Ex-Giant Spencer Paysinger pleads for return of stolen Super Bowl ring

Getty Images

Spencer Paysinger won a Super Bowl ring with the 2011 Giants, and now he’s eager to get that ring back from burglars who stole it from his home.

Paysinger provided TMZ.com with security camera footage of two people stealing several items from his house, including his Super Bowl XLVI ring. He says he usually kept the ring locked up in a secure spot in his home, but he had recently brought it to an elementary school career day and hadn’t put it back, so it was easy for the thieves to spot.

Although breaking into his home and stealing valuable items is obviously a felony, Paysinger said he’d gladly accept the ring back no questions asked, not press charges, and even let the thieves keep the other items they stole.

“My Super Bowl ring should serve as a cherished family heirloom,” Paysinger said. “If you’re reading this or if anyone knows the two young men in the video, please be assured there are no consequences tied to this post. This isn’t bait, there are no cops involved and nothing will happen to you by giving back my ring; keep the other s–t.”

Paysinger was a rookie linebacker on the 2011 Giants and played there four years. He then played two years with the Dolphins and one with the Panthers.