Matthew Stafford says there’s no firm timeline for his return

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Matthew Stafford doesn’t know when he will return but called it a “collaborative effort” to try to “figure out when is appropriate and when is the best time for me to get back out there.”

The Lions quarterback has missed the past two games after fracturing bones in his back late in the team’s Week Nine loss to the Raiders.

There’s nothing firm, set anywhere,” Stafford told Mitch Albom Show on WJR 760-AM, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “I think for me it’s a fluid situation and just something I’m monitoring and trying to make sure that when I’m back out there I’m ready to go and obviously, I’m doing, like I said earlier, everything I possibly can to get out there as fast as I can.”

Reports on Sunday indicated Stafford’s season could be over after doctors told the quarterback he has a six-week injury. Coach Matt Patricia continues to call Stafford “week to week.”

“I haven’t talked to anybody about any of that stuff, so I’m not really sure to be honest with you where they’re getting that information,” Stafford said on the radio when asked about the media reports. “It’s collaborative effort between myself, coach and the doctors just to figure out when is appropriate and when is the best time for me to get back out there. But rest assured I’m doing everything I can to be back as soon as possible. And nothing’s worse for me than standing on the sideline, not being able to impact the game, so I’m doing everything I can to get back.”

With the Lions nearing playoff elimination, the best course of action for Stafford’s long-term health would seem to be shutting him down for the rest of the year. But as Bill Parcells’ famously uttered, “Football players play football in football season,” so Stafford wants to come back this season if it’s safe for him to play.

Stafford called it “frustrating” to watch from the sideline.

10 responses to “Matthew Stafford says there’s no firm timeline for his return

  1. I am just lost why its even a discussion at this point why he isn’t out for the year. Been a ongoing issue even before this season. Rest up and refill the blue kool-aid.

  2. One of my favorite players, he and his family have had a difficult couple of years and I wish them only the best moving forward. He was having a sensational season and I look forward to him returning when has medical clearance – that thunderbolt arm of his is a joy to behold!

  3. Count your blessings Matt. At this point in your career your health is much more important than anything else.

  4. Stafford called it “frustrating” to watch from the sideline

    Lion fans have been saying the same thing for 62 years.

  5. You just don’t mess with back injuries. Makes zero sense to rush the guy back. One of my favorite players (and persons) in the NFL.

  6. Whole team is trash, Stafford was the only saving grace. The talent level on this team ends at Stafford’s broken back. Washed up Patriots and Giants players on the DLine, no LBs, no secondary, no OLine and no RBs. Stafford and a couple decent WRs.

    This team is as dismal as they come, it will take many consecutive drafts to rebuild this team and Stafford will be retired by then so they better find a QB soon.

  7. Why so quick to trash the lions, believe me if you would’ve seen the crappy bounces the nfl serves us happen to your teams, probably be as dismal as us. Never forget the packers aren’t going anywhere either, the nfl can only carry them so far

  8. He better not play again this year. Why risk it? I wouldn’t put it past the Lions trotting him back out there at some point though. Dysfunctional.

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