The Buccaneers are making Bruce Arians a believer in sports psychology

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Bruce Arians has been a football coach for a long time, but that hasn’t left him closed off to trying new things.

Arians shared that he’s starting to come around on the sports psychology field after 10 games as the head coach in Tampa. The Buccaneers have lost seven of those 10 games and Arians said that he’s trying to understand why the talent he sees on the roster is not getting the job done in games.

“I never believed in sports psychology before, but I’m starting to,” Arians said, via “There’s something missing when you have talent and it doesn’t show up on Sunday. It’s a focus issue.”

If the Bucs do go the psychological route, one thing Arians will likely want to address is what he called the team’s “gift habit” of digging itself holes on the scoreboard via frequent turnovers. That’s been a problem for several years and some might suggest that parting ways with quarterback Jameis Winston would help on that front more than a session or two on the couch.

9 responses to “The Buccaneers are making Bruce Arians a believer in sports psychology

  1. Bruce Arians is more concerned with being politically correct than he is about winning football games… He also likes to wear silly looking chapeaux…

  2. Offensive line quits after letting someone get by them, so when Jameis steps up into the pocket the OL watches and the DL tackles Jameis from behind! STAY WITH YOUR MAN even after your beat. Jameis ease off on the happy feet!

  3. Just watch the video of James “eating a W”, no ones gonna want to play with a moron like that.

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