Seahawks were “real curious” about Colin Kaepernick, “disappointed” to miss workout

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The Seahawks are the only team to show at least lukewarm interest in Colin Kaepernick over the past 2 1/2 years.

Seattle had Kaepernick visit in the spring of 2017 when it was looking for a backup to Russell Wilson. The Seahawks, though, did not work out Kaepernick.

The Seahawks sent a scout to the Falcons’ training facility to watch Kaepernick’s workout Saturday, but the last-minute change of venue didn’t work logistically, coach Pete Carroll said Monday.

“Disappointed,” Carroll said, via Curtis Crabtree of Sports Radio 950 KJR and PFT. “We had planned to be at that workout. It got changed around, and we couldn’t hang with it. Unfortunately, we sent somebody, but we couldn’t stay with the changes that happened. We missed it. We were real curious. I was real curious to see how the workout went. Just competing as always, you know.”

Of course, if the Seahawks were that “curious” they could have worked him out privately at any time over the past 2 1/2 years.

Saturday marked the first time Kaepernick has worked out in front of NFL scouts — any NFL scouts — since he opted out of his contract in March 2017 before the 49ers released him.

Most teams in the league were expected to attend, but only the Lions, Chiefs, Jets, Eagles, 49ers, Titans and Washington were represented after the workout was moved to a high school field an hour away from the Falcons’ facility.

“The time frame when we got the heads up, we couldn’t get it pulled together. We wanted to,” Carroll said.

Every team received video of the workout, and Carroll said he has “seen some of it so far.”

“We’re looking at everything, always,” Carroll said.

The Seahawks have given many players second chances for various reasons. Marshawn Lynch, Dion Jordan, Mychal Kendricks and Josh Gordon are among those who Seattle extended a lifeline.

37 responses to “Seahawks were “real curious” about Colin Kaepernick, “disappointed” to miss workout

  1. If you’re interested in see him workout, bring him up to Seattle.
    This business of “we can be in the same place at the same time” is a cop out.

    Reminds me of the time I asked a pretty girl out in high school:
    “Wanna go out tonight?”… “I can’t. I’m washing my hair.”
    “Ok, well how about tomorrow night?”… “Tomorrow night, I’m drying it.”

  2. Ok he DIDNT WANT TO WORK OUT. He just wanted to create press. He wanted a guarantee against injury and Nobody will do that it’s a trap. Stop playing games and pointing the finger at everyone else. Every team just wants to WIN. your a part of that equation or your talent is not. The extra baggage is the needle mover.

  3. I thought that after these latest questionable stunts… moving the workout, and ripping the NFL and its commissioner publicly… the very ones that he (supposedly) wants to employ him… people would stop feeling sorry for this guy. I’m one of those people who says “more power to those who try to change things for the better” but he went about it all wrong from the word go, and as a result has caused more divisiveness than anything. Go fight for positive change, Kaep… I’m all for it… but stop this silly revenge war with the NFL. You dug your own grave, now accept it, learn from it, and move on. There’s good work you can be doing somewhere besides the NFL.

  4. 3-16 in his last 2 years, under 60% completion and under 7 yards attempt during that time frame. A back up, not a starter, not a starter but a back up man.

  5. Well Pete, there is nothing preventing you or the Seahawks from bringing him in to your facility for a work out right? SMH. NFL fail, 32 teams collusion in effect!

  6. As much as it was a workout it was an interview process. They probably want to know things like is he just about football or still going to be a distraction that will fan the flames of the media circus that is sure to follow a signing? Can he follow simple instructions and just show up to a workout regardless of his feelings? I think they got their answers.

  7. Pete’s being nice. He, along with every other team, have no interest in Kaep. He’s done. G’bye.

  8. The nfl bears no blame here. Nobody needs to cater to pigsocks. He had an opprotunity to showcase to the league and he ran and hid because he knows his skills are gone.

  9. “since he opted out of his contract in March 2017 before the 49ers released him.”
    No no no….adding the last few words are self-serving to push a narrative. He opted out of his contract. End of sentence. The rest is conjecture and speculation.

  10. Being a backup to Russell Wilson??
    ….ha, Kaepernick would never do that.

    Oh he’ll sign, if you make him a starter and pay him over 20M.

  11. Oh yeah, it’s the Seahawks’ fault that they sent someone to the event and Kaepernick moved it. I mean, that’s how I do my interviews, it goes over really well most of the time.

  12. Colin said he’d be all in if Seattle is interested. Then he added as long as he can bring his own documentary film crew with him, and his own receivers, and play only when he’s interested as long as he’s not required to learn a playbook, and he wants 45 million a year. If Seattle is ok with that then he’ll be on the next flight out, but not this month because he’s busy, but he’ll get back to you… soon… maybe

  13. Why does everyone say Kaepernick isn’t good enough?
    Trubiskey played yesterday and it was unwatchable.
    Allen threw 4 picks.
    Rivers threw 4 picks.
    Rudolph sucks.
    Why not let Kap play and see if he sucks.
    Why is everyone afraid he might actually play well?

