Bengals sticking with Ryan Finley, at least for another week

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Rookie quarterback Ryan Finley hasn’t shaken the Bengals out of their season-long winless skid.

Nor is it all his fault. That kind of losing can’t be fairly pinned on any one man.

But rookie coach Zac Taylor said he wasn’t going to replace Finley for this week’s game against the Steelers.

Ryan is our starter this week for Pittsburgh,” Taylor said, via John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I have a hard time looking beyond that. We feel like he’s going to give us an opportunity to win this week.”

Nothing he did against the Raiders last week actually suggests that. He was 13-of-31 for 115 yards with an interception (39.0 passer rating), and was sacked five times. He’s also welcomed to the league by having his best available receiver complaining about a lack of action. But Taylor isn’t ready to go back to Andy Dalton, which would seem pointless since they’re already eliminated from playoff contention and atop the 2020 NFL Draft order.

“We wouldn’t play Ryan if we didn’t feel like he didn’t give us a chance to win the game,” Taylor said. “He wouldn’t be on the field. I see enough really encouraging things from him, whether it’s his preparation over the course of the week, how he’s practicing, the difference between Week 2 to Week 1, in a lot of those areas. You can see his confidence starting to grow.

“Now he’s playing different styles of defenses each week. Each one gives you certain things and other things that would frustrate you, and you need to learn from them.

“I’m encouraged by what his approach has been the last few weeks and the steps he’s taking. It’s not always going to show up in every rep in every single game. I feel comfortable with where we’re at with him.”

So, he’s got that going for him.

18 responses to “Bengals sticking with Ryan Finley, at least for another week

  1. It’s not Finley, Dalton or injuries. It’s Mike Brown and his inept management of how to build a team.

  2. I agree with pretty much every comment here! We need players. QB, LB, OL, WR, CB. Pretty much name it and this team needs 1-3 of each. 3 bad drafts in a row make a team like this. Especially when you don’t supplement through FA

  3. Steelers think they have this in the bag but there’s a rookie trying to prove himself.

  4. THEN… the Bengals will try their 3rd string QB.

    The 2019 Cincinnati Bengals have so many holes that they need to keep losing.

    REMEMBER: It’s all Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton’s fault

  5. Since they’re out of it, might as well go for two and the win if down by seven, try onside kicks, the Wildcat, etc….It’s a lost season, might as well see what you have in the youngsters.

  6. There is a .673% chance that Dolegala is good. That’s too high for my liking. Let’s leave Finley in and grab the top pick. Don’t Bungle this!

  7. Nice strategic use of words there. Of course every player gives you a chance to win but does he give you the best chance over dalton? Absolutely not. They are tanking. Investigate them.

  8. Tanking because they’re playing Finley over Dalton when it’s been made fairly clear Dalton’s era as the starter there is now over? Talk about completely missing the point, get a clue dude.

  9. If the point was to see “what they have” in Finley, they are pretty close to mission accomplished. They have given up on Dalton so the next step is Dolegala. If Taylor goes back to Dalton he will just confirm he doesn’t have a clue about what he is doing.

  10. coloradocowboy says:
    November 19, 2019 at 3:32 pm
    I’m curious how Bengals fans feel about Marvin Lewis today?

    The state of the Bengals today has nothing to do with the fact that Marvin Lewis needed to go.

  11. don444 says:
    November 19, 2019 at 3:09 pm
    Tanking because they’re playing Finley over Dalton when it’s been made fairly clear Dalton’s era as the starter there is now over? Talk about completely missing the point, get a clue dude.
    Yes, they’re tanking because they’re playing Finley over Dalton. It’s clear Dalton’s era as a starter is over – because they went to Finley. Dalton wasn’t playing great, but he objectively gives them the best opportunity to win games in 2019. That cannot be argued. But the Bengals need to see if Finley can play (he can’t) in order to determine if they need to go with Burrow or Tua or Chase Young, or an OL at the top of the draft. Even after the terrible start, with Dalton as the starter (Green probably gets healthier sooner) they probably go 3-13, 4-12. That’s bad, but it may not be #1 overall pick bad. With Finley, they’re going 0-16 or 1-15. So yeah, they’re acknowledging the tank by continuing to roll with Finley.

    Even Dolegala offers some upside with a plus arm. Checking down and dinking and dunking, while completing 42% (42!!) of your passes will solidify the top pick in May.

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