Anthony Lynn: “We needed to win this game”

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Chargers coach Anthony Lynn recognizes that his team’s playoff hopes are somewhere between slim and none after Monday night’s loss to the Chiefs.

Lynn said after the game that the Chargers saw winning Monday night as the most important step toward getting back into the playoff race. Instead, they lost 24-17.

“We talked all along about everything we wanted was still in front of us,” Lynn said, via the Los Angeles Times. “Yes, we needed to win this game today. I felt like if we could have won this game today and won out, we could control our own destiny. But now, obviously, I don’t feel that way. I still think we have enough to win next week and beyond that, but we probably are going to need some help.”

At 4-7, including 2-6 in the AFC and 0-3 in AFC West, the Chargers would probably not make the playoffs even if they win out. And given the way they’ve played so far and the three games remaining against teams with winning records, there’s no reason to think they’ll win out. Lynn is right: The Chargers needed to win that game.

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  1. As usual too many mistakes by Rivers. As good as the class of 2004 QBs have been one of them always leads in INTs. With Hill out the KC offense doesn’t look that dynamic against a decent D. Don’t see how they can win 2 road playoff games.

  2. Rivers is done. Get a new QB, Chargers. Philip has hit the wall. You’ve got a good team, but you need a QB who won’t throw interceptions. That “shot put” style of passing that Rivers has isn’t working anymore.

  3. Another team suffering from a Super Bowl run hangover, courtesy of your New England Patriots. Demonstrates once again the incredible 20yr run the Patriots have been on.

  4. If you needed to win, understand that teams that needlessly spike the ball in final minute, giving up a valuable play while letting a beaten fatigued defense off the hook, usually loses that game. Instead, consider doing what legit teams do–practice during the week while preparing a play just for that situation. Then come up to the line of scrimmage and execute the play as you are not going to get a better chance than you had on first down with 24 seconds left and the opposing defense in utter disarray. Reid was choking again with the game management, I think I saw him doing high fives when Rivers spiked the ball and instantly turning the odds of scoring on that drive from 80% to 15% with that decision to spike the ball in that situation.

  5. Philip Rivers looked like an aging quarterback. He looked as if he was projecting outward confidence, but he didn’t seem to have confidence in his ability. Kinda like when you get tired at the end of a long golf round. It started to manifest itself in mental errors and forced throws that weren’t crisp. Lots of batted balls and throws behind his targets. He might still be able to win a handful of games, but his days of leading a team to the playoffs are over. My guess is he retires at the end of this season.

  6. “Yes, I need to bench Rivers”*

    I actually don’t think Tyrod is that bad, plus he looks pretty sweet in a chargers uniform

  7. Why did you not have a plan to bench Rivers, if necessary, just in case – you know, as it was necessary…

  8. Titans ran the ball right down the throat of the Chiefs D. With Gordon & Ekeler, it makes you wonder why the Chargers didn’t do the same. Poor game plan?

    Rivers is no longer a QB that can carry a team with his arm but they still think he is.

  9. two weeks in a row the Chargers run for over 5.0 yards per carry, but insist on letting Philip Rivers drop back 50+ times. He seems like a good guy, but he’s done. He spends more time barking it up with opponents than any QB I’ve seen. It’d be funny if he wasn’t abysmal in the 2 minute drill throwing arm punt after arm punt.

  10. Time to put Rivers on the shelf.
    The dude just doesn’t have it anymore.
    He’s become an interception machine.
    He’s always been a risk-taker gunslinger type but it’s now gone past ridiculous.
    Have some mercy, Lynn; bench him while he still has a vestige of dignity remaining.

  11. The Chargers desperately need an O-coordinator that understands the players they have, instead of being that young innovative guru of trying to throw the ball on almost every play, especially with no tackles, try running the ball. The Bears could run the ball against what looks like to be a much worse KC defense, but idiot O-coordinator made Rivers throw the ball even though they have a very good running game, which leaves Rivers trying to force the ball in desperation as his career is clearly going off the cliff; sit him the rest of the year and let him walk in free agency is the best thing the Chargers can do, though Spanos will mess it up.

  12. Chiefs Offense, without Hill, isn’t as dymnamic – as the poster above stated. Is that any f-ing surprise? But to say they cannot win 2 road playoff games overlooks the fact that the O-line. last night, was the first time in 6 weeks they have Eric Fisher back and the starting LG was back for the first time 3-4 weeks. Furthermore, tey are still down their best CB and a starting DE. The Bye week comes at a great time for them. We shall see as they have OAK in Week 13 and the Patriots in Week 14.

  13. Rivers is done. He just hasn’t accepted it yet. Great career, but his skills have diminished. Time to retire.

  14. The Chargers should sign Kapernick and make him the starter for the WHOLE 2020 season. In doing so, they will put and end to this ridiculous saga between Kaper and the NFL, where both sides are at fault.
    This will also make possible, the transition from a declining and pathetic would be Hall of Famer, to a long time ago Super Bowl Runner up. Who knows …
    And then they should make a priority of ending up the 2020 draft, and 2020 free agency, with a boat load of OL, some of them being outright homeruns.

    One last note : hire Dan Fouts as an assistant QB coach.

    How about them Chargers !!!!

  15. “Their going to need help along the way” ? … Man, the Chargers are going to need someone like Moses to lead them to the playoffs. I think Coach Lynn needed this win more than anyone in order to stay employed. Chargers and Bears are in a league of their own. They are stuck with no where to go.

  16. The look on Rivers’ face after each of those four (count’em, 4) INTs should end all talk about him going to the Hall of Fame.

  17. Watching last night’s game was like i was re-watching their game from a few weeks ago (?) where Rivers basically did the same thing (INT on last play) – I wondered during that game why the OC didn’t run the ball more and again last night.

    After being IN that game a few weeks ago, did the Chargers coaches think a different outcome was going to happen? I mean, do they even watch Rivers during the game? He was downright awful.

  18. Might as well take your ball & go to Sacramento, San Diego, Portland or wherever.

    Maybe Mexico City is an option?

  19. averagjoe says:
    November 19, 2019 at 12:28 pm
    The look on Rivers’ face after each of those four (count’em, 4) INTs should end all talk about him going to the Hall of Fame.
    one quick read of your post tells us that you dont know a damn thing about football, the HOF or who should qualify.
    Rivers – even in his decline – is STILL better than your QB.

  20. Rivers has made a career at throwing that 4th quarter pick to end the game.

    but I just want to say, who ever is calling plays for the bolts should of been fired after the Raider game, and for sure after the chiefs game.

    its horrible, but fun to watch at the same time haha

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