  14. He doesn’t want to play! The second he signs a contract he loses his ability to play the victim card. Nike wants him as a martyr, not as a backup qb.

  15. Why do people keep saying he’s as good as such and such and could play now?? His record says otherwise so if he’s just as good why would any organization want the same thing they’ve already got but with much more baggage?? Stop lying to yourself. After the shenanigans this weekend it’s never going to happen. Time to move on

  16. I always thought it was interesting with the timing of Kapp’s “social awareness.” After all, he was on the verge of being cut when he decided to go political.

    As for the workout, interesting choice of t-shirt (Kunta Kinte) and the last minute switch to a high school venue that was pre-planned by Kapp’s folks with adoring supporters in attendance. If he can’t hold a workout without creating a “circus” atmosphere, why would any team expect less if they brought him in?

  17. Every article now about Krap has this in it “..they could have worked him out privately at any time over the past 2 1/2 years.” Shut up already.

  18. First of all I’d against this work out altogether. Since when does the NFL conduct special individual tryouts? Did it ever offer that to any player who would have much greater talent and much less baggage than Kaepernick? NO… HELL NO!

    Then, Kaepernick changes the location at the last minute. You would say anybody who wants a job would just shut up and show up. He would certainly not berate potential future employers. But that’s it! Kaepernick does not want a job. He does not want to play. He wants to get PR and complain. Screw him!

  19. vikinghooper says:
    November 18, 2019 at 11:45 pm
    Why does everyone say Kaepernick isn’t good enough?
    Trubiskey played yesterday and it was unwatchable.
    Allen threw 4 picks.
    Rivers threw 4 picks.
    Rudolph sucks.
    Why not let Kap play and see if he sucks.
    Why is everyone afraid he might actually play well?
    You are missing the point. Kap doesn’t want to play unless you give him what he wants.
    He would probably play for a $20 million/year contract. He probably wont play for less.
    So Kap is creating an issue rather than playing.
    If he truly wanted to play, he would have shown up as scheduled and signed for the league minimum.

  20. No team has shown more interest in Kaepernick since he exited the playing field after 2016, may be his best and final hope of returning in the end.

  21. NFL teams will hire you if your play > than your drama you will bring. Kap had an opportunity to show he could play, negotiate a line any decent lawyer would have disagreed with privately, and tryout at the designated location where multiple teams were. HE DECIDED TO SHOW HE IS MORE DRAMA THAN TALENT, that formula is destined to keep him out of the NFL.

  22. The 35 million dollare dude is not going to like it when Petey says he is interested in Kap.

  23. Listen, Kap doesn’t want to play. He’s intent on continuing this mess. NFL doesn’t want him to play and yes, made sure the NFL teams do not hire him.

    This whole thing this past weekend started off as a lame PR attempt by the NFL to make Kap look bad. I mean, they rushed the event. Made the event closed to public, closed to Kaps team and was only recorded by the NFL, to then distribute to the 32 teams. Kap then did Kap and adjusted on the fly. He showed he can still play, but made bone headed comments and tries to sound like a martyr.

    At the end of this weekend, the NFL and Kap both won. NFL won, because they made an “attempt” and can now say they gave him a chance. Kap won, because he showed he still has the ability physically to play QB, while also still showing his “fight” for the people. Media won because this is a click bait at it’s finest.

    We lost, because we still have the people saying “Kap is better than xyz, he should be playing” and people saying “Kap sucks and is unAmerican!”. This won’t stop till he’s physically unable to play. This story and annoying tiresome and overplayed. Yet still goes because it helps all parties involved.

    Side note….Go Pats!!

  24. I don’t think there is a venue in America he could kneel for the anthem and not get booed and be subject to protests. He surely knows this and is merely grandstanding to milk every ounce of publicity before fading into memory. He might be a decent backup, but with the baggage, no team will sign him.

  25. The Seahawks sent a retired scout living in the area that was basically free. So yes they wanted to see Kap and his Kunta shirt, but more for as Pete says…. curious.

  26. Calnewt is back! Our favorite troll just got bailed out of jail finally. Hasn’t been the same without you and your papertiger bout to be torched Clara biased takes!

  27. californianewton says:
    November 19, 2019 at 8:44 am
    The 35 million dollare dude is not going to like it when Petey says he is interested in Kap.
    ok, californianottoobright….the 35 million dollar (and underpaid) dude has nothing to worry about. First, Kap can’t compete in either brains or ability. Second, Wilson has a 4 year contract with 62M guaranteed, plus a 31M signing bonus, not to mention a no-trade clause. You can wish all you want, he aint goin’ nowhere.

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