
    They have a 2nd rounder in 2020. I’d be on the phone with Mike Brown begging him to take a 2nd for Andy Dalton next season.
    Is this the Andy Dalton who is 0-8 this year?

  16. There are a lot more problems with the Bears than just Mitch Trubisky, Nagy being one of them.

    And for the Raiders fans that keep boasting 1st round draft picks, you should be careful for what you wish for, there are no guarantees that you will get a great player.

    You better hope it’s not this….

    “With the 5th overall pick in the NFL, the Raiders select KEVIN WHITE 2.0

  17. I’m not even mad or disappointed anymore. I think I have reached apathy with this dumpster fire.

  18. The Raiders already won the trade. Jacobs for Mack straight up. Plus the cap space to sign a LT, WR and a TE. And another #1.

    Draft picks aren’t all one team gained and the other lost by getting Mack. I said it way back when the Mack trade happened, the cap space gained by the Raiders in the trade would push this in the Raider favor.

    Add to that Chicago doesn’t have the draft capital to get a QB. Ryan Fitzpatrick will be their starter next year. 🙂

  19. If his hip hunt, why the heck was there an option run called on 3rd and short? Why was it run? I don’t believe for one second that he was actually injured. Mitch seems like a nice kid. But he’s not a NFL starter. He’s proving that over and over. How many times do WRs and Cohen need to keep throwing up their hands in frustration after the ball sails over them for that to be any more clear?

  20. God help Nagy if the players trust him as little as I do after this. Integrity is everything when you’re a leader of men. You lose that, and nothing else matters.

  21. The Bears were throwing at a 2:1 ratio because they can’t run the ball, especially against a good defense like the Rams. The O-line stinks and we can blame Pace for that. Nagy hasn’t had the stones to bench Trubisky because it will reveal the fact that his offense is not effective in the NFL. Nagy was behind the foolish decision to trade Howard, thinking Cohen is an NFL running back. That touchdown he caught last night was the kind of play he should be in there for, not as a running back trying to pound out yards. I know he had to do that more last night because Montgomery was not 100% and we all saw the results. I don’t believe Nagy at all on this injury crap. Earlier comment was right on the money – he supposedly got hurt in the second quarter and you waited until late in the game to take him out? I feel sorry for Trubisky. The Bears have destroyed what slim chance he had of being a decent NFL quarterback. First with John Fox and now Nagy. Watson and Mahomes wouldn’t have succeeded its that circus atmosphere either.

  22. So Nagy claims that Trubisky was hurting and they knew about the hip injury for several minutes. Yet no mention of why they had to have an emotional fatherly chat on the sidelines and it seems he is also lying through his teeth about Chase Daniel warming up on the sidelines. The media asked him about it and said “nobody saw Daniel warming up”.

  23. The public and specifically the Bears’ fan base and Chicago media are not going to buy this line of baloney. Trubisky was not injured. He looked physically fine at the end of the game.

    This stunt may cost Nagy his job at the end of the season.

    Now that the Bears’ season is effectively over, why not sign Colin Kaepernick as a publicity stunt. Maybe GM Pace will do that to make himself look like a good guy to the NFL and induce the NFL pressure Bears management not to fire him.

  24. alfredogarciashead says:
    November 18, 2019 at 8:43 pm
    Passed on Mahomes and Watson. Would have been a top flight contender for years. Instead it is the usual “if we only had a QB” lament.


    Its a good QB draft this year, maybe they can find one…..oh that’s right they don’t have a 1st round pick. What a shame.

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