Tyler Boyd vents over lack of opportunities

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The Bengals haven’t won a game, and one of their key players now thinks he can’t catch a break.

On Monday, receiver Tyler Boyd complained about his lack of opportunities in the passing game.

“I feel like I’m the go-to guy with A.J. [Green] down,” Boyd said Monday, via Ben Baby of ESPN.com. “I felt like [my] targets were not where they should have been. I feel that I’m a game-changer and I could have utilized my talents in any way to move the chains, and nothing was coming my way.”

Boyd had one catch for zero yards on three targets.

“The way I’m playing, the level that I bring, I believe I get open in any one-on-one coverage across the board against anyone,” Boyd said. “All you gotta do is just read the defense. If [quarterback Ryan Finley] sees he has me, just gotta put it there, and I’m going to make a play for him.”

For the season, Boyd has 58 catches for 598 yards and one touchdown. He has a pair of 120-plus yard games. He said he won’t be approaching coach Zac Taylor or offensive coordinator Brian Callahan to get the ball more often.

“I’m not the type of player that’s going to go and tell them to throw me the ball, force me the ball and get it done, regardless if that’s what’s going in my mind,” Boyd said. “But I know they see it, and I know that they know I’m a reliable guy.”

Of course, Boyd doesn’t really need to say anything to them directly, now that he’s made his concerns known publicly.

12 responses to “Tyler Boyd vents over lack of opportunities

  1. Don’t need to tell them face to face when Boyd’s chirping to reporters.
    Cincy should give Andy Dalton back his QB job, because Finley was awful in that close loss to Oakland.

  2. So he’s too big of a man to go directly to the coach, and instead complains about it on social media. What a fool.

  3. Dalton should still be starting at this point. Finley has proven quickly that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a starter. I do not know who’d argue that please someone tell me I’m wrong. Also, I’m ready to move on from Dalton as a fan, but I am now forced to support him wherever he goes because of how his benching came about and the timing. Zach Taylor is terrible. He’s a poor man’s Adam Gase without claiming Peyton Manning’s success for his own. Boyd isn’t wrong, hes the best receiver and needs to get the ball. #BungleforBurrow

  4. Dalton should be starting…if there were a chance to gain anything by winning. At this point, you may as well give Finley some time, since you’ve nuked the entire offense by pulling your best quarterback. Dalton will likely be on another team next year (Denver would be interesting, but there’s no way they don’t start Drew Lock after what they spent), and the Bengals’ line will improve with Jonah Williams coming back. They may as well get the highest pick that they can this year and evaluate who they want to move forward with in relation to their veterans. Boyd is a good reciever, and I understand his frustration, but saying this to reporters gets you nowhere. Saying it to coaches may or may not. But saying to us, the public, changes nothing. No matter who starts, the Bengal have a long way to go to contend.

  5. Not cool publicly throwing Finley under the bus. Being on an 0-10 team leads to frustration. Owes Finley an apology.

  6. He’s not wrong, I saw multiple occasions when Finley would throw a 3 yard check down instead of going to Boyd.

    Taylor hand picked Finley and he looks like someone who has no business on a NFL field.

    By benching Dalton, cutting hometown hero Preston Brown, and not dressing Glenn; Taylor has alienated proven vets in favor of his guys who are not that good.

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