David Tepper won’t talk about futures of Ron Rivera, Marty Hurney

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When Panthers owner David Tepper met with reporters in Charlotte on Monday, he said nothing has been decided about the future of quarterback Cam Newton.

He didn’t talk at all about the futures of two men who would likely play a big role in any call about Newton staying with the team. One of the guidelines of the chat was that Tepper wouldn’t talk directly about the job security of coach Ron Rivera and General Manager Marty Hurney, but there were signs that change could be in the air.

Tepper asked not to be directly quoted, but reporters at the session all noted that he repeatedly said he won’t stand for long-term mediocrity. The Panthers were 7-9 last year and they’re 5-5 after 10 games this season. The lone exception to the rule on direct quotes underscored how Tepper is feeling at the moment.

“Every time we have a loss, my mood is s—-y,” Tepper said.

The last six games provide a chance to improve that mood, but a rough close to the year may lead to a new look for the Panthers in 2020.

13 responses to “David Tepper won’t talk about futures of Ron Rivera, Marty Hurney

  1. Change is coming down the pike as this team is not likely to improve. Hurney, Rivera, and his staff have put a poor product on the field and they are getting blown out in a string of losses. No run defense at all and opposing offenses are having field days against the defense. Change is sorely needed.

  2. It doesn’t benefit you to show your hand before it’s necessary. The NFL is a QB league, and that statement can’t be taken lightly. The one season Ron Rivera got great play from his QB, he was in the super bowl, and came very close to winning. Rivera is a super coach. No question. How would Carolina be doing with Aaron Rodgers at QB? Probably be a super bowl contender. There are some good QB’s coming out in this next draft. The owner has said he won’t tolerate mediocrity, so my money says the Panthers are going to try to make themselves a contender again by acquiring a great QB, and holding on to their super bowl coach. I’d guess if there is a GM candidate that the owner likes better than the one he has, he’ll pull the trigger on that.

  3. Tepper might not wanna talk about it, but I will – River Boat Ron is sinking with no life preservers on board. FIRE THAT GUY the day after the final game and be done with it. The Panthers need a change of scenery if they want to be competitive, and it starts with getting rid of Rivera and his entire coaching staff, and trading away Cam so that you can start building for the future, or simply keep telling yourself things are gonna get better and remain mediocre it’s your call Mr. Tepper

  4. Like ANYBODY who has a brand new adult toy, you want to put your own stamp on it. I see a new GM, a new Coach, a new franchise QB, and a new or modified logo and uniforms in the very near future.

  5. I don’t think we should tear this house down and rebuild. With a couple more vital pieces (Cam, shutdown CB, S, solid LT, Best Return guy in draft) I think we are there and yes with River Boat.

    I like Norv @ OC but I think we need a younger,fresher,energetic mind @OC. Hurney needs to kick rocks on his way out too.

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