Panthers not ready to look at other QBs now

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Kyle Allen had managed to keep the Panthers between the ditches for more than a month, surviving a few speed bumps.

Sunday, he drove them off a cliff, but the Panthers aren’t prepared to change drivers.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said that he’s not prepared to make a quarterback change, or even change up the reps in practice after Allen’s four-interception blowout against the Falcons.

“It’s tough,” Rivera said, via Joe Person of “It’s a fine balance with the development [of QBs] when you’ve got two of them.”

At the moment, their only option is rookie Will Grier, the third-round pick who is only active since Cam Newton went on injured reserve, and they don’t have anyone else on the roster (and didn’t see the need to scout a nearby workout Saturday).

Allen won his first four starts in relief of Newton this year, but now has 14 turnovers (nine picks, five fumbles) against 10 touchdowns, leaving the Panthers at 5-5.

“Like a lot of us, he feels like he let a lot of people down,” Rivera said of Allen.

But at the moment, they’re going to stick with him.

16 responses to “Panthers not ready to look at other QBs now

  1. As a Panthers fan, I’m kind of glad to see this happen. Folks around here need a friendly reminder just how irrelevant the team was prior to Cam’s arrival.

  2. He is a young qb ride him rest of the year see how he does. Some of his throws are on the money he just needs some oline help.

  3. I can almost guarantee that Will Grier will not achieve better results. Kyle Allen is also a rookie! It takes time and patience (and turnovers) for most young QBs to develop and find success, and it looks like Allen has all of the tools to be a starter in this league. Maybe trot Grier out if/when this season is truly lost, just to see what we’ve got in him so that we may best weigh our options going forward. Short of signing Kaepernick, I don’t think there’s a free agent QB who could step in and fare any better than Allen right now. It’s a shame, because with a healthy Cam to pair with CMC, emerging young receivers, and our rejuvenated defense this year, we’re definitely a play-off team. It’s tough to see them losing, but I’m intrigued by what’s to come. Will we keep Cam? Will Tua fall to us in the draft because of his injury? Will Kyle Allen blossom into franchise QB material?

  4. NFL media is ridiculously quick to pull the trigger on a QB change. One game and it’s chaos. Coaches are smart and grown men. Make a choice and live with the consequences. Flip Flopping looks far worse.

  5. This is a disaster that has happened in Carolina and its not going to get any better until the end of the year and the new ownership decides to clean house. Rivera and Hurney are on their way out and this team will not make the playoffs. Yesterday’s game was a debacle and it is because of poor play and extremely poor coaching. They are a pathetic excuse for a professional football team at the moment and that is not likely to change this seasons. Firings will beging at the end of the season. Happy Landings.

  6. Cam is a game changer when healthy. People were delusional to think a career backup can come in and replicate Cam’s success.

  7. Fans deserve a refund after having to watch that garbage for 3 quarters yesterday. Nobody stayed for the 4th except Falcons fans. It was 100% uninspired play in all phases.

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