Seven teams attended Colin Kaepernick’s workout

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Most teams in the league were expected to attend Colin Kaepernick’s workout Saturday.

When the workout was moved from the Falcons’ training facility to a high school field an hour away amid sniping between the league and Kaepernick’s representatives, most teams opted out.

Seven teams ended up attending the workout, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The Lions, Chiefs, Jets, Eagles, 49ers, Titans and Washington were represented.

It is the first time Kaepernick has worked out in front of NFL scouts since he opted out of his contract before the 49ers released him in March 2017. He has not received a private workout invite or a contract offer since.

Seattle had Kaepernick visit in the spring of 2017 when it was looking for a backup to Russell Wilson. The Seahawks, though, did not work out Kaepernick.

24 responses to “Seven teams attended Colin Kaepernick’s workout

  1. He doesn’t want to play. He wants a soapbox. His post-workout interview made that more clear than ever.

  2. After hearing his post-workout comments, I’m convinced that he won’t get an offer. While he might want to play, he also wants to use the NFL as a platform. I don’t think any NFL team wants such a distraction.

  3. It became abundantly clear when Kaep found out he wasn’t allowed to film the workout(the NFL was already going to film it and distribute it to all 32 teams) that he’s not in the least bit interested in getting back into the NFL, he was just interested in getting footage to sell to Nike for a new commercial! If what he really wanted was a chance to get back into the NFL he’d have went through with the workout at the venue that was planned and not changed it at the last moment, this was his plan all along, how else did he make arrangements for that field on such a short notice? He didn’t, those plans were made long before.

    For someone that claims the NFL and its 32 teams are running it sure didn’t look like that Saturday, it looked like Kaep is the one running!

  4. The next time one of you out there has a job interview scheduled, Call the interviewer and have him interview you at an office 50 miles away. Get back to us on how the interview. and results, went.

  5. He probably isn’t any worse than what the Titans or Redskins have at the position. The problem is that you have to deal with him if you sign him and he seems to be a nut job given his actions and his post workout speech.

  6. I saw some footage. Congrats you can throw the ball, but I bet you still can’t read a defense. I’ll never forget the play where both wide receivers had nobody covering them and all 11 defenders were in the box. He didn’t call an audible and didn’t throw an easy 98-yard touchdown because he couldn’t read defense before a snap or during a play.

  7. SWFLPC.INC says:
    November 18, 2019 at 8:02 pm
    Word is that even without a pass rush and no DBs Kaep couldn’t complete a pass

    It’s amazing when you feel forced to make things up. Last 11 games 16 touchdowns and 4 interceptions being coached by Chip Kelly who was run out of the league with the 32nd ranked defense.

  8. The Bengals were too cheap to send anyone lol. Mike Brown didn’t want to go to coinstar

  9. So Kaepernick decided last minute to change the venue, right? And a bunch of people just happened to be at the high school stadium wearing Kaepernick jerseys and other shirts related to his recent stance? As disingenuous as I think the league was with this, I clearly think it showed kaep doesn’t really want to play.

  10. I don’t think he’d be able to play for the NFL team in Washington D.C. due to his strong political and social convictions. Maybe if they changed their mascot to the “Grandstanders” or “Pretend Martyrs” he’d be willing to sign with them.

  11. The next time one of you out there has a job interview scheduled, Call the interviewer and have him interview you at an office 50 miles away. Get back to us on how the interview. and results, wen

    Yeah, cause getting a job interview to cut lawns is the same thing as a guy playing in the NFL. And the guy who hired you to cut his lawn didnt ask you to sign a 20 page agreement before the interview.

    That’s the problem with people like you, if you really do think this way and arent just trolling.

    Colin, who I’ve supported from a social stand point, is guilty of soap boxing, just like the NFL and its ilk are.

  12. Bunch of boot lickers on PFT comment boards. He still has the ability to sue the league for collusion. So they schedule a sham workout on short notice, then when he shows up ask him to sign a waiver of all future claims against the NFL. They also wouldn’t allow his people to film the workout, which is against all norms. By not agreeing to their ridiculous demands he preserves his ability to sue them. It would have been moronic to go along with what they wanted him to do. I am not here to tell you he can still play. Maybe he can, maybe he can’t. But this was a sham from the get-go.

    Again, you people are still more pissed at him for his protest than the thing he was actually protesting (ya know, police killing umarmed black citizens). And that tells me a lot about you frankly.

  13. Nobody cares about his fake protest he made up to cover up the fact that he sucks and hasn’t been good since 2013.
    3-16 his last two seasons
    He was given a superbowl team and turned it into a dumpster fire within two years. He was a gimmick read option qb for 1 1/2 years until the read option got figured out, and that was the beginning of the end for kaep. Every year from there on,he got worse and worse until he finally got benched. Then the following year he got beat in training camp and pre season by gabbert for the starting job. That’s when he started crying on the bench every week until he got one more chance and lost ten games in a row to end his career. That’s why he’s not in the nfl anymore. Because he is a bust, a below average backup qb that hasn’t been good since 2013. His last three years in the nfl were awful, and he hasn’t played in another three years. His accuracy and timing is awfully bad, cant read defenses, misses wide open recievers because he locks on to one reciever then takes off running every time, has poor vision, has terrible pocket presense.
    As far as the workout goes, any bum can look good playing catch with his friends, with no defenders and no pass rush. The media and his fanboys don’t care that he sucks as a qb. Obviously they never watched him play during his last two years, because if they did, they wouldn’t want him anywhere near their team, unless they want to lose every game to get a top three pick in the draft.

  14. Redandgoldhitman your 100% right.Everyone wants to include the protest crap but it has nothing to do with it.

